Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 5 -- The Tower of London

Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 5 -- The Tower of London
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The Tower of London

Open the map of London that you need to use in many of the Sherlock Holmes games. You need to go to the tower of London, the lcoation of the next theft. So far, you have only stopped one theft. Now you need to stop four more to prove to be the worthy adversary that the French thief Arsene Lupin expects you to be.

Talk to the guard when you get to the entrance of the Tower of London. The tower is no longr being used as a prison at this time, but it still bears the mark of its original purpose. When you talk to the guard at the entrance, he tells you not to deface the wall. Go examine the wall. The graffiti may or may not contain some important clues.

When you are finished looking at the graffiti, you need to head to the person in charge of the guards at the Tower of London. He tells you about the six ravens at the tower. A legend states that if the ravens get removed from the tower, the kingdom of England will fall. (Oddly enough, England is a monarchy largely in name only at this time.)

The Wild Raven Chase

You mist find the six birds. You’ll even get a helpful display of different types of birds and the areas around the tower where they are located. If you look at the map, you’ll find that the head of the guard’s office is not far from the Green yard in the Tower of London.

Head to the white tower. The bird in the tree is a distraction, but the feather you find on the ground is not. Someone has dyed it black for a reason that is not quite clear at this time.

Some restoration work is being done on the white tower. Look at the ladder and the scaffolding. Holmes will make a comment that he should come back to this site later. Remember where it is.

The Storeroom

Sherlock Holmes Versue Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) Box Shot

Although the Tower of London is a tourist attraction, the guards and the staff still need areas that they can use for storage. There is a door with a few sacks in front of it. The white footprints indicate that they contained flour. Examine the footprints and see if they match the ones you found at the museum earlier.

Do not worry about the footprints you hear approaching. When the person the footprints belong to comes into view, you will find out is the head of the guard at the Tower of London. He imparts some important information to you about the cook. The cook, who goes by the name of Pitt, installed a combination lock on the cooler’s grilled door. For some bizarre reason that violates all that we now know about selecting good computer passwords, the cook chose to base the combination off of one of his ancestors.

The head of the guard gives you the key to the cook’s apartment. You can find it on the map of the tower of London or choose to walk to it. Use the key on the door to get inside.

The Cook’s Apartment

A blue door lies not far from the storeroom with the sacks of flour that you just investigated. A plaque on the door reads private lodging. Enter the room and find the menu for the 17, 18, and 19 of the current month on the table. Take it. A picture of someone named MacAdams also lies on the table. Examine it. This more than likely says something about who the cook’s ancestor was.

When you are done in the cook’s apartment, examine the map of London again. Your next destination is the Byward tower. You need to examine the graffiti here. Look for the dates for when a person named Mac Adams was imprisoned in the tower. The combination for the grill lock door will be 21.8.1632.

Return to the Storeroom

Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin box

You need to get the blue plate, the string, and the sunflower seeds from this room. This may seem a little difficult as the door was locked the last time you visited this place. This time, however, the head of the guards, whom the game calls the chief wader, has opened it for you.

When you get all these items, it is time to find more clues about one of the missing birds. The cooler door grill is also found here. Enter the combination you found earlier. (It is the numbers in the date you found for MacAdams earlier.) Enter and head to the right. Look around until you find a piece of an illegible message. There is little more Holmes can do here. Exit the cooler and the store room. You need to find the next clue.

The Queen’s Dormitory

The queen’s dormitory does not seem to be as tidy as the name would suggest. (Royalty has to keep up appearances, after all.) You need the dirty blue socks, and the red socks for this room. Someone has left a camera in this room as well. It is slightly older and has a flash mechanism. Go to the weapon’s room.

The Weapon’s Room

The weapon’s room is decorated much the way you would expect with weapons throughout various periods. Get the blue box of ammunition, some coal, and the telescope from this room. Soak up some of the local color and the odd inclusion of the bird call tray. One area of the room seems to have more weapons. You’ll find weapons over the fireplace.

The White Tower

Sherlock Holmes Nemesis Screenshot

Holmes’s next destination is the White tower in this ancient prison turned tourist attraction. You can easily get to the tower by using the game’s handy map feature. You will continue the search for the missing ravens here, although you will not get much farther. (Perhaps that bird call tray in the last room will come in handy eventually?)

Take the telescope from your inventory and use it at the shrubbery and a few other select pieces of plant life out of range of your vision. Eventually, Holmes will stumble upon a Rock Partridge. Go back to the weapon’s room and get the female partridge call. Use it to bring the bird to you and get another piece of the illegible message.

The Scaffolding Site

The scaffolds are still up, which is not surprising as you have only been at the Tower of London for a few hours of game time. The bird you find this time is the Blue Bird of Paradise. You do not need to go back for any bird call, instead you just put down the dirty blue pair of socks. Watch the bird come to you and get another piece of the illegible message from it. (That makes three total, if the author’s count is correct.)

The Wakefield Tower Ramparts

Use the map to go to the Gren Tower. Wander around the area hear until you hear a bird calling out in some odd language. It may be trying to say something, or it may not be. The only way to find out is to find the bird itself. The best way to do this is by exploring the Wakefield Tower Dungeon.

Walk down the stairs and you will find that the entrance to the dungeon has been locked. A guard, Chief Warder Smith is here to help you. Have him open the gates and take a look around inside. You will find a plaque and a coat of arms. There seem to be some pieces missing from the coat of arms. You’ll find three of them by going back to the weapons room and getting 3 blue shields from the crown on the wall. Go to the Queen’s dormitory. Metcalf tells you that the shield taking from the room was the coat of arms for the Knights of the Round table. Return to the Dungeon and talk to Watson. Send him off on an errand to get a book on the Knights of the Round Table.

Watson Goes Shopping

Open up the map and use it to go to Baker Street. Barnes’s book shop is in the same location in all of the Sherlock Holmes games. Walk to it to find out it has been closed. Perhaps the French journalist by the hansom cab may be able to help you out. He says something about the Golden Lion pub and a certain character in it. He may be able to help you get in.

Go to the right and find out that the door is locked. The woman is a cocaine addict and needs a fix. Go back to Holmes’s bedroom and get his vial. Give it to the woman and enter. You’ll also find the picture of Irene Adler. The game tries to suggest that she is Holmes’s love interest, but Doyle usually portrayed Holmes as an asexual character.

Walk to the Golden’s Lion Pub with him. He can indeed get you into the bar, although from their you still have to figure out what to do. A shady character has been conducting turtle races and you will see Barnes sulking at one of the tables.

Go back to Holmes’s Bedroom on Baker Street and take the legion honor medal. Give it to the sinister character and Barnes will return to his bookstore. Get Chivalry and Spiritualism from the Back Shelf.

Talk to him to find out he lost money in a bet on a turtle race and cannot gain it back. He owes money to a shady character. You will inevitably need to approach. The conversation with the minor unimportant villain reveals that he will take jewelry in lieu of payment.

The Coat of Arms Puzzle

Return to the Tower of London and find Holmes. Holmes will translate the Latin inscriptions. From here, you will have the information you need to figure out where each coat of arms goes. Follow the clues carefully and place the shields in the proper order. When you get it right, Holmes says Elementary and you can continue your search for the missing ravens.

The Secret Room or Holy Victorian London, Batman!

The Secret Room

The bird in the secret room is not a bird. The German word for it translates into “flying mouse.” Find something to stun the bat. Go back to the weapon’s room and get the camera with the flash Return to the secret room and use the camera. When you stun th bat, you can get another piece of the illegible message.

Go back outside to find the bird on the rampart. You’ll get a clue about she played you a trick. The one woman Holmes respects, he respects because she proved to be his intellectual equal. This may not seem like much, but it is a big clue. If you have not read the Holmes stories or simply have forgotten who this mystery woman is, simply type in Irene Adler. Get yet another piece of the illegible message.

The White Tower at Dawn

Use the telescope in your inventory to look up at the bird on the tower. Be careful not to use it on the line. Holmes identifies the bird as a lammergeier. Return to Baker Street and start a treasure hunt for British sovereign coins.

The Sovereign Coin Treasure Hunt

Sherlock Holmes Nemesis Screenshot

Go to right side of the desk left of the door. Crouch down (Ctrl key) and take coin from 4th drawer.

Go to the left side of the desk left of the door. Take coin from third drawer.

Go to small drawers at left corner. Take coin from second drawer right side.

Go to work table. Take coin from under microscope.

Go to fireplace. Take coin from under mug at left mantle.

Look down on table left of fireplace. Take coin from under paper.

Go to the coat rack on wall right of door. Take coin from middle hook.

Go to Holmes' bedroom.

Go to right side table. Take coin from under the small cup right of lamp.

Go to dressing table. Take coin from bottom drawer under the wig.

Go to book case at corner. Take coin from under 4th book from left.

Go to left side table. Take coin from drawer.

Return to the Golden Lion Pub

For some reason that is not made entirely clear, you need to buy one of the racing turtles. It is almost certainly not for the purpose of racing them, although the game does make its intent clear later. Use the game’s mini-map to travel back to the tower of London.

Holmes Needs a Net


Go to the storeroom and pick up the string. Try to take the net on the back wall. It has been damaged. You need to use the string to repair the net and make a good weave. The picture shown here contains the solution. When you finish the puzzle, the net will automatically appear in your inventory.

Jump to the white tower and make sure Ginger is in your inventory. Place the turtle down on some brown sticks and do not worry about Watson’s conscience too much. When the bird swoops down, use the net on it. You’ll get the final piece of the illegible message.

The Six Birds Poem

You must return to Baker Street. Go to Holmes’s work table to put the pieces of eligible messages together. The final message contains a poem about six birds. The poem makes a brief mention of the paintings of Saint Catherine, which serves as your next clue. Use the mini-map to travel to the National Gallery of Art.

The Saint Catherine Paintings

Tower of London cloakroom

You need to find four paintings of Saint Catherine in the museum. Most of them are in the Italian Gallery. The names of the paintings are the Raphael, the Salario, the Crivelli, and Lochner. When you have got all the clues you need from the paintings, Holmes suggests that you return to Baker Street. Use the now familiar mini-map to get there.

With all that done, there is still one matter that needs to be resolved. Holmes’s medal is still in the hands of the sinister looking character from the bar. You start this section with Watson having money from the bank. Go into the bar and trade the shady character the money for Holmes’s medal.

When you get back to Holmes, he asks you what the Six Birds Poem refers to. The answer is The Treaty of Alexandria. Go to Barne’s Book store. Someone has laid out Egyptian hieroglyphs on the table and a copy of an article about the Rosetta Stone. Now that you know what is to be stolen next, go find Constable Rufles. The conversation reveals important pieces of the next scheme.

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