Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5 -- The Spiritualist

Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5 -- The Spiritualist
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Poking Around 17 Wharfdale

Use the map of London to travel to 17 Wharfdale. The last body stolen from the morgue was delivered here. Walk into the courtyard and examine the wagon wheel on the broken trolley. Holmes says the pin is stuck and that it cannot be removed. Use the knife on the clothesline that appears here. Go into the next area and examine another cart. Remove the stone and see that the trolley has a broken wheel. Get the piece of tarpaulin.

Walk back to the closed door. Use the piece of tarpaulin on the door’s lock. Holmes can now force it open. Walk into the room. The room contains little of interest, although you will be able to pick up an item or two here. Click on the rug several times until you find a trap door. Open the trap door and then use the rope on the hook on the floor. Climb down to the basement. Go over to the workbench and pick up the tongs. Go over to the trap door area and see the stretcher. Try to turn the crank. Holmes says that the electrical circuit is broken. Go over to the stove and examine the discarded clothes and the coffin that was recently built. Take the poker and use it on the crank.

Get ready for the the next puzzle. The object is to use the wires to complete the circuit. The wires must connect to each other via straight or diagonal lines. Complete three circuits and send the stretcher up again. Holmes now remarks that he cannot go out this way. Go over and examine the door. It is locked, but if you can find a key you should be able to use it. Look around the room until you find the bent key. Pick up the hammer from the work bench. Walk over to the workbench and put the bent key in the clamp. Use the tongs on the bent key. Use the fixed key on the door. Look at the footprints and find out that this area has seen heavy usage.

Fixing the Trolley

Walk over to the broken trolley with the wheel that is in good shape. You should have a metal stick in you inventory. Use the metal stick on the wheel to remove it. Go over to the trolley in good shape and used the fix wheel on it. Push the now working trolley against the wall. Combine the stretcher in your inventory and place it on top of the trolley. Combine the hammer with another piece of metal in your inventory and use it on the stretcher. You now have a makeshift ladder. Climb up the ladder and enter the window. (By the way, if you search around the area you will find make up tools and certain chemicals.)

Examine the room. There are a few posters which you must take advertising for an amazing spiritualist. There are also glass eyes. Strangely enough, there is also a corpse laid out on the table. Several notes explain the use of corpses in the spiritualist’s seances. Look at the tag of the body and see that it says London Hospital. You will also find a picture of a woman who died ten years earlier. The body on the table has been made to look like her. Get the note explaining the call sign used by the employees of this spiritualist. Note that there are makeup tools here as well. It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to conclude that a charlatan is using people’s gullibility to convince them of his amazing powers.

Look at the box on the shelf. It is a number puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to remove all the blocks. They must add or subtract to equal the red number in the large box. When you remove all the blocks, you will get a square item, a triangular item. Combine these items and look around the room to find the red ribbon. When you get it, combine the red ribbon to make the necessary pendant.

Holmes says that he hears someone coming. Select the pendant from the inventory and walk outside. You have confirmed that there is a market for corpses in London, but you do not know yet whether or not there is a market for organs. Chat with them now that you have the sign and find out that they move the bodies during the seances. (This information does come into play later.) There is not much more you can do here, but you have eliminated organ trafficking as a possible suspect for the recent rash of murders.

Holmes Gets the Scoop

The phone at the Central News Agency

Return to Baker Street. Holmes and Watson will discuss the case. The Baker Street Irregulars have been busy trying to figure out where the journalist Tom Bulling is hiding. One eventually comes through and says that he has returned to his place of employment, the Central News Agency.

Locate the building on the map of London. The inside of the building looks much the way you would expect a newspaper office to look. Typewriters take the place of computers in this Victorian office. Go over to Bulling’s desk and check the stove. The fire here is still warm. Walk over to the other side of the office and note the journalist standing there. Holmes says that he must find a way to get rid of him if he wants to continue his investigation. He also mentions something about giving the unwelcome journalist a scoop. Talk to the unwelcome journalist and tell him about the spiritualist using corpses as puppets. He leaves and gives you an IOU. He also says that Bulling left a few coins on his desk. Walk over to the desk with the IOU selected and take the coins. Take a look at a few of his notes.

Look at the notes on the other desks to find out that Bulling has something of a drinking problem and that the boss of this office protects him because he gets the most interesting information. Walk over to the stove and find letters written in red ink. Ink that matches a letter recently handed into the police department signed Jack the Ripper.

The ladder used at the boarding house

Go over to the phone and look at the message there. One of the papers on Buling’s desk mentioned a contact whose name started with WA. Look at the Walesby listing. This listing does not have a number beside it, but instead has the impression of a coin. Find the coin that matches the impression and enter those numbers on the bottom of the phone. You will enter a conversation with Walesby.

You must select the correct response based on the cues given in the speech. Walesby asks a series of questions. Start off with the “Scotland Yard is Looking for a Rabbit that coughs and smokes.” Walesby mentions that Bullg will pay ffor mocking the police someday and then asks you to say what the Head of the Tories recently said to a Whig who challenged him in parliament. Select the responses that say, “Vote for me, I will surely be your best representative.” The final question is why do civil servants make good husbands. Answer with, “When he comes home from work he is tired and has already read the newspaper. “You get a few more pieces of information from Walesby.

Confronting Tom Bulling


Head back to the Wasp’s Nest Pub in Whitechapel to tell Bulling to stop threatening Squibby. Bulling wrote the letter pretending to be Jack the Ripper. Go back to the police station. The police have already released Squibby. He gives you more information on Tumblety, including his preferences.

Watch a cut scene that gives some details about another attack.

Go back to the boarding house and talk to Finley. He seems upset about a tenant leaving without having returned his keys. He then realizes that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are standing in front of him. He lets you go up and look around the room the doctor recently abandoned. Finley has not seen the man in several days and he does not think he will get his room keys back. Someone assaulted Tumblety and the attacker left in a hurry.

Walk up the stairs. Examine the footprint by the door. Use the tape measure and the magnifying glass on the footprint. You now know that Tumblety wears size thirteen shoes and that someone ran quickly.There is also formalin beside the footprint.

Open the door. Read letters from men who were romantically linked to Tumblety in other locations. You will also find female organs preserved here. Watson indicates that the organs found here have been here for several years. The final challenge in this room involves opening a lock. You must enter the end dates of Civil war battles with a certain flag and a certain hat. The pictures below show the correct solutions.

Civil War Lock Puzzle

Go back down the steps and talk to Finley. The police want to have a word with you. Walk back to the police station and watch Holmes nimbly brush aside the advice of the Inspector Abberline to stay out of their investigation of Jack the Ripper. Abberline does thank you for returning some stolen property, however, and taking care of Bluto. Two additional murders occurred during the course of your investigation. You will, for the moment, take the Inspector’s advice and wait a week or two before returning to the Whitechapel District.

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