Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 5 of 5 -- Identifying the Perpetrator

Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 5 of 5 -- Identifying the Perpetrator
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A Cryptic Message

Holmes says that you need to go to the area where the piece of white apron missing from Eddowes was found. The map now contains a marker for Goulston streets. Click on it to travel to a Jewish neighborhood. Look for the 110-119 door marker with a piece of cloth in the front. Walk over to the area and find that someone left a message there.

The cryptic message says “The Jews are people who will not be blamed for nothing.” Holmes notes that it was raining that. He asks Watson to find some water and a container to hold it in while he writes something on the wall with chalk.

How Dr. Watson Gets the Watering Can

Walk along the street. Use the hint feature to find a few useful items such as a pole and a rope. When you turn, look for the hook. Walk up the street until you see a watering can sticking from the window. Combine the rope, pole, and hook in your inventory. Move the crate on the ground near the window three times. Select the hook in the inventory and use it to get the can.

Run back to the end of the street that is opposite the wall Holmes intends to write on. Walk along it until you find a barrel of water. Use the watering can on the barrel and then walk back to Holmes. Select the watering can from the inventory and talk to Sherlock with the item selected. He pours that water on the chalk message which erases quickly.

The message left on the wall could not have survived the night of the murder for as long as it did. Conduct another walking experiment that proves that the constable could not have seen the message from the street.

Holmes says that they now know enough to determine what the murder looks like. He suggests you return to Baker Street.

Dressing Up Jack the Ripper

Now that you have the eyewitness descriptions of the murderer, you must determine what he looks like. Take control of Watson. Get 3 wigs, 3 mannequins, a costume from a wardrobe in the living room, Watson’s old suit, and Holmes’s worker disguise. Get a grey cap, a felt cap, and Holmes’s deer stalker hat.

Place the mannequins on the ground and then not the screen that opens. The object is to use the descriptions of the murderer to get a good idea of what the murderer looks lie. Select the testimony of E. Long, the conversation with Abraham Somonovitch, and Constable Smith’s description to use as proof.

Abraham Solomonovitch’s description requires a height of about 5' 3", a blonde wig, a gray hat, and a gray coat. His friend Joseph said the murderer was about 30 years of age.

Constable Smith’s description says the victim was 5'8", he had brown hair, looked respectable, and was wearing a gray suit. He also believes the murderer is about 26 years old.. Use the remaining items on the third mannequin.

Sherlock Holmes Guesses Jack the Ripper’s Age

Now that the murderers are all the same height, you must account for discrepancies in age. You must find the median age between them. Some people may figure out without completing the puzzle that 33 is the only age that overlaps in all the ranges, but that does not get them to the next point in the game. Underneath each age is a series of icons. You must fill in the age ranges. 3-5, 7-10, 7-10.

30: 25-35, 26-34, 27-33.

40: 30-50, 31-49, 32-48, 33-47.

26: 16-36, 17-35, 18-34, 19-33.

Getting Jack the Ripper’s Profession


Now that you have a good idea what Jack the Ripper looks like and how old he is, you must get an idea of where the murderer lives. Listen to the explanation Holmes gives of how to find the area where Jack lives. Then get the items he asks. He needs two pencils and two compasses, one of which must be capable of drawing ellipses. Get the stationary from the drawer. Retrieve the map of London from the wardrobe.

The next puzzle requires you to place the area where the murders occurred on the map. Return to your inventory if you cannot remember where they took place. If all else fails, use the Wikipedia page on Jack the Ripper.

Drawing the proper lines is fairly easy, although the drawing of the ellipse may take some trial and error. Follow the instructions until all the areas are drawn. Holmes suggests that the man lives in the Aldgate area, but he needs more information. You can return the deductions screen and fill in the remaining results.

Holmes says that he must go to the Central News Agency to get more information about possible murders that the perpetrator may have committed before he took the life of Polly Nichols.

Going Back to the Central News Agency

Central News Agency News Bins

You need to find the dispatches that the Central News Agency received regarding murders that Jack the Ripper may have committed before the incident in Buck’s Row. The news agency should have them. Find their offices on the mini-map. Talk to the Bulling. He does not seem to believe Holmes. Show him the IOU note that appears in the inventory. He disappears. Use the spacebar hint feature all the clues from this room and then head over to the area where the dispatches are kept.

The labels are placed on two rows beneath the desk itself which does not help you much. You must place the labels on their correct areas.

Top Row – Front Page, World, Politics, Society, Economy, News in Brief and Oddities

Bottom Row – Personalities, Police and Law, Information and Sciences, Culture, Sports, Weather.

Click on the police reports and get a sealed envelope from it.. You must find a way to open the envelope without anyone realizing you have done so. Go over to the filing cabinet behind Bulling’s desk and get the teapot. Get some water from the area. Walk over to the stove. Select the matches from your inventory and use them to light the fire in the stove. Place the kettle on the pot and you should get steam. Use the envelope on the steam and read the dispatch. Read the case reports. Only the death of a woman named Smith can be attributed to Jack the Ripper.

Return to the pet shop in Whitechapel. Try to enter. You will hear a peculiar beep beep call. Go and talk to Hardiman. He tells you that his daughter and his wife died of the sickness. He says that the doctor in the clinic blamed Hardiman for the death of the cat meat seller’s daughter.

A Night With Venus, a Lifetime with Mercury

Go to the nearby clinic and talk with Doctor Gibbons. He tells you how Syphilis can affect children. Syphilis is usually contracted from the father and passed on to the wife. The wife then passes it onto her child. He shows you a picture of a child whose face looks much like Eddowes’s face did after her murder.

Return to Baker Street and read the letter Watson will give you from the London Hospitals. It concerns a strange American doctor who tried to procure female genitalia for a sum of twenty pounds.

Sorting Dr. Tumblety Out


Return to Finley’s boarding house. Finley tells you that Tumblety is currently in his room with a gun. Holmes advises him to go into his home and lock the doors. Sherlock and Watson head up the stairs. Watson leads the way with a piece of equipment that often gets referred to as his trusted service friend.

Hear Tumblety’s story. He is not interested in women and he would gladly thank Jack the Ripper for what he has done. Tumblety did not kill the women. Tumblety lectures you about what a proper relationship consists of. Threaten him a few times and get him to leave London. When he leaves the boarding house, Holmes tells the Baker Street irregulars to follow the man.

More Waiting

Return to Baker Street. The Irregulars take some time to get an address Holmes seeks. When you get the address from the irregulars, Holmes and Watson walk down another street. Find a passage to the side and walk down it. Sherlock enters a building and stumbles upon a corpse. He walks out of the building and tells Watson not to go into the room he just entered in a rather round about way. He makes the mention about the purchase of some clay and returns to Baker Street.

M.J. Kelley’s Missing Organs


Holmes purchased some clay and has an odd looking model of human organs laid out on his desk. Watson sees the display and spills his wine. He looks ill and exits the room in a less than quiet fashion. Although his medical expertise would have been useful, you must figure out how to put the organs back in and figure out which organ is missing.

This puzzle is similar to operation. Put the organ’s back in the appropriate space and discover that the heart is missing. This would be a good point to save the game, if you choose to do so. Return to the cobbler’s shop. You hear Hardiman’s beep beep call before you enter.

Listen to Hardiman explaining the eating habits of Jews and how Hardiman obtains his meat. He says that he prefers to obtain his meat from Jews because they make sure the animals are healthy. Go into the cobbler’s shop again and talk to Isaac. He tells you how specific offals are prepared. He also tells you more about Joseph Levy and the Imperial Club.

At the Imperial Club

The Safe puzzle

Jump back to Mitre Square. Walk to the Imperial Club and enter the front. The guard will not let you in. Get the broken hanger from the floor and head outside. Look for a pivot, and an axle on the streets outside. Return to the window at the Imperial Club basement and place the axle and the pivot. Use the hook on the set up to move the barrel. Enter through the window. The basement contains nothing of use. Walk up the stairs and look at the rooms. The kitchen is inaccessible, but you can enter the utility room. Get the key from the room and use it on the administration door.

Do not worry about whether it is the right key or not. Pick up the Yiddish-English dictionary and a few notes about the club itself. Find the butcher’s letter and see that Joseph Hyram Levy prevented his brother, Jacob Levy, from offering Kosher meat to the club.

Pick up some tiles from the room and wonder over to the safe.

The contents of the Imperial Club’s Safe

The correct solution for the tile puzzle is shown here. Because the small size of the images can make this difficult, the idea is to place each tile so that the sides correspond to a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Pull the lever down when you believe you have the titles correctly placed.

The safe opens and you must solve another puzzle. The letters that correspond to the books are A, B, U, L, H, M, E, and R. Select the L folder and read the file on Joseph Levy. You now know his address, 36 Middlesex Street.

Close the safe and take the candlestick from the room.

Creating a Distraction


When you return to the cellar, you find that someone has replaced the barrel. Take the clothesline and the bucket from this room. Go back up to the utility room and take the tin cans and the hook. Combine the bucket with the tin cans. Return to the utility room. The loose wires on the ceiling are an ideal place to hang your hook. Use the hook on the wires and place the rope on the hook. Use the bucket on the end of the rope. Place the candle on the nearby shelf and exit to the administration room. Holmes is able to exit through the front door when the bucket comes crashing down.

Travel to 36 Middlesex Street and talk to Misses Levy. One of the children has the face of a child who suffers from syphilis. She tells you that Joseph Levy does not live here, but Jacob Levy does. She mentions that Jacob Levy is her husband and that she does not know when he will return. Exit and watch Jacob Levy come down the street. The face looks familiar, does it not? (And for the record, it’s not James Hardiman.)

Final Deductions


Return to Baker Street and prepare your final deductions. The first one results in Jack the Ripper killing all five women, the second panel confirms that he is a butcher. The conclusions on third panel lead to the man verifying the health of his victims and his lack of wealth. The fourth h page allow you to conclude the the killer is right handed, strong and that he searched his victims for items of value. The final page lets you know the person has a score to settle with the Jewish community and that he blames the prostitutes for giving him syphilis.

Now that you have the profile of the murderer, you must figure out which one of the suspects fits the description. You must place each plaque under each person. If it fits, the plaque turns green, if it does not the plaque turns red. The only person who fits the description on the list of suspects is Jacob Levy.

Holmes and Watson return to Middlesex Street and you learn exactly what happened. When Holmes and Watson return to Baker Street, Watson is not happy with the solution. He thinks that Holmes should have turned the man over to justice.

Holmes starts his response with, “I do not serve justice. I serve the truth.” Listen to his response and wait for the next sequel. (You can also try The Awakened or The Mystery of the Mummy.)

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