Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 5 -- The Liz Stride and K. Eddowes Murders

Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 5 -- The Liz Stride and K. Eddowes Murders
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Watson Goes Forth

Watson and Holmes stay in their Baker Street apartment for several weeks. Watson feels ill at ease. Holmes simply plays his violin. Watson complains of boredom, and he asks for Holmes to give him something to do. Anyone who ever pulled the same trick on his parents when he was younger knows that such tactics always backfire. Holmes asks Watson to find a butcher’s blocks and some pig’s heads so that Holmes may conduct some experiments.

Watson is now committed to seeing the process through. Head to Whitechapel. Enter the cobbler’s shop and ask about the butcher shop. It seems the butcher has taken ill because of his romantic indiscretions and his shop has closed. The shop gets marked on the map. Go to the clinic and ask the doctor what happened to the patient.

Isaac Solomonovitch reveals that the meat shop owner came down with a case of syphilis and decided to leave London for good several days ago. His partner, the cat food seller, sometimes runs the business for him and he might have the current key. He says that the cat food seller wonders around and he occasionally passes by the warehouse.

Talking to Big Danny Again

Big Danny

Walk out of the clinic and head towards the alleyway that leads back to Commercial Street. You will run into Big Danny. She is looking for customers willing to buy an entirely different kind of meat. As much as you may not wish to do so, you must talk to her to find out where Hardiman the cat food seller currently resides.

Learn that the cat meat seller lives at 29 Hanbury Street. This is the same location where Anna Chapman passed away. Use the map of London to get to the street. Hardiman issues his peculiar “beep beep” call before you enter the meat store here. Talk to him and found out that he broke the key for the shop.

He says that there is another key, but you must go upstairs to get it. Walk up the stairs and find the remains of the butcher’s work here. Find a small piece of the broken key. You need to find a simple blade, perhaps from a door that does not guard anything important. The outhouse in the backyard where you found Anna Chapman’s body contains a simple blade. Get the key from the door, and head back to Hardiman. Watson tells Hardiman to meet Holmes and him at the butcher’s shop in Wharfdale in about an hour with twelve pigs heads.

Getting the Knives for Holmes’s Experiments

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Walk into the butcher’s shop. All the pigs’ heads are set up on the table, but you do not have enough knives. The door to the back room of the shop does not open. Walk over to the back and get the hook. Remove the top wheel from the door. Select your pocket knife from your inventory and use the knife on the bottom wheel. Select the wheel in your inventory and place it on the bottom.

Now that you can open the door, Holmes asks Watson to select two knives from the back room. The first knife must be sharp and no shorter than 13 inches long. The second knife must have a sharp blade and be slightly shorter than a pocket knife. Only one knife in the drawer matches the first description, but three knives match the second description. The correct small knife is on the right hand side of the display near the top. (You can sort these knives out by trial and error easily enough if the author’s memory is faulty.) Go out and give the correct knives to Holmes. When you have the correct knives, you will enter the experiment mode. You must try to figure out which knives could have been used on the victim.

Only the long knife and the short knife work for the first experiment. The sharp short knife does not work for the second one, and neither do the pocket knife nor the scalpel. Only the long knife works for the third experiment. When you select the correct knives, the check box turns green. Only the long knife fits all of the experiments. Exit out and Holmes makes a comment that you must return to the Wasp’s Nest to find out more details about the murder at Dutfield’s Yard, that took place underneath the Jewish socialist club.

Holmes asks Watson to remain outside the pub. He asks Watson to intercept the police constable making his rounds that night. He hopes it will be PC Smith. Head inside and talk to Tom Bulling. You have exposed his writing of the Jack the Ripper letter, but he has forgiven you. Listen to Bullings information. The journalist reveals little, except that that a Jewish person might have been involved in the recent Dutfield murder. Talk to the bartender and he confirms that a Lipski was involved in the recent murder. He uses the term Lipski because a Jew was accused in an attack on a woman last year. It seems that Anti-Semitic feeling is on the rise in London. Try to walk back out and the game switches control back to Watson.

The Liz Stride Murder

Intercept the police constable and get his story. Holmes and Watson then reunite. Dutfield’s Yard is not far from the Wasp’s Nest. Open the door for fenced in area and walk inside. Use the hint feature to get an idea of where you need to click. Unlike the earlier victims, Liz Stride has only one cut on her neck and it seems no one tried to remove the organs from this corpse. There are also no bruises on her corpse. She carried an item in her left hand.

Use the magnifying glass on the ground in close-up mode to find out that the ground was wet. Her dress was also clean. Like the previous victims, this victim was killed standing up. There is little more you can do here. You must go to Mitre Square, where the Eddowes murder took place. Go down Church passage and you will meet Abraham Solomonovitch. He will tell you that two people saw the last murder. Both of these men were members of the Imperial Club and that one of the Josephs saw a fair haired gentleman talking to a woman shortly before the murder. The documents tab of your inventory also contains the statements of the two police constables.

Liz Stride Murder Conclusions

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Go to the end of the passage and search the area near the Imperial Club. Find a lantern. Use the matches in your inventory on the lantern and look for the other exits for Mitre Street. When you have found all the exits, go to the fence on the far side of the square. Jack the Ripper chose to end Miss Eddowes life here.

Place the events on the time line and fill out the deduction board. The conclusions you have to make are: the murderer was right handed, the murderer placed her hand on her throat, the murderer’s knife had a thin blade, and the killer was a strong man. Adjust the time line accordingly and then head to Mitre Square. The documents tab of your inventory also contains the statements of the two police constables who came to the area shortly before and after the murder.

The Eddowes Murder

Possilbe Knives used by Jack the Ripper

The killer removed the intestines and the heart from Eddowes. The cause of her death was a slit to the the throat. The intestines lie on the ground. Examine the apron and find out a piece is missing. Examine the legs, chest, throat, the left hand, the eyes and nose. Someone with a knowledge of anatomy tore out the intestines in a hurry. The murderer removed her eyelids and cut off her nose.

When you get all of the information that you can from Eddowes’s corpse, Holmes asks Watson to confirm several facts. This part is simple. It involves walking toward the areas the two police constables came from. The first constable could not have seen the body. The second walking part confirms that the constable who came by earlier could have seen a body in the area, if one had been there.

Eddowes Murder Deductions

The theme of the right-handed killer remains present in this murder. The murderer was strong, and the victim was killed standing up. The deductions are: the blow was fierce and instantaneous, the wound as the same as Strides, and that the same man killed both women. The items on the ground that belong to a woman suggest that the murderer searched the woman and the he was unfeeling and organized. He must have known anatomy and K. Eddowes, like all of the previous victims, held something in her left hand.

Save the game and get ready for the end game. You have almost all the details you need to figure out who Jack the Ripper is.

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