RPG Maker VX: Custom Battlers

RPG Maker VX Battlers

In this article I’d like to share some RPG Maker VX battlers I’ve drawn myself. I decided to break with the more mature and serious tone of RPG Maker VX for a more cartoonish look. Keep in mind that the battlers provided in this article are meant for the default RPG Maker VX front battle perspective.

In order to please users of the side view battle system, I’ve also provided monsters in that perspective as well. The monsters come from the RPG Maker Game Aedemphia (for more information, click the link below). The author of the game, Sylvanor, has generously accepted to share the material of his game as long as users mention him in the credits (a link to his website would also be appreciated).

In case you’d like to download the game for yourself and use its resources, click here: Aedemphia.

NOTE: None of the battlers taken from Aedemphia can be used for commercial games as mentioned in the Copyrights section of the game.

The game is in French (and so is the whole website) so here’s a guide to help you out:


Click either one of the link identified in the picture above (one of them is an installer while the other is the .rar version).

Once you’ve done that, go to your Aedemphia folder and you’ll find the monsters right there:


In the resources folder, open up the “picture” folder. In this folder, you’ll find hundreds of files. In case you’re looking for the monsters, you’ll find them at: “monstre…”. All of the battler files are written with “monstre” followed by a number.


And all of the battlers are right there (this is only a sample of course, there are hundreds of battlers to choose from):

RPG Maker VX: Battlers

Side View Monsters (RPG Maker VX: Custom Battlers)

Here are some monsters created by Sylvanor:

A great, alien looking worm (ideal for a boss fight).


Another fearsome looking creature (you definitely want to keep that one for a boss fight):


Some sort of modern day cerberus!


Another, slightly similar beast:


A great devil:


The offspring of a crab and a mutated brain:


A mess of thorns and claws:


This one reminds me of a Behemoth from Final Fantasy:


Front View Battlers (RPG Maker VX Battlers)

Here’s is some of my front view battlers. No credits are necessary if you use them in your game:

A mad slug.

Mad Slhug

A baby slime:

RPG Maker VX: Battlers

A mutated, smoking onion:


Your typical Dragon Quest Slime:


A crying slime:


A Martial Art Slime:

AAA copy

A poisonous Slime:

Slimago copy


Disclaimer: The art provided here does not belong to the author of this article (except for the front view battlers). For this reason, links have been provided to the original artists. Watermarks have also been put in place in this article. If you have any issues with the art provided here, please send me a message or leave a comment in the section below.

Please remember to credit the creators of the artists who provide this art free of charge for your enjoyment. Thanking the authors can be as simple as mentioning their name as well as their contribution in the credit of your game. Thank you.

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