RPG Maker VX: Tileset

RPG Maker VX: Tileset

REFMAP used to be a team of talented artists who worked together to create graphics and art suitable for RPG Maker (all versions). Available on the First Seed Material is a compilation of their works. In this article, I will introduce various RPG Maker VX tilesets created by the people of REFMAP.

RPG Maker VX: Characters (RPG Maker VX: Tileset)

Author: REFMAP

Link: Click here!

There are currently 21 sets of characters available for download. The characters vary greatly. There are superheroes, kung fu artists, sailors, old folks, children, toddlers, peasants, renaissance aristocrats, monsters, desert folks, all sorts of animals, a great variety of dogs and cats as well as mice and much more.

Here’s a screenshot from the homepage to give you a better idea of what is available:


Note that you can download all 21 sets simply by clicking the button highlighted in the screenshot above. This is a nice change from downloading each file individually.

RPG Maker VX: Tileset

Author: REFMAP

Link: Click here!

Although the characters are impressive in their own rights, the tilesets available are even more impressive! Not only will they fit in nicely with the basic RPG Maker VX RTP, they provide fun alternatives and new, much needed items.

All tilesets are organized from tileset A to E and vary greatly. There are farm related objects, slanted roofs, new ladders and bridges, quite a few new beds, new couches and other pieces of furniture, a clock tower, pine trees and other variations, cliff walls and much more.


Remember that you can download all 9 sets simply by clicking the “download” icon as shown in the picture above.

More RPG Maker VX Tileset Websites!

Author: Espri-Q

Link: Click here!

This website has even more resources. Not only can you find characters there, you can also find new faces for those characters.

RPG Maker VX: Resources
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In case you’d be interested in finding what else this excellent website has in store, look on the right hand side of his blog.

RPG Maker VX: Resources

By browsing through these categories, you’ll find plenty more characters and facesets.

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