Finding & Getting into the Everlight Temple: Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Game Tips

Finding & Getting into the Everlight Temple: Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Game Tips
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Travel to the Overlord’s castle in the Netherworld. Through your throne interface, select the option for the Everlight Temple mission_. Note: If you do not see this opportunity, you will first need to retrieve the green minion hive from the Everlight Facility._

Going through the temple is the only way to access the Everlight town. The temple entrance area is blocked by green poison barrier near the Everlight Facility. Use the minion portals to get some brown, red and green minions. Target the green minions to remove the barrier. After you walk through you will you will notice that the gate to the Everlight town is closed. Don’t worry about this right now.

Your immediate threat is a formation of knights and archers who are blocking a path nearby. As a group they are difficult to kill. Break up their formations by using the red minions at a distance. When enough of the knights and archers have scattered, target the brown and green minions towards the tents behind them. Once destroyed, the enemies will stop spawning. Kill the rest of them.

After this take the path to the left. At this point you will see a couple “Eradicators.” Just like in the Everlight Facility, these guys can emit heavy damaging blue beams. Use green minions to attack them when their back is turned. Once you have defeated them you will encounter some more knights and a spell catalyst stone. Kill them and then have your minions carry the stone back to your Netherworld gate.

You will see a set of stairs. Walk up there and a brief dialog will commence. This is the entrance to the Everlight Temple!

The Everlight Temple Entrance

Overlord 2 screenshot

Upon arriving at the Everlight Temple entrance you realize the drawbridge to get inside is closed. Even worse, a spider queen guards the inside of the temple. You will need to find a way in and then kill the spider queen.

To get inside the temple you will need to solve a puzzle. Nearby is a keystone statue and a couple of placement areas. You will need to locate the second keystone statue. Go back towards where you came into this area to a pathway on your left. Blocking the path are some bamboo plants. Direct your minions to chop through this and a giant statue will be revealed. Target the statue and have them move it out of the way.

More bamboo plants are blocking your path. Remove them and you will reach another set of stairs. At the top is a spot to place a keystone statue. Go back to the Everlight Temple entrance and bring back the keystone statue located there. Once the keystone is placed it will open up a gate into a new area.

The Stone Troll

If you have reached this far in the Overlord 2 walkthrough a brief dialog section begins. Apparently the elves are not happy with you being there. After a few seconds of yammering on they leave. Beyond them is a keystone statue and a large stone troll. Ugh!!

To get the keystone out you will need to kill him. Look for a platform that you can walk on. The troll is tough and can take a lot of damage. Use your green and brown minions and carefully attack him. Avoid the troll when he jumps on his stomach. It will take a while to kill him. Once you have defeated him take the keystone statue and head back to the Everlight Temple entrance.

More Knights to Fight!!

Overlord 2 screenshot

Just before you get back to the entrance, you will encounter another group of knights that is blocking your path. Direct your minions to drop the keystone statue.

Go to the pathway located on the side of the knight formation. From here you can target your green minions to attack them from behind. Use your red minions for extra damage. When you have broken their formation target the knight’s leader and kill him.

With the path cleared, have your minions pick up the keystone statue and bring it to the Everlight Temple entrance. Place the keystone statue on the blue placement area. Go back to where you dropped of the other keystone statue. Have your minions bring it back and place it on the red placement area.

With both keystones in place the drawbridge will open. You now can get inside the Everlight Temple!

Inside the Everlight Temple

Overlord 2 screenshot

Careful! You are about to walk into a room where the floor collapses. This drops you into the Spider Queen lair. Now you have to kill her.

Notice that the queen hangs out on the wall. Nearby are some wooden grates on a couple of the walls. There are four pressure plates on the ground in every corner along with one in the center. You will also see some explosive flowers.

To attack her, lure her to the wooden grated areas. This is where her babies are hiding. Target an explosive flower and have one minion quickly move it near one of the grates. Once it explodes, the queen will move to that area. Walk the Overlord over one of the pressure plates nearby. This will release water and knock her down on her back temporarily. Target the Overlord 2 Spider Queen and have your minions attack. Once she is back on her feet, move your minions away from her.

Periodically she will send small spiders to attack you. After a while, you will need to use all five of the pressure plates to get the Spider Queen on the ground. Continue to use the same luring strategy with the explosives. Once you have killed her, the small spiders will now ally with you. The green minions can ride them like mount (similar to the way the brown minions ride wolves).

Exiting the Everlight Temple

Now it is time to get out of the Everlight Temple. Notice the spider webs and pressure plates on the wall. Use the spider mounted green minions to quickly climb up the wall and walk over the pressure plates. This will cause the chamber you are in to rise.

At the next level, loot the area for gold and treasure. Once again direct the spider riding minions over the pressure plates to continue moving up. Keep doing this for three levels, looting each one for goodies. After you reach the third level you have escaped the Everlight Temple.

After you escape the temple, you will encounter a few “Eradicators”. Use your green minions and kill them when their backs are turned. Now go back to the blocked Everlight Town gate entrance. On the wall are more spider webs and two pressure stones. Use the spider mounted green minions and walk over the stones to open the gate.

If you have made it this far you have successfully completed this Overlord II walkthrough and can go inside Everlight Town!!

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