Overlord 2 Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 (Part 3): Getting past the Nordberg Town Gate, using the Mining Cart and Ballista, Governor Borius, the Overlord Ship in Nordhaven

Overlord 2 Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 (Part 3): Getting past the Nordberg Town Gate, using the Mining Cart and Ballista,  Governor Borius, the Overlord Ship in Nordhaven
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Back to Nordberg Town

Assuming that you have obtained the red minions of Overlord’s hive (see part 2 of this Overlord 2 walkthrough), go to the Nordberg town and get your red and brown minions. In Nordberg, you will see two barriers that are blocked by fire. One appears to be unguarded while the other is blocked by Nordberg soldiers.

You will use your red minions to put out the fire by targeting the barrier. When you take out the unguarded fire barrier you will notice many sets of soldiers. Unfortunately, this is too many for you to handle at this point. Instead, attack the other barrier guarded by soldiers. These guys bunch close together and can do lots of damage if you are not careful. Weaken their forces by targeting their leader (he will look like a fat soldier in red) if you see him. Taking him out lowers the soldier’s morale, making them more likely to scatter and easier to kill. Otherwise, use your red minions to target them from a distance and then swarm in with your browns. Once you get by them you find a “forge” stone that your minions can carry back to the netherworld gate. This item will give you access to forge additional weapons and armor for the Overlord.

Continue forward by taking the path to the left. There will be more soldier formations. Kill them off by repeating the same strategy as before (targeting the leader to break the soldier’s morale, using reds to target from a distance and your browns to do the brutal direct attacks). In this way, you can use the minions of Overlord 2 to help you get through areas that you normally could not.

The Ballista and Mining Cart

Overlord 2 screenshot

As you move forward in this part of Overlord 2, you will find an area blockaded by two soldier formations. These guys cannot be killed directly. You will need a ballista. Fortunately, it is only guarded by a few soldiers. Kill them and take control of the ballista (target your minions to help you operate it). The Overlord can then use it. Walk over to it and press the A button on your Xbox 360 controller. Target the soldier formations and shoot the ballista (RT). One of the soldier formations has a tent. Be sure to take this out or they will keep regenerating. Once all formations have been broken up, get off the ballista and attack the remaining troops.

Now move north towards the area in Overlord 2 with railroad tracks. Beyond this is a mining town area. Unfortunately, some of it is blocked by barricades. One of them is a large stone barrier near some explosives; the other is another soldier formation. The stone barrier has explosives in front of it. Use your reds to light them (but quickly move them away). Once you get by this, beyond this is an area that has some wolves. Direct your brown minions of Overlord 2 (not red ones since they will shoot fire) to mount them. Now backtrack and head to the other blockade. Sweep the brown minions over to the soldier formation. If you see the leader, try and take him out first. After you kill these guys off, there is another area that you cannot reach at the moment.

Instead, backtrack to where you came into this mining town area in Overlord 2. Look carefully, and you will see a small wooden drawbridge that can be dropped. Use the Overlord and chop at it until it falls. When opened, move your minions inside and up a set of stairs. A turnstile is nearby that your minions can use to release a mining cart filled with explosives. This cart will allow you to open the blocked Nordberg Town gate. Your brown minions can push the mining cart along the tracks until it reaches the gate. (But before you do that, be sure to kill the archers that are on a ledge to the left side). Once the cart is at the gate, use your red minions to light the explosives –kaboom!!

Inside the Nordberg Town

Once inside the Nordberg town in Overlord 2, you will encounter peasants who throw fireworks. It can cause damage, so subdue them with the Overlord or kill them off (depending on which path you are choosing to go). Around the path to the left are some minion gates. Add more minions (if needed). Soon you will run into an area with a brief animation. You will see Governor Borius and then decide you need to remove him from power.

To the right of this area is a large pillared temple guarded by some soldiers. Kill them off and demolish the temple. Beneath the pillars is a statue of Governor Borius. Have your minions push it over the edge of the platform. This breaks a barrier into an area where you could not reach previously in Overlord 2.

Getting Past the Ballista and Finding Governor Borius

Overlord 2 screenshot

Continuing from page one of the Overlord 2 walkthrough, head towards the newly opened pathway, and you will need to get by some more soldiers and peasants with fireworks. Look for wooden scaffolding with stairs. At the top of it are a ballista and more soldiers. Use caution and take your minions up the stairs. Kill off the nearby soldiers and have the Overlord take out the guy controlling the ballista. Once clear, behind you is another set of stairs. Go up it and get rid of the remaining soldiers. Nearby is a narrow pathway that only your minions can cross. Send them over there to knock down a statue. This crushes the Governor Borius. Also nearby to the left is an elevator switch. Walk over there with your minions and target the switch to take you down to the area below. After some brief dialog you need to decide whether to kill or subdue Governor Borius. Make your choice. Then a town interface will be available to you. You can now occupy the town by selecting (X button on your Xbox 360 controller). Nearby is a young woman named Kelda, who is the girl that helped you during your childhood in Nordberg. She automatically goes back to your Overlord tower and becomes your first mistress in Overlord 2.

Back to the Netherworld Tower

Go back to the Overlord Tower, and visit Kelda in the private quarters. In this area you can do some upgrades to the tower minions or forge items. Once done, go to the throne interface and select your next mission.

Nordhaven and The Overlord Ship

Overlord 2 screenshot

Note: This mission becomes available after you have conquered the Nordberg town in Overlord 2.

Apparently, someone is trying to steal the Overlord’s ship. Travel to Nordhaven. You will see that the ship is trapped in ice. As you explore, you will run into some hunters, three flammable tar pit lakes and many gnomes. To melt the ice to get your ship out, look for a gnome in the middle of the tar pit. Target it and have your reds set him on fire. This will cause an explosion that will melt some of the ice.

When you run into the hunters, be sure to destroy their igloos. Beneath one of them is a turnstile. Have your minions activate it. This will pour some tar into a lake area. You will also run into some hunters who have a hidden turnstile switch in one of their igloos. Have your minions activate it, which then pours a large amount of tar into a lake area. After you set fire to three tar pits, you will encounter a small town.

There is a bit more ice to melt before you can get to your ship. Nearby is a large tar pit that will need to be set on fire. There are two ways to complete this task. Either find a way to do it yourself, or subdue 10 peasants with the Overlord’s magic to do it for you. Decide what to do and get that ice melted. Now, you can take control of the ship and sail towards Everlight.

This ends part three of the Overlord 2 walkthrough. Make sure that you check out the other parts of this Overlord 2 walkthrough so that you can learn how to get to this point in the game.


  • Walkthrough and strategy information on Overlord 2 based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.
  • Screenshot images by Sheila Robinson.

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