How to Get into the Empire Heartland Port Area in Overlord 2

How to Get into the Empire Heartland Port Area in Overlord 2
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Note: The Empire Heartland area unlocks for you after you have subdued the Everlight town. If this is not available to you, read the guide on the Everlight town.

When you arrive in the Heartland area, get some minions from the portals nearby. You will then see that the entrance to Empire Heartland port area is blocked. Unfortunately, it is also being protected by soldiers who are using a catapult against you.

Move your minions quickly away from the castle towards another path that is blocked by stones. You will need to get by this. Use your minions as bait to draw fire from the catapult so it will destroy the barrier. However, make sure you move the minions out of the way before it hits!

Once the barrier has been removed, go forward until you reach a bridge blocked by soldiers. Wipe them out and get across. Nearby this are two pathways. The one to the left leads to a large drawbridge that is closed and guarded by soldiers. Straight ahead leads to another area where there are some minion portals and soldiers are bathing in a lake. Grab more minions to fill up your group if needed.

Now you need to find a way in past the closed drawbridge protected by guards. Lucky for you the poor saps left their uniforms in a tent close by. Direct your minions into the tent to clothe themselves with the uniforms. These disguises are the perfect ruse to fool the drawbridge guards.

Using the Possession Stone

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By this point your minions should be dressed up in uniform. Look for a possession stone in a small pathway just past the uniform tent area. Use it and turn yourself into a minion. Nearby is a minion sized pathway (the entrance looks like a small archway). Guide your minions down this area until you reach a small bridge that is drawn and surrounded by guards. Since you are in disguise, they won’t bother you and will let you use the turnstile to open the bridge. Once past this area, go to where the large drawbridge is located. The soldiers there will now lower it and let you inside.

Destroying the Blocked Empire Heartland Port Entrance

Now that you are inside, walk towards where the catapult is located. Direct your minions to control the catapult. Use the control stick to move left and right. The catapult’s distance it can fire can be controlled by holding the right trigger button down and releasing it. Once the entrance has been unblocked, soldiers will start heading towards you. Continue using the catapult to eliminate the groups of soldiers. Once you have wiped out most of them, dismount the catapult and kill of the rest directly with your minions.

With the Empire Heartland port entrance now opened, go back to the possession stone area and turn yourself back into the Overlord. If you have made it this far, you can take your group of minions back and enter this new area.

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