Capturing the Everlight Town Overlord 2 Guide to Using the Possession Stone, Dealing with the Governess Knights and Juno

Capturing the Everlight Town Overlord 2 Guide to Using the Possession Stone, Dealing with the Governess Knights and Juno
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Assuming that you have escaped the Everlight Temple, the gate to the Everlight town will be opened. Nearby are some spiders your green minions can use for mounts. Pick them up. Soon you will encounter a few archers and knights. Use the narrow pathway on the side of the knights to move your spider mounted minions to an area behind them. Attack the knights from the back until you break their formation. Then finish of the rest by direct attack with the brown minions. As you move forward, more knights will be encountered. Repeat the same strategy as before.

Just past these enemies are minion portals and a Netherworld gate. By this point you should see the Everlight town entrance. It is locked. However, there is a small minion sized pathway that leads inside. You will need to use the possession stone that is nearby. Activate the possession stone and turn the Overlord into a minion. Take some minions with you and walk through the pathway to get inside. Search for a turnstile that will open the entrance door. When you find it, use your minions to turn it.

Transform the Overlord back to his normal size. Walk in through the entrance with your minions. Inside you will encounter knights and locked gates. Explore and look for the turnstiles to open the gates. Eliminate the knights that get in your way.

In this area you will also encounter another Netherworld gate and minion portals. Nearby it is a minion stone you should have your minions pick up.

The Governess

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You will see the Governess when you reach the center of the town. She is a large woman who has the arrogance to think you cannot get by her knights. The Governess is also holding the lady Juno captive.

Getting past the knights will require a bit of strategy. Their formations block your path. Carefully knock out the knights on the right side. Once cleared, move your minions into this area. There are some explosive you can use to knock out the knight’s tent on the left side. Use a red minion to pick up and quickly carry an explosive over to the tent through a narrow pathway. As soon as the explosive is placed, call back your red minion to prevent him from getting caught in the blast.

Once the tent is eliminated, the remaining knights will start coming after you. Use more explosives to slow down their efforts and kill them.

After all the knights are eliminated you will encounter the Governess. She is afraid of you. A brief conversation begins. Your options are either kill or subdue her. Decide what you want to do and then destroy the Governess temple.

You are now in control of the Everlight town. Use the “town interface” through your Xbox 360 controller to accept it. As an added bonus, the lady Juno has also been rescued. She will accompany you when you travel back to your Overlord castle through the Netherworld gate.

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