Taking the Journey to Everlight - The Overlord 2 Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 - How to Open the Everlight Gate

Taking the Journey to Everlight - The Overlord 2 Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 - How to Open the Everlight Gate
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The Journey to Everlight


Note: This part of the guide continues with the Journey to Everlight. By this point in the game, you should have just obtained the Overlord’s ship from some thieves in Nordhaven. If not see part 3 of the Overlord 2 walkthrough for details.

Take control of the Overlord’s ship by directing 10 minions to control it (use the left trigger button on your Xbox 360 controller). Walk the Overlord over to a white circular steering column area that allows him to steer and move the ship. The ship will move by using the right (forward) and left trigger (reverse) buttons. Steer by using the Xbox 360’s control stick.

Guiding the ship to the open sea you will encounter some elves that have blocked your path with another ship filled with explosives. Dock the Overlord’s ship to the side. The game will let you know when you are in the appropriate dock area and you will press the B button. Kill off any elves in your way, and then move over to the area where there are a lot of baby seals. Wipe them out and have your red minions target the elves ship to ignite the explosives. Once destroyed, go back to the ship and continue sailing towards Everlight.

Unlocking the Everlight Gate

Overlord 2 screenshot

When you are near the Everlight area, it looks like a series of islands. Unfortunately, where you need to go is blocked by a large gate. This gate is held closed by four key statues that the elves have placed in different areas on the island. You will need to dock on a couple of different islands to find and place the statues correctly. The first dock area should be on your right side, just a bit south from the gate. Carefully dock the ship. The red keystone statue is on this island and is relatively easy to find. Explore a bit and you will run into a couple of elves who are guarding it. After you kill them and their tents (or they will continue to re-spawn), have five minions carry it. Nearby is a pathway that is blocked by an elven structure. Destroy it as you and will see a set of stairs. At the top are some minion portals. Around this area is another pathway that will lead you to where the statue needs to be placed. Have your minions drop it off on the pedestal.

Continuing with this Overlord 2 walkthrough, take the path to the right of where you placed the red keystone statue. It will take you past a couple of staircases. More elves will block your path. Kill them and cross the wooden bridge where you will encounter more to fight. Beyond them is the blue keystone statue sitting on top of a stone elevator. Walk the Overlord and your minions onto it and take it down to the bottom level. Quickly have your minions remove and carry the blue keystone statue and step off of the elevator. Take the path to the left where you will encounter a derelict ship that is blocking your path. Use your red minions to target some explosives nearby it (target the closest one). Once cleared, go around the path and you will see a pedestal for you to place the blue keystone statue.

Heading Back to the Ship and Obtaining the Third Keystone Statue

Overlord 2 screenshot

After the keystone statue is placed, make your way back to the ship. By this point in the Overlord 2 walkthrough you may encounter some elves who are throwing poison. Be careful, it is very toxic and the minions and Overlord cannot stand to take too much damage from it. Try to flank them on the left and right sides of the path and destroy their tents.

Soon after you have placed the second keystone statue you will also discover that the elves have taken the yellow keystone statue on their ship and are trying to get away. You will need to follow them in your ship and chase them down. Be sure to have a lot of red minions with you. Once on the ship, look at your map and locate the elves. Their ship is fast and will try to crash into you if you are not careful. When you find them, slow the ship down and try to cut them off. The best place is near the Everlight gate in front the pathway to the right. Once you have, use your red minions target their sails to disable the ship, while being careful not to take too much damage to your own ship. Once disabled, you can dock with the elf ship and take it along with the yellow keystone statue.

Placing the Third Keystone Statue

Now you need to find where to place the third keystone statue. Head back to where the large gate is. The docking area you need is just to the right of the gate. Dock there and have your minions take the yellow keystone statue off the ship. The placement area is nearby. After you pass some fat mermaids near a lake, find the stone elevator and place the yellow keystone statue it on it to activate it. Once you get to the top, quickly take the statue off the platform. Drop off the keystone statue on the pedestal nearby the elevator. Head back to the ship. Since you will not be able to use the elevator, explore this area until you find a watery cove that is inhabited by fat mermaids. Nearby them is some ship debris and explosives. Have your red minions target the explosives to clear the pathway to the ship. Board the ship and head back to the Everlight gate.

Placing the Fourth Keystone Statue

Overlord 2 screenshot

Guide your ship toward the path to the left of the Everlight gate. This is a narrow path that is very close by and blocked by a barrier. If you don’t see it at first, slow down your ship and explore until you find it. To get past the barrier, you will need to speed up your ship and crash through. Give yourself enough space and speed up quickly, pressing the green button a couple of times for an extra boost while the minions are rowing.

Once past the barrier, the docking area is nearby. Dock the ship and be prepared for more elf enemy encounters. These guys have poison. Kill them by first destroying their tents so they don’t re-spawn. Once by them you will cross a wooden bridge where you will find some elves that are guarding the fourth (green) keystone statue. Eliminate the elves and take the green keystone statue. In a pathway nearby, you will find the pedestal to place it. Once done, the Everlight gate will open this Overlord 2 walkthrough is complete and you will be able to sail through with your ship.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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