Overlord 2 Walkthrough - Starting as an Overlad - Finding the Chldren's Hideout , Crashing the Party in Nordberg, Snowy Encounter, Yeti, Riding Wolves

Overlord 2 Walkthrough - Starting as an Overlad - Finding the Chldren's Hideout , Crashing the Party in Nordberg, Snowy Encounter, Yeti, Riding Wolves
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The “Overlad”

This is the first part of the game. You start as a young “Overlad” who is tormented by the other children. The town is called Nordberg. At first, you will not be very powerful. You will need to prove yourself. The other children attack you with snowballs, so you need to let them know that you are not someone to mess with.

Attack them with your club (use the A button on your Xbox 360 controller) and cause havoc by knocking over some snowmen etc. It may be a bit confusing on where you need to go, so use the small map located at the bottom left of your screen. This map shows you where key items and quest locations you need to head towards. Current objectives are noted by exclamation points in black and white.

Continue following the snowy path to cause more destruction. Look for a large rocket. Use your magic to light the rocket (X button) which causes some more damage. Shortly after, you will run into some brown minions who will help you.

Move along the path using the map as a guide. Use your minions to cause more damage to the area by destroying snowmen, boxes and other breakable items. Look for an area that is blocked off by a gate. Be sure to move up to this gate, since it will trigger your next mission.

The Chidren’s Hideout

Continuing with this Overlord 2 walkthrough, you will need to find a way into the town area. A young girl named Kelda, wants to help you out and tells you to follow her. She quickly moves through a pathway that is just south west of the locked gate. This is a wooden tunnel pathway that leads to an area where the other children are hidden.

In this area you will see a large snow covered wall that appears to have no way in. As you stand in front of it, guide your minions to the dirt pathway to the left of you. Continue moving them across the wall area until they encounter the children. After they attack them, call your minions back to you (B button on your Xbox 360 controller). To the right of you there is a rocket which you can light to break through the wall that is blocking you.

Light the rocket and walk up the pathway to the children’s hideout. You realize that the best way to get into the town is in disguise. So target the children’s hideout with your left trigger button (LT), and use the right trigger button (RT) to send all your minions in to steal their clothes.

Crashing the Party

Overlord 2 screenshot

Once your minions are all in disguise, you head back to the pathway where Kelda guided you originally. Now when you go to the gate, the guards will let you all in.

Apparently, there is a party going on, but you don’t have time to play. You need to get to the town square. Use your map to help guide you to the appropriate location. It will be a platform that is blocked by a couple of townsfolk. Behind them is another rocket. Use the Overlad and light it up using his magic. This causes more destruction.

At this point, Kelda shows up again and asks you to follow her. You reach an area where you observe the Emperor speaking to the local townspeople about the threat of a magic user and that there is one in the town. The Nordberg townspeople are unaware of this except for one man who says, “There is one!”The Overlad is then thrown out into a snow area below.

Snowy Encounter

Overlord 2 screenshot

Despite being cast out from the town of Nordberg, the Overlad needs to continue moving forward. He will run into more minions who will be there to help him. You will run into knights along the way who will attack, so just sweep your minions over them and let them do the dirty work. The Overlad does not appear to do much damage, so you may as well have them do it.

Find your way to an area that is blocked off by a pile of stones. You will need to find away through this. To your right you will see a catapult that is guarded by a couple of fighters. Take out the ones that are blocking your way. Walk over to the catapult. Guide a bunch of minions (target the catapult using LT and direct them with the RT button). This will cause the minions to help you control the catapult’s artillery. The Overlad can then use the catapult. Push the A button to get into the catapult’s interface. Use the RS button to turn the catapult and the RT button to shoot. Target the catapult over to the stone pile, which is now guarded by a bunch of knights. The catapult will take out the knights and break through the stones, clearing your pathway. Use the B button on your Xbox 360 controller to get off of the catapult.

The Wolves

At this point in the Overlord 2 walkthrough, move through the new pathway. You will now run into wolves, which the brown minions can ride. Target one with the LT button on your Xbox 360 controller (when highlighted will look green) and direct the minions towards it. A minion will “tame” the wolf and will mount him.

Continue guiding your minions, attacking more enemies along the way until you reach an area that has a bunch of cages and boxes. As you break through all this stuff, you run into a Yeti with one eye (isn’t that a Cyclops?), who was kept captive by the enemies you have encountered. This yeti then follows you around as you explore areas. Be sure to keep an eye on the Yeti as he will break through a barrier into an area you need to go into. After following the Yeti into the broken stone barrier, he thanks you and jumps up and down into some ice, which knocks him and the Overlad into the icy water.

Overlord Training

Overlord 2 screenshot

Back in the Netherworld, Gnarl and the other minions defrost you from the ice. It is determined that you are a worthy candidate to become the next Overlord. At this point you will be put through a couple tests.

Stuff to look out for in this section of the Overlord II walkthrough: Yeti, baby seals, hunters, wolves

Test of Strength

The Overlord just needs to break some ice to release the Yeti. Next you will be tested on how to guide your minions. Hack at the Yeti, he will move away to an ice area on top of a platform area where you cannot reach. Guide your minions around the left side where you will see wooden scaffolding. Have them hack at this to break it. This will cause a piece of wood to create a bridge. Have your minions cross over this and hack at the platform the Yeti is sitting on. This will cause him to fall and then move forward towards the right.

Gathering Life-force

You will move into snowy area where you will see a bunch of white baby seals. Even though they are cute, you must kill 30 of them to trigger off the next event to move forward. After each kill, a glowing whitish ball will appear. This is life-force. Have your minions or yourself collect this. After you and your minions have killed about 10 seals, a brown minion portal is generated nearby you. Your total number of minions you can have has increased to 15. Get more minions from this portal by using your Xbox 360 controller (Hold LT and press the B).Continue killing baby seals to reach your goal. Be careful of the Yeti as he is unhappy that you are killing him. You can hack at him a couple times until he moves into an area where you cannot reach and begins throwing snowballs at you. Ignore him and get the rest of your life force.

After you get close to achieving your goal, the Yeti gets attacked by hunters who want to trap and keep him. But the yeti jumps away, resulting in opening a new area for you. Moving forward you will find a small hunting village with some igloos and wolves trapped in cages. Have your minions release them and then tame and mount them to ride. Destroy all the igloos or the hunters will keep coming back. Underneath one of the igloos you will find a turnstile that your minions can push to open a new wooden pathway.

The Elves

overlord 2 screenshot

Follow the Yeti into this area. Beyond this is a ship with are elves dressed in rainbow colors. They are unhappy you are killing the seals .They try to attack you, so take them out and finish gathering life-force. After this you will continue following the Yeti. If he went ahead before you could see where he went, head back to the turnstile where you came in to this area. The map can also help you, but sometimes it can be a bit vague. As you head back in this direction you will see a wooden gate that leads to a new pathway. Follow the yeti and move through more hunter camps, destroying igloos and killing enemies that get in your way. You don’t need to kill all of these guys, so you may as well push through and continue following the Yeti. He will take you to Nordberg, the town where you originally grew up (and where you were cast out).

Nearby is a dock area where you will again run into the elves. This time, the Yeti seems upset with you and starts attacking. So fight back and he will move up into a platform area above. On each side of the Yeti, there are two other platforms. Use your Xbox 360 controller and target them with LT to direct the minions to destroy them. This will cause the Yeti to fall and you can continue attacking him. He will do the same deal on two other platforms, so repeat this action again twice. After the last platform and you attack him, just before he is at the brink of death, the elves save him and he jumps onto their ship that is just beyond the dock area. Unfortunately, you cannot reach him. So you will need to find a way to get to the elves sanctuary (where they are going) in order to get back at them.

Just behind the dock area is another wooden walkway that will lead you to a dirt road. The map will show you vaguely by using an exclamation point to show you the way. You will run into some knights who will attack you. Continue through this area, grabbing any goodies along the way until you reach a cave area. Unfortunately, the wolves will not follow you into this area as they are afraid of fire.

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