Looking for Overlord 2 Cheats and Tips? Useful Strategy for Defeating the Devourer Boss, Using the Possession Stone and Defeating the Spider Queen Boss

Looking for Overlord 2 Cheats and Tips?  Useful Strategy  for Defeating the Devourer Boss, Using the Possession Stone and Defeating the Spider Queen Boss
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Defeating the Devourer Boss

The Devourer is the final boss in the game. You will need more than Overlord 2 cheats to defeat him. There are three sections you must complete before you can finally kill him. In the first section, target a small group of red minions nearby the devourer. Target a second group of red or green minions on the other side of the Devourer. Use your blue minions to clean up the magic slime on the ground to avoid damage to yourself, or to prevent the transformation of other minions and the villagers from turning into mutations that will attack you. Once your minions have done enough damage, the Devourer will move away from this section crashing through a wall. Clear off any remaining blue slime to prevent any mutations from being created.

In the second section, there are some archers to your right and in the far left corner. Direct some Brown minions to eliminate them. Send a group of red minions up to where the archers were. After the Devour taken enough damage, he will move away to another area. Clean up the blue slime that is blocking your path, then follow the Devourer to the next section.

The final section is a bit tougher. Position a group of red minions on the platform directly in front of you. They will cause some damage to the Devourer and other creatures that will appear. The Devourer now has several white pustules that you must target in order to release Solarius. Go down the steps to your left and create a group of green minions (or two if you think you can be fast enough) and guide them to the side(s) of the Devourer where the pustules are located. Direct blue minions to eliminate the blue magic slime as needed. Once you have destroyed all the pustules, the Devourer spits out Solarius. Quickly move the Overlord to where Solaris is and use the Target spell (LT + X) to cause damage. After Solarius has taken a bit of damage, the Devourer will scoop him back up. You may need to repeat the process of destroying the pustules a couple more times. However, the Devourer will throw more and more creatures at you making it more difficult (always have some brown minions at the Overlord’s side). Once you have drained enough of Solarius life energy, he will be defeated.


Using the Possession Stone

In order to use the possession stone it must be activated. If it is not, you will not see any glowing energy at the top of it. Move the Overlord and your minions close by the Possession stone. Hold down the left trigger button (LT) and press right trigger button (RT) to guide your minions into the stone. When enough of them are inside, let go of both trigger buttons and press the X for a couple seconds. You are now a minion.

How to Dominate a Town

Overlord 2 screenshot

To dominate the town of Nordberg or Everlight you will need to enslave 100 villagers. To enslave someone, use the Target Spell (LT + X). Be careful not hold the X button too long or they will die. Once a villager is enslaved, they will work endlessly to generate money and lifeforce for you and your minions.

  • Finding the Villagers - In Overlord 2 cheats come in all shapes and sizes. The solution is not always obvious. In the Nordberg and Everlight towns many of the people will be wandering around the town, while others are hiding in houses. Use your minions to chop down the doors of these homes, being careful not destroy them completely. For the remaining villagers you will find them in two places: behind a gated area or in a watery region. In Nordberg, look for a raft in the watery regions. To get by locked gated areas, you may need to complete certain tasks before you can get through them.

Defeating the Spider Queen Boss

Overlord 2 screenshot

The spider queen is in the Everlight Temple. Once you are inside her lair, notice the flower bombs on different sides of the room. Direct a minion to pick one up and place it by the wall area that has grates on it. The Queen spider will move over to it (this is where her babies are located). When the flower bomb explodes, the spider will fall on her back. Use this time to attack the Queen spider. When the Queen spider gets up and moves away repeat this same process. A bit later, the Queen spider will not be easy to knock down. You will now need to activate all the pressure plates on the floor in the four corners (walk on top of them). Next, have one of your minions grab a flower bomb to a grated area. When the spider queen moves over there, activate the pressure plate in the center of the room. The Queen will once again fall on her back, making her vulnerable to attack. Once you kill her, you will have control of the small spiders and can use them as mounts for your green minions. Now that you have used these Overlord 2 cheats to help you survive these key points in the game, be sure to check out the Overlord 2 walkthrough series for other great tips.


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