Overlord 2 Guide and Walkthrough:: Completing the Everlight Jungle & Everlight Facility

Overlord 2 Guide and Walkthrough:: Completing the Everlight Jungle & Everlight Facility
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Everlight Jungle

You will encounter several islands once the Overlord gets past the Everlight Gate. Shortly after, you will end up stranded on one of the islands. Your minions and ship are gone. Unfortunately, spiders have captured your minions! This becomes a side quest for you. Explore the island and you will find them hanging in web cocoon traps. Free them by chopping the cocoon off. You will trigger other spiders to attack you, so you will also need to eliminate them. To find all of the minions, use the map as a guide.

As you explore Everlight Jungle you will run into a magical door barrier guarded by fat fairy Mother Priestess. Getting by requires killing her. She has the ability to fly, so you will need to follow her and knock her down. As she gets injured by your attacks, she will conjure spiders, then elves at you slow down your efforts. Once you kill her, the magic barrier is destroyed and you can go through the door. Beyond this is a Netherworld tower and minion portals. On the right side of this is another area that is blocked by a green poison barrier. Since you do not have any green minions, you cannot get through it at this time. So your priority is to retrieve the green minion hive.

At this time, go down the left pathway. Look for the forge stone nearby that will be behind a breakable barrier. Have your minions take it back to the Netherworld portal before continuing forward.

The Statue, Giant Pandas, Fairy Priestesses Green Poison Barriers

Overlord 2 screenshot

Shortly you will run into a statue that blocks the path. Also nearby is a small river that your minions cannot cross. You will need to find a way to get past the statue. Place your minions back into their portals. Travel across the river. At this point in the Overlord 2 walkthrough you will encounter a couple giant pandas. They will not attack unless you destroy the plants they enjoy eating. Unfortunately, you will need to chop through these to get to another area. If possible, try to avoid fighting them since you have no minions to help you. Beyond the panda area you will find a green poisonous barrier. Fortunately nearby are some green minions who will join up with you.

At this point go back to the areas with the green poison barriers. Use the green minions to remove the poison. Once gone the barrier itself is easy to chop through. Beyond these areas you will find more of your missing minions and another magical door barrier guarded by a couple of fat fairy Mother Priestesses.

Killing these Mother Priestesses is a little more difficult. They are sitting on pedestals that cannot be reached directly. Use your green minions to attack them from the pathway to the side. This will cause the attacked Priestess to fall to the ground. Use this opportunity to attack them with the Overlord and your following minions. Once both Priestesses are dead, the magic barrier will be destroyed and you can move on to the next area.

The Everlight Facility

Overlord 2 screenshot

By this time you will end up in an area behind the statue that you could not get past before. Have your minions move it out of the way. Now you will have access to your minion portals. At this time, clear the rest of the barriers blocked off with green poison with your green minions. Through one of them, you will find another Netherworld gate and minion portals. When you enter this area you will see a short scene with soldiers near a gate who have captured a voluptuous woman. As you follow, the gate closes. Finding a way in is a priority since the green minion hive is inside.

Look around and you will find a possession stone. Activate it to turn yourself into a green minion. Nearby is a small path with green poison that you and other green minions can go through into the Everlight Facility. The brown minions will not follow you. Shortly after you get inside the green minion hive will be visible. Unfortunately, the gates are locked and you cannot take it out directly. You will need to find a way to get past them.

As you move through the Everlight Facility, you will run into “Eradicators”. These guys have a tough blue ray weapon that can cause a lot of damage and kill you when hit directly. The best strategy to get by them is to attack them when their back is turned. Use the green minions to jump on them. If the Eradicators chase you, hide in areas with the green plants or side rooms.

In a couple areas there are Eradicators that will be difficult to get by. Keep an eye out for a small pressure plate on the ground. Direct your green minions to step on it. When you do, it releases a bunch of gnomes that will temporarily distract the Eradicators. Once they move, you can attack them and get by.

Continuing forward in this Overlord 2 walkthrough you will run into some turnstiles that will open up gates. Most are guarded by Eradicators or knights. Also keep an eye out for treasure chests. Nearby is an area where you see a group of people that are accusing a woman of being a witch. This is the woman that was captured earlier. At the moment you cannot do anything about it. As you go through, there are some fat women who start running scared when they see you.

As you unlock the gates, the green minion hive can be moved closer to an elevator that leads to the exit. Once it is at the elevator, leave it there. A switch will need to be activated in order to move the green hive to the level where it can be taken out of the castle.

Destroying the Sentinels and Retrieving the Green Minion Hive

Overlord 2 screenshot

As you get closer to your goal of getting the green minion hive out of the Everlight castle, you will run into Sentinels. These are five tough magic guys that are located in several areas. They emit a red magic beam that can detect any magical being in the area. This is not good for you since you used magic to transform you a minion. You will need to destroy the sentinels, without getting hit by their beams. However, you will need to get rid of all remaining Eradicator guys.

You can see where the Sentinels are located by by their tower like structures. Use the map to help guide you to the ones that are not obvious. A couple of the Sentinels are near some giant pandas, so watch out.

Once all the Sentinels are dead and all the turnstile levers have been activated, go back to the elevator where the green minion hive is located. At this point it will be brought down by the elevator to exit level. It can now be carried out of the Everlight Facility to your Netherworld portal.

Unlocking the Everlight Town Quest

Before you leave this area there is one more task. Put your minions back into their portals and head back to the watery area where your minions could not cross. Go there to discover a green minion portal. Grab a few green minions and have them remove the poisonous barrier nearby. This will open up a new quest to find the Everlight town. At this point you can go back to the Netherworld tower. If you made it this far you have succeeded in obtaining the green minion hive.


  • Information and strategy is based on Sheila Robinson’s gameplay.
  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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