Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Details and Strategy for the Poisoned Blood Advanced Campaign Mission - Setting Up Defenses, Choosing Heroes and Important Upgrades

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Details and Strategy for the Poisoned Blood Advanced Campaign Mission - Setting Up Defenses, Choosing Heroes and Important Upgrades
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Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough- Poisoned Blood

In Poisoned Blood you will need to seek mages to create the antidote for the Goblin’s deadly poison. The poison can weaken and kill your heroes quickly. The secondary missions are to construct a Magic Bazaar, 3 trading posts and a couple of special ancient towers (which will protect the herbalist mages while travelling to your town).

Starting the Mission

This campaign mission is not easy. Your town will be constantly under attack by enemies from different directions. Prepare yourself by building your hero guilds south of your castle. You should have Warriors, Clerics and Rangers. When the mission begins, you will be given a wizard’s guild with a couple of heroes in it. You will also need a marketplace and blacksmith.

Build a defense tower on the west and east side of your castle. When you can, build a couple of Wizard’s towers for added protection.

As you hire heroes, set attack flags to any visible enemy dens nearby. This will relieve a bit of pressure. However, most of your headaches will come from the north and north east. The goblins will make constant attacks in small groups. Set defense flags on your castle when these raids occur. You will be able to defend the town in this way for a while, but soon you will need to bulk up your defense and heroes.

Upgrading the Castle, Heroes and Defenses

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At this point in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, you will need to upgrade the castle to level two as soon as possible. This will allow you to build dwarf towers and build hero parties through a tavern. The constant attacks will not allow you much time to send your heroes towards explore flags until a tougher defense is placed. After the castle upgrade, build a Dwarf guild. Then build a dwarf tower on the west and east side of your castle. This may be in addition to any other defense towers you may have already built.

Now that you have a dwarf guild, hire a couple of these heroes and construct a tavern. This will also need to be upgraded to level two. Research the party building option. When you can, start forming parties. It is suggested that you build two of these parties with the Warrior as the leader, with a Cleric, Ranger and Wizard. Build another party with the Ranger as the leader, and include a Warrior, Cleric and Wizard (or Dwarf).

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough – Poisoned Blood – Obtaining the Goblin Poison Antidote

Majesty 2 Kingmaker- Poisoned Blood

The Goblin poison antidote can only be created when you build the following structures: three trading posts, a Magic Bazaar and at least 2 of the ancient towers. Once these things are in place, an herbalist mage will then travel to your town to create the antidote. You can then research the goblin antidote through your Magic Bazaar.

The easiest step to complete is the Magic Bazaar. Construct this as soon as possible. The potions it carries are very useful to your heroes. For the other tasks, follow the instructions in the appropriate sections of this article.

The Ancient Towers

The ancient towers are located in the far northeast side of the map. You may be able to see one of them at the beginning of the mission. You will need set an explore flag to where it is located. However, there are enemies and their dens along the way. You may want to wait on this part of the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough until you can put your heroes into a “party”; since this will give you added protection. Otherwise be prepared to use the Majesty spell “Sacred Heal” on your lone Ranger(s) when needed. When the ancient tower locations are uncovered, you can click on them to start the building process. If you have it, use the Dwarf Stone Incantation spell to speed up the process (requires a level 2 Dwarf guild).

Building the Trading Posts

The trading post locations can be found in the southeast, southwest and northeast corners of the map. The closest one is the one in the southwest. You will need to set explore flags to uncover these areas. Unfortunately in each area several enemies will be encountered. Assuming you have a non randomized map, in the southwest you will see some Minotaurs and elementals. The southeast and northeast locations have goblins nearby them. As you build each trading post, upgrade them to level two and place a defense tower next to them for added defense.

Completing the Poisoned Blood Mission

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If you have completed all the side quests needed to obtain the goblin antidote, (Magic Bazaar, ancient towers and three trading posts) the herbalist mage will immediately travel to your town. You may want to set a defense flag on him so your heroes will protect him (he walks kind of slow). Once he arrives in town, immediately research the goblin poison antidote through your Magic Bazaar. After this is finished, you have completed this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough and succeeded in this campaign mission.

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