Power of Minotaurs Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough - Setting Up Town Foundation, Eliminating Rangers and Flying Serpents

Power of Minotaurs Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough - Setting Up Town Foundation, Eliminating Rangers and Flying Serpents
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Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough – Power of Minotaurs

In this campaign mission, you need to gain the approval of the Minotaurs so they will become your allies. To do so, you will need to destroy the castle of a local lord that is appointed by Baron Pumpa.

Secondary Missions

  • Destroy the Ranger guilds that are preventing the Minotaurs from building their pyramids
  • Restore the pyramids of the Minotaurs (once the Ranger guilds are destroyed)
  • Summon Coatle the Serpent Hunter. Coatle is the Minotaur god. To gain access to his power, the Elementals and their throne will need to be destroyed.

Setting up the Foundation

To take on this campaign mission, you will need to build heroes guilds, a bazaar and a blacksmith. For heroes guilds, choose the Goblin Spearman, Archers and Ratmen for now. Hire them when their guilds are completed. When the bazaar is built, research the healing items. Research the armor and weapons for your heroes when you have enough gold.

Next, place a Goblin tower to the north of the town and one to the east side of your castle. Money is limited at the beginning of this campaign mission, so you may need to do this one at a time as gold allows.

Ranger Guilds and Flying Serpent Dens

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - Power of Minotaurs Map

Your first important mission is to destroy the four Ranger guilds and immediate threats located near your castle and town. The first Ranger’s guild is close by, slightly southwest of your town. If you have followed this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough to this point, target this one first. Place an attack flag with a modest bounty. Once your heroes destroy it, let them come back to town and recuperate. Worry about the rest of the Ranger guilds a bit later.

Next, you will want to eliminate the Serpent dens nearby your town. These creatures will keep attacking the town until they are destroyed. The first one you should target is located in the southwest side of your castle. Set an explore flag to uncover the den. Place an attack flag on it once it is revealed. The other Serpent den you should destroy is located north at the top of the map.

Once these Serpent dens are gone, focus on eliminating the remaining Ranger guilds. They are located in the following areas of the map:

  • South of your castle
  • Northeast of your castle the towards top of map
  • East past trading post location

As your heroes are working on destroying the guilds, research the heroes level 1 abilities. Make sure you research the Majesty healing spell from the Goblin Spearman guild. This can come in handy to help your heroes when needed.

After the Ranger guilds are destroyed, the Minotaur pyramids will begin to be constructed. Keep an eye on them until they are completed. Continue with this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough on the next page.

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom – Power of Minotaurs: Increasing Money and Upgrading

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - Heroes

The trading post location you uncovered to the east is useful. Build a trading post there and upgrade it to level 2. As you probably know, trading posts provide additional income for your town. Also build a pub next to it. This will come in handy for your heroes when they are exploring and attacking other areas on this side of the map.

As soon as you have enough gold, you will need to upgrade your castle to level two. Build a pub on the south side of your town. When the castle is at level two, upgrade the pub located here to level two. Research the hero party option.

When you can, upgrade the blacksmith, bazaar and heroes guilds. Upgrade the Goblin tower located on the east side of your castle. Place a second tower next to it. Research other Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom items as gold allows.

For more money, you will need to gain access to the Magic Bazaar. To do so, build a Litch guild and then build the Magic Bazaar. Once you start researching items here, your money will be a bit more flexible.

Hiring Minotaurs

You will need more heroes take on the remaining tasks in this campaign mission. Once the Minotaur pyramids are built, you can hire them. Initially, you are given two seasoned Minotaurs that are about level 8. Minotaurs are expensive to hire (700 gold). When you can, try to hire at least two more in addition to the ones you are given for free. Research the level 1 skills. Since there are 3 Minotaur pyramids, make sure you research these skills at the locations where you have hired the heroes (since you may not use all three of the Minotaur’s pyramids).

Forming Hero Parties

Hero parties are important key to success in this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom campaign mission. Click on the pub you have upgraded and select the party option. Heroes will then travel to this location. As the leader, put a Goblin Spearman or Minotaur. Ideally, you should have parties with the following: A Goblin Spearman, Minotaur, Ratman and Archer. It is important to have your heroes in parties at this point, since many of them will go off and try to take on attack flags by themselves (and get killed). This is especially true for Ratmen. Within a hero party, the Ratmen will be less of a target by enemies and can contribute his skills more effectively.

As heroes go into battle, some may die while trying to complete a task. If this happens, you may need to reform a new hero party. Even if the party has two or three heroes, it is still better than letting them wander around solo.

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough– Power of Minotaurs: Eliminating the Elementals

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - Castle

Now that your heroes are in parties, you can take on the Elementals. These enemies are located to the far north east side of this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom map. If this area is not revealed yet, set an exploration flag with bounty to uncover it.

Set an attack flag on one of the elementals with a generous bounty. Once your heroes have eliminated the first Elemental, set an attack flag on the second Elemental located here. When both are dead, set an attack flag on the Elemental throne.

While all this is going on, keep an eye on your town. It will periodically be attacked by dragons, demons and other enemies. At this point if you have followed this Majesty 2 Kingdom walkthrough, the attacks will be small raids but will increase as the game progresses. Dragons/Rangers/Warriors/Rogues/Mages will always try to attack the Goblin towers. Set a defense flag with a bounty on the goblin tower when you see them travelling close to your town.

After the Elementals and their throne have been destroyed, Coatle the Serpent Hunter will be summoned. Coatle gives your heroes additional strength and protection in battle. You can also hire Coatle archer if you like (cost is 700 gold each) and research the skills available. Allow your heroes to travel back to town and recuperate. Revive any dead heroes and form new parties (if needed).

Ancient Guard Towers

Up until this point in the Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough, you may or may not have uncovered the Ancient Guard towers on the south side of the map. These towers can only be destroyed once you have the power of Coatle. If you uncovered any of them earlier in the game, place fear flags on them as needed to keep your wandering heroes from attacking them too soon.

With the power of Coatle on your side, you will need to eliminate two of these towers in order to gain access to the Baron Pumpa’s castle and town. Target one tower at a time, and let your heroes recuperate in between battles. When the heroes recuperate, revive any fallen heroes and reform parties. Place guard towers on the south side of town near the Minotaur pyramid located there. Also place an additional guard tower nearby your castle on the south side. Upgrade them when you can.

As you destroy the Ancient Towers, more enemies from the south will attack in larger raids. Depending on which side the enemies attack, you will need to place defense flags on your Goblin tower to east or south side of your castle. Rebuild any towers that get destroyed after your heroes have eliminated the enemies.

Once the second Ancient tower is eliminated, you will have access to another trading post location. Build a trading post here and upgrade it to level 2.

Attacking the Baron Pumpa’s Castle and Town

The Baron Pumpa’s town is tough to destroy. You will need to take your time and pick at it slowly in order to succeed. After you destroy the second tower, you may see one of the enemy’s guard towers. If not, set an exploration flag to uncover part of the enemy’s town.

First target enemy hero guilds. Always set a generous bounty so most of your heroes will go after it. Your heroes will automatically destroy any guard towers that are located next to the targeted guild. Allow your heroes to travel back to your town in between these raids or too many of your heroes may get killed. If any of them do die, revive them after the task is completed and rebuild the heroes into parties.

Ideally, you would like to destroy the enemy guilds in this order: Rangers, Rogues, Mages and then Clerics. Forget about the remaining guild with the more powerful archers, since it is very difficult to destroy and seems to rebuild itself rather quickly. When the other guilds are destroyed, target the Baron’s castle. When the Baron’s castle has been eliminated, you have successfully completed this campaign mission.

Screenshot images for this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

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