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Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough - Campaign Missions (Part 2)

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom is an expansion to the Majesty series. This article focuses on the second campaign mission called Sliver of Immortality. It will give details and strategy tips to help you succeed.

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    Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough – Sliver of Immortality

    Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom boxshot In this advanced level campaign mission, your main task is to help resurrect the Litch King. By doing so, he becomes a valuable ally with many minions at your disposal. You have 60 days to keep the Litch king’s castle protected while the resurrection spell is cast.

    To begin, lay down your foundation. Build hero guilds including Goblin Spearman, Ratmen and Goblin Archers. Once built, start hiring some heroes. You will also need to build a Bazaar and a Blacksmith.

    Since money is limited at the beginning, pace building a bit so you will not run out. After buildings are constructed, research the healing items in the Bazaar.

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    Gaining Experience

    Your heroes need experience. Assuming you are playing on a non-randomized map (this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough is based on that) slightly south on the map are skeleton graveyards (2 or 3). If none are visible, set explore flags with a modest bounty to have your heroes check it out.

    On the east side of your town are a couple of bear dens. These are not as much of a threat, but if encountered you may as well set attack flags and have your heroes eliminate them.

    In the northwest corner of the map are Portals to Hell with lots of demons. They will begin attacking your town after some time has passed. The initial raids will be small. Prepare for them by placing a couple of Goblin Towers to the north and south of your town. Note: If money is low start building one at a time. First build a tower on the north side, then one on the south.

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    Majesty 3 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough - Sliver of Immortality map As you explore the south side of the map, you will uncover the merchant’s town in the southeast. Although you have negotiated with them recently (see Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough – Part 1) they are once again being uncooperative. This town will also periodically attack you in small raids. They will also try to stop the Litch King from being resurrected by attacking his castle when the ritual is almost completed.

    Destroying the merchant’s Hall of Heroes building is a secondary mission. However, since time is limited (60 days) I would recommend focusing on protecting your own town and building up the heroes’ experience.

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    Obtaining a Trading Post

    Slightly northeast of your town is a trading post owned by the merchants. Once you can see it, set an attack flag on the guard tower and trading post. When eliminated, you can set up your own trading post and begin earning extra money. You should also upgrade this trading post to level two so it will have better defense.

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    Defending your Town

    Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom As time moves on, attacks from the demons and the merchant town will increase. Upgrade your castle to level two. You will also need to upgrade the hero’s guilds, bazaar and blacksmith. As these are built, research the level 2 item in the bazaar, armor/weapons (skip the items for magic users) and upgrade the hero’s skills.

    At this point, your heroes should have a few levels of experience. Set explore flags to uncover the northwest side of the map. Eliminate the Portals of Hell (there should be three or four) by setting attack flags with a decent bounty.

    Once the demon threat is gone, you can focus your attention elsewhere. Reinforce your goblin towers by starting to upgrade a couple of them to level two.

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    Protecting the Litch King

    Now that your town is relatively safe, you will need to start placing defense structures around the Litch King’s castle. The Litch King’s castle will periodically be attacked by minor raids in the earlier stages of the game, and will increase as time goes on.

    For an effective defense, you will need three goblin towers. Build these one at a time as money allows. As you place them to be built, set a defense flag on the Litch King’s castle with a generous bounty. Also build a pub nearby on the west side of the Litch King’s castle so your heroes can go someplace to heal and regain their strength.

    Once this defense foundation has been set, you need to upgrade the goblin towers to level two. The goblin towers will be a lot more effective and help your heroes defend the castle.

    When the larger raids begin at the Litch King castle, watch the battle closely. If needed, use the goblin’s Majesty spell for healing on heroes that need extra assistance. Resurrect any of your heroes that are killed.Continually add more money to the defense flag on the Litch King’s castle so your heroes will stay in this area. Some heroes might go back to town for additional supplies, but will come back.

    Keep defending the castle until the Litch King resurrection ritual is completed and you will succeed in this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom campaign mission.

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom is an expansion to the popular Majesty game. This time, monsters become your allies. The series will contain details and strategy information for the campaign missions.
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