Majesty 2 Walkthrough: - Strategy Tips and Details for The Gold of Chyort Campaign Mission

Majesty 2 Walkthrough: - Strategy Tips and Details for The Gold of Chyort Campaign Mission
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The Gold of Chyort Mission

Setting up your Town

This Majesty 2 campaign mission seems simple: Get 35,000 gold in thirty days. However, it can be quite challenging if you play it in the same style as other missions. The first thing to remember about this one is that you shouldn’t upgrade any guilds, blacksmiths or marketplaces. You start off with 4,000 gold. Build 2 ranger guilds and a marketplace right away. Rangers are fast moving and can explore areas quickly without having to upgrade the guild.

Your town will periodically be attacked by minotaurs, rogues and eventually elemental creatures. To help take the pressure off you at the beginning of the game, destroy the minotaur den just south of your town and the rogue’s guild north of your castle.

The Gold of Chyort Mission – Earning the Gold

Gold of Chyort

To earn the gold, your biggest opportunity is a secondary mission to escort Erich the Merchant to safety. He is located northeast of your town near the road. Successful completion of this mission earns you 10,000 in gold. However, be sure you have plenty of rangers to protect him (ideally ones that have gained at least a couple of levels).

Your other cash earning opportunity is destroying the handful of rogue guilds sprinkled around the map. These rogues will also cause you a bit of headache, and will attack your town frequently until you destroy their guilds. Destroying each guild give you 5,000 gold. In addition, it also opens up the opportunity to grab trading post locations that you can use to help boost your funds further. You will find the closest rogue guild just north of your castle. Set up explore flags in different directions and put attack flags on a Rogue’s guild as soon as you spot one.

If you have followed this Majesty 2 walkthrough carefully, you will now have accumulated a bit more gold. At this point, build a blacksmith and a warrior guild. For the blacksmith, research the ranger armor and weapon first. Then hire some warriors for added protection of the kingdom. If you don’t spend money on upgrades, build the trading posts, earn the gold from destroying the rogue guilds and escort the merchant, you will have most of the gold you need in less than thirty days. When the total comes close to 35,000 gold, keep your rangers and fighters close to the town to defend it. You can bide your time for a short while and your gold producing buildings will do the rest.

The Eternal Love Mission

Eternal Love mission

The main goal in this campaign mission is to find and kill the Skeleton King. He went crazy after the loss of his love. The Skeleton King is very tough. You will only be able to do damage to him after you have located his lost love (which becomes a secondary mission). The Skeleton King’s lost love is located at the top northwest corner.

The first thing you will need to do is build up your money, since you start off with a small amount. Build a ranger/cleric guild and marketplace. Once built, begin hiring a few of them. The rangers will naturally wander around themselves, but start placing “explore” flags heading towards the northwest. To build up your money faster, locate the trading post spots. One is slightly north of the castle. However, directly east of it are some fire elementals that guard another sacred ground location. Another trading post location is northwest next to the road. This one has an undead crypt nearby.

If you have followed this Majesty 2 guide so far, you will have started to accumulate a bit of money. When you have enough, build a blacksmith and a warrior guild. You may also consider building a wizards guild, so you can get the magic bazaar and wizard’s tower. Later on, you may consider hiring dwarves (but you will need a level 2 castle and blacksmith) since they are also good fighters and great at destroying buildings.

Finding and Dealing with Creature Dens

Directly west of your town are some blue lightning elementals guarding a sacred ground area (where a temple can be placed). Avoid it at the beginning of the game. You may even want to consider placing a fear flag nearby them so your people will not walk through them too soon. In the southwest corner, is an ogre den. The ogres begin to attack your town right away. When you have a bit more gold, quickly place a couple of guard towers west of your castle. When an ogre arrives, the towers will slow them down and give you enough time to put an attack flag on him. When your people have gained enough experience, target the Ogre’s den so they will stop attacking your town.

All over the map are undead crypts. They are great opportunities for your people to get experience. Put attack flags on these whenever they are located. Directly south of your town is a bear den. The bears will not attack the town at first, so you can focus your attention on other enemies for now. Occasionally the Skeleton King may attack your town for a short time, and then leave. But don’t waste your time attacking him directly at this point, since you cannot do much damage to him.

Completing the Eternal Love Mission- Upgrades, Parties and Killing the Skeleton King

Skeleton King

Once your people get a bit of experience (and you get more gold), upgrade your castle to the third level and build an inn. Upgrade it so you can create parties. For a couple of the team leaders, choose a warrior, and add a cleric, ranger and dwarf. With this combination you are guaranteed that the group will go after attack flags. You may also consider putting a ranger as a leader of one group, so you have an effective “explore and destroy” team.

With your people in teams, it is now easier to target the elementals guarding the three sacred ground areas. Set attack flags and have your guys take them out. Build a Temple of Helia, Temple of Dauros and a Temple to Agrela. Depending on your level of money, promote a couple of your people (instead of hiring them directly through the temple). It will be a bit expensive, but they will be able to keep their existing level of experience.

If you have followed this Majesty 2 guide and located the Skeleton King’s lost love, now is the time to target and kill him. You should have upgraded armor, weapons, potions and health items. He has 45,000 hit points, so be prepared.

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