Majesty 2 Walkthrough - Winning the Life and Death Advanced Campaign Mission. Strategy tips and Map Locations of Enemy Dens.

Majesty 2 Walkthrough  - Winning the Life and Death Advanced Campaign Mission. Strategy tips and Map Locations of Enemy Dens.
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Life and Death Campaign Mission

In Life and Death, your main task is to locate a sacred ground so you can build either a Temple to Agrela or Temple to Krypta.

In order to build a Temple, you need to upgrade your castle to level 3. This will require 7,000 gold for the upgrades (2,000 for 2nd level and 5,000 for the 3rd level) and 3,000 for the Temple itself. Unfortunately, you will only start off with a small amount of gold so you have your work cut out for you.

Build a marketplace, warrior, rogue and cleric guilds. Hire heroes as quickly as you can. Immediately search for trading post locations. The closest one is just north of your castle. If not visible, set an explore flag to uncover it. Once located, build the trading post and build a guard tower next to it for extra protection. When you have enough gold, build a ranger guild and blacksmith.

Trading Post Locations

The nearest trading post location is slightly northwest of the castle. Others are located due east, southwest next to the road and in the far northwest corner of the Majesty 2 map.

Defending the Town

Many creatures will attack as you build up your gold and heroes. Continuing with this Majesty 2 walkthrough, set attack flags for the biggest threats including dragons and elementals. Build additional guard towers for more defense. Upgrade your guilds and towers when you can. If you have enough gold, also upgrade your castle to level 2 so you can build the dwarf guild and have access to the dwarf catapult towers.

Location of the nearby enemy dens are as follows:

  • Bear Dens - Bears attack from the west. You can find the closest den slightly northwest.
  • Dragon Den: You will be attacked by dragons that are located in the north. Their den is far north past a large stone barrier.
  • Hermit’s House – Located directly south of the castle. A werewolf lives there. Be prepared, he is tough and has a lot of hit points.
  • Bearmen Den – Find them in the southwest side of the map. Do not confuse these with the regular bear dens. These are tough enemies that can do a lot of damage.
  • Elemental Portals – Found in multiple locations throughout the map. When you uncover them, set attack flags and destroy right away since they are prone to destroying buildings.
  • Wolves Dens – These are sprinkled around the map at multiple locations. The closest to town are on the east and south side.

Building the Sacred Temple to Agrela or Krypta

The sacred ground location is in the northeast. By this time in the Majesty 2 walkthrough, you should have upgraded your castle to level 3. Once uncover the sacred ground, destroy any enemy dens nearby it and place a defense tower next to it (preferably a dwarven catapult tower).

Choose which Temple you want to build and place it on the sacred ground spot. If you have enough gold, use the dwarven Majesty spell to build it faster.

Winning the Life or Death Campaign Mission

Once you build one of the Temples, their rival spawns multiple dens throughout the map that you will need to destroy. For example, if you choose to build the Temple of Agrela, this will result in multiple graveyard portals from Krypta. Set attack flags to destroy them. Also set a defense flag next to the Temple of Agrela for added protection. Once you have eliminated the rival portals you have completed this Majesty 2 walkthrough and succeeded in this campaign mission.

Trouble with the Afterlife

Trouble with the Afterlife - Majesty 2 map

In the Trouble with the Afterlife, your main goal is to destroy the Litch King. A secondary mission is to help the Rogue Guild allies by eliminating the ghosts and graveyards that are causing problems.

To succeed in this mission, you must have strong heroes, defenses and help from allies and Temples. In the beginning, you have 6,000 gold. Start building a Marketplace and the Warrior and Cleric hero guilds. Place your buildings south of your castle, since the Litch King is located in the far northwest corner of the map.

Getting Prepared to Deal with the Litch King

One of the keys to succeeding in this Majesty 2 mission is having high level heroes. You will not need to explore too far to find enemy dens and creatures to kill and destroy. At the beginning of this mission your biggest threat is the Minotaurs. They will attack your town from the south. Before they do damage, set attack flags on them for your heroes to target. Add more defense towers to help protect your buildings. Aside from the Minotaurs, place explore flags sparingly until your heroes have gained some levels.

Your other main threat is the Portals of Dark. These will spawn constantly, so you will need to set attack flags to destroy them as they appear. The portals are the creation of the Litch King and will be a threat until he and his minions are killed.

You will need to earn lots of gold to succeed in this campaign mission. There are a few trading post spots available on the map. Three are in the south part of the map. One is close by next to the road. The other southern locations are closer to the bottom of the map. There is also a trading post location just north of town. When building the trading posts, place a defense tower next to them for added protection. Also upgrade the trading post when you can.

Upgrades and Additional Heroes

As you build up more gold, upgrade your existing hero guilds and research all items in your marketplace and blacksmith. Build a Ranger guild. At this point in this Majesty 2 campaign mission, you will want to upgrade your castle to level 2. This will allow you to upgrade your marketplace and blacksmith (which will give you access to build dwarf guilds).

Once you upgrade your castle, hire some dwarves. Build a couple dwarven towers around buildings that need extra protection. For extra heroes, consider building a Hall of Heroes. This will give you access to your old high level heroes. These are a bit costly to hire, so be sure you have lots of gold to spare.

You will need teams of heroes to succeed in killing the Litch king. Build an inn and upgrade it so you can research the “Party” option. Build a couple of teams with a warrior as the leader with a cleric, dwarf and ranger. For an effective team for targeting explore flags, build one team with the ranger as a leader. Add a cleric, warrior and dwarf.

When you are getting to the point where you want to start attacking the Litch King you need to upgrade your castle to level 3. Once upgraded, you need to use a couple of the sacred ground spots to build Temples to Agrela and Dauros (You can find them north, west and east of your castle). Use the Temple of Agrela to upgrade a couple of your clerics and research the Resurrect spell , which can be used to bring dead heroes back to life for 750 gold. With the Temple of Dauros, upgrade a couple of warriors to Paladin status. You will also want to research the Holy Shield Majesty spell that can be used to protect heroes from different types of attacks.

To help your heroes further, build a wizard’s guild and research the enchant weapon option. Your heroes will then be able to enhance their existing weapons with magic. Once you have the wizard’s guild, build a Magic Bazaar. This will give you helpful potions (after you research them) to protect you against different types of enemy attacks and improve combat performance.

Key Enemy Den Locations

Trouble with the Afterlife - Majesty 2 screenshot

In the Trouble with the Afterlife campaign mission, enemy dens are plentiful. Here are two types you need to look out for:

Minotaur Dens – All four are located in the southwest side of the map. Minotaurs will be a constant irritation even if you set attack flags as they move towards your town. Set explore flags to uncover them. When found, immediately set attack flags to destroy the dens.

Seat of the Elementals – These are the home to elemental creatures. Their dens are located on the north and northwest side of the map. Eliminate these dens before attempting to attack the Litch King.

Rogue Ally Secondary Mission

The Rogue allies are located in the far northwest of the map (below the Litch King). You will encounter them once your heroes have explored near their area. The rogues are surrounded by ghost graveyards. These rogues will help you if you eliminate this threat. If you have followed this Majesty 2 walkthrough this far, you should have hired a couple of Paladins. Set attack flags for the four graveyards that are near the rogue guild. Once destroyed, you can upgrade this rogue guild to provide poison weapons for your heroes. If your heroes are attacking things nearby, they will use the guild to get the poison. You may also want to place a guard tower next to the guild for added protection. Optional: Create another team with the rogues and another high level hero as a leader.

Killing the Litch King

When you are ready to face the Litch King, you should have the following:

  • Paladin and Priestesses to Agrela
  • The Holy Shield and Resurrect Majesty spells
  • At least 20,000 in gold
  • Teams of heroes
  • Weapons and armor upgraded to level 3
  • A Magic Bazaar

Set an attack flag for one of the “magic mirrors” nearby the Litch king and his minions. Be sure to offer a large reward so all of your heroes will go after it. Destroying the mirrors will prevent the Litch from spawning additional Portals of Dark. When your heroes arrive, keep an eye on the battle. The litches are tough and use magic and physical attacks. Add the Holy Shield spell to heroes that are getting directly attacked by the litches. Use the Resurrect spell to revive fallen heroes who may die. Once the first mirror is destroyed, set an attack flag for the second mirror. You are surrounded by litches, and it may be difficult to determine which one is the king. Once you kill the Litch king this Majesty 2 walkthrough is complete and you have succeeded in this campaign mission.


  • Screenshot images for the Majesty 2 walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

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