Chosen by the Plague Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough

Chosen by the Plague  Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough
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Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough – Chosen by the Plague

In this campaign mission, you will need to win the favor of Grum Gog and rebuild his temple. To succeed, your rival Prince Gobbin and his town must be eliminated within 50 days.

Begin by setting up your town’s foundation. Build hero guilds – Goblin Spearman (2 guilds), Ratmen and Goblin Archers. Other structures needed are the Bazaar and Blacksmith. Hire the heroes once the structures are built and research the healing items at the bazaar.

Since money is limited at the beginning, you will need to increase your income right away. To the northeast and slightly southwest of town are trading post locations. These areas will need to be uncovered. Set explore flags (one at a time) to reveal these locations. Once found, immediately place a trading post on these spots. Upgrade them to level 2 when money allows.

Gaining Experience

It is important to have your heroes gain experience quickly. Set attack flags on the wolf and bear dens (one at a time) that are located north and west of your town. Avoid going south if possible.

As money accumulates, research hero’s skills (be sure to include the Majesty healing spell) and buy level 1 armor and weapons. Also research the mana stone in the Bazaar and place a Goblin tower to the east and south side of your castle.

Preparing to Attack Prince Gobbin

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Chosen by the Plague Map

To attack Prince Gobbin and his town, your heroes will need to be placed into teams. Prince Gobbin’s town is located on the northeast side of the map. This is close by the trading post location that you have uncovered earlier in the game.

Place a pub nearby the trading post in the northeast. Upgrade your castle to level 2 and then upgrade the pub. Research the party building option.

At this point in the Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom walkthrough your heroes should have gained several levels. Build teams with Goblin Spearman as the leaders, with a second spearman, Ratman and Goblin Archer. If you need to uncover more of the map, make a Goblin Archer the leader of one of the teams, along with spearman and a Ratman. Note: If needed, you can break up this explore team and rebuild it later with a Goblin Spearman in charge.

Once the teams are formed, upgrade the blacksmith and Bazaar to level 2. If you haven’t already done so, you should also upgrade the hero’s guild up to level 3 and research their skills.

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - Chosen by the Plague: Dealing with Enemy Raids

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - The Heroes

As time goes on, your town will continuously get periodically raided by groups of humans, demons and ogres. Keep a close eye on your town as you set attack flags on locations that are a bit of distance away. Usually, one group of heroes will be in the town (either getting supplies or resting). When these raids begin, these enemies will commonly attack the Goblin Towers. Set a defense flag with a decent bounty on the Goblin Tower being targeted.

Attacking Prince Gobbin’s Town and Rebuilding Grum Gog’s Temple

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom - Grum Gogs Temple

You are ready to attack Prince Gobbin once your heroes are teamed up and have upgraded skills/supplies. Gobbin’s town will need to be taken down in several raids. It is best to target one structure at a time until all enemy Goblin Towers and most of the guilds have been destroyed. Each attack flag set should have a generous bounty. This is to ensure that most of your Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom heroes will go for it. Let your heroes go back to town and re-supply/rest in between these raids or you will end up having to revive too many of them (at high expense) and possibly need to rebuild the teams.

After destroying Prince Gobbin’s town (in under 50 days), you will need to rebuild Grum Gog’s temple. Place a guard tower next to the Grum Gog construction site. Enemies will try to attack and destroy the temple. Set a defense flag with a generous bounty so your heroes will protect the site while it is being built. Also, make sure you keep an eye on your town for any additional raids by enemies. Once you have built the Grum Gog temple, this campaign mission is completed.

Images for this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

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