Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Guide to Suviving the Eyes of the Night mission - Building Defenses, Hero Guilds and Fighting Enemies

Majesty 2 Kingmaker -  Guide to Suviving the Eyes of the Night mission - Building Defenses, Hero Guilds and Fighting Enemies
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Eyes in the Night

Eyes in the Night is the first advanced campaign mission in Majesty 2 Kingmaker. Strange things are happening in the Lord Blackviper’s town at night, with hundreds of burning eyes haunting the people. The Lord Blackviper has fled in fear, leaving the town undefended. Your main mission is to rebuild the town and set up defenses to protect it. Additional reinforcements will be sent in 75 days, but you must survive until then.

There are two secondary missions, join forces with the Beastmaster and defeat the Goblin Guild. These do not need to be completed to succeed in this mission, but will help you survive easier.

Starting the Mission

For the best chance of survival, build your guilds and other structures on the south side of your castle. It will not matter if you are using a randomized map.

First build your warrior, cleric and marketplace. Add defense towers to the left and right side of your castle. Hire a couple of heroes from each guild when the structures are built. Research the Sacred Heal spell from the cleric’s guild as well as the healing and mana potions in the marketplace.

Although in this mission you start with 10,000 gold, it dwindles quickly. You will need to find a trading post location to help build up your finances. Note: If you are using a non-randomized map, there is a location close by on the south side of your castle. Any trading post you build should be upgraded to level two. You may also want to add a defense tower next to them for added protection.

At this point in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker guide, you should have some warrior and cleric heroes to help defend the town. Start building a ranger’s and rogue’s guild. Once completed, hire some rogue and ranger heroes. Make sure you research the rogue’s poison weapon skill. This will allow other heroes to go to the guild and have their own weapons coated with poison. You will also want to build a blacksmith.

Defending the Town and Fighting Enemies

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In the Eyes of the Night mission, there are a lot of wolf, bear, rats and werewolf enemies to deal with. Set attack flags to the dens closest to your town. Add a couple more defense towers to the left and right side of your buildings. If you haven’t uncovered any trading post locations, set explore flags for your ranger or rogues to find these gold generating spots.

Soon you will be attacked by goblins that are located in the north side of the map. Each attack is in groups. Although they are not that tough, the continuous raids can be a bit bothersome when other enemies attack at the same time. To survive, you will need to be one step ahead of them at all times. When you have enough gold, upgrade your hero guilds, defense towers, blacksmith and castle to level 2. Be sure to research the hero’s special abilities. You will also want to build a tavern so you can build parties of heroes.

When your castle and blacksmith is upgraded, build a dwarf guild. Once completed, build a dwarf defense tower on one of the sides of your castle. You may also want to consider hiring a couple of dwarves (gold availability of course). Ideally you will want one dwarf defense tower on both sides of your castle and a couple others to protect your buildings. These become quite expensive to build, so this is why it is important that you have a trading post or two to help build up your gold.

At this point you will want to put some heroes into parties. Make sure you have upgraded the tavern to level 2 and have researched the “party building” option. Ideally, you will want a couple of parties with the warrior as the leader. Each one should have a cleric, ranger, rogue (or dwarf). Also build another party with the ranger as the leader.

Getting the Beastmaster to Help the Town

Majesty 2 Kingmaker screenshot

The Beastmaster’s assistance is optional in this Majesty 2 Kingmaker campaign mission . However, to get him on your side you will need to upgrade your castle to level three (which costs 5,000 gold) and build a ranger’s guild. You will also need to travel to his location for him to join you.

The Beastmaster is located in the northwest side of the map. There are many wolf dens and other enemies in the path to his home. Don’t attempt to visit him until you have fulfilled all his requirements, since his home is surrounded by wolves.

Once you are ready, set an explore flag on his home. All it takes is one hero to reach it. When he allies with you, the raids on your town by wolves will significantly lessen. The Beastmaster has a natural ability to tame animals when he is near. These animals will even fight on your side when he is around. He also has an ability to summon the “Wolves of Fervus” and a majesty spell called the Shield of Chaos (which gives all heroes temporary protection from magic). You will also be able to hire another Beastmaster (or upgrade one of your rangers) when he allies with you.

Defeating the Goblin Guild

If you want to defeat the Goblin guild, your heroes must be prepared. By this point in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker guide, you should have parties of heroes at level 10 or higher. If you have the Beastmaster on your side, it will make it even easier. Also you want to make sure the town has plenty of defensive structures. If not, your town risks being raided while your heroes travel to destroy the Goblin’s guild.

When you are ready, set an attack flag on the Goblin guild (located on the far north side of the map) and defense towers. Don’t be cheap with the gold bounties. You want to have as many heroes attack as possible. Let your heroes at it. Once they destroy the Goblin guild, this secondary quest is complete, but the main mission remains

Winning the Eyes in the Night Mission

Regardless if you complete the secondary quests, you can still win this campaign mission without having to resort to any kind of Majesty 2 Kingmaker cheats. If you have enough heroes and defenses in place, simply have them defend the town until the 75th day. You can set attack flags on any particularly troubling enemies. Once you hit the 75th day, reinforcements will arrive and you will have completed this mission and walkthrough.

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  • Strategy based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.

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