Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Strategy for the Wrath of Krolm Campaign Mission. Setting up your Town and Heroes, Intercepting the Caravans and Increasing Gold

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Strategy for the Wrath of Krolm Campaign Mission. Setting up your Town and Heroes, Intercepting the Caravans and Increasing Gold
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The Wrath of Krolm

In this advanced Majesty 2 Kingmaker campaign mission, the barbarians of Krolm are upset with our kingdom. As a result, a war has begun. Your main quest is to eliminate the goblin threat that has infested the lands. If successful we will regain the barbarian’s favor and they will become our allies once more. The side quests are to destroy the Baron’s castle and to intercept the caravans that are in route to the Goblin’s village.

Setting up the Town

In the beginning of this mission, you are given a marketplace. Research the mana and health potions. Start building hero guilds: Warriors, Rangers, Clerics and Rogues. When completed, hire a few heroes. Set attack flags for enemy dens that are close to town. Build a blacksmith.

Most of your enemy attacks will be coming from the north and northeast side. Start building a couple of defense towers. This will be okay for now, but soon you will need to think about upgrading the castle to level two for access to the dwarf defense towers.

Once your blacksmith is completed, research armor first. You will need to conserve on gold spending until you find a trading post location to generate more funds.

Intercepting the Caravans

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Wrath of Krolm map

This secondary mission of intercepting the caravans begins early in the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to see where the caravans are travelling, since the map has not been completely uncovered. Your heroes are also too weak to venture off by themselves without a party group. The best thing to do at this point is ignore this quest. When your heroes are at higher levels with better equipment, you will simply attack the Baron’s castle (which is the source of where the caravans depart). However, ignoring the caravans will result in tougher attacking enemies that have strength and other helpful equipped potions. This means you will always need to be one step ahead of them in skill and strength to defeat them.

Increasing your Gold

To help build your gold funds, you will need at least one trading post. Assuming you are playing on a non-randomized map for this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough you will find one southwest of your town. West of this is the Baron’s castle. If you cannot see the trading post spot, set an explore flag slightly southwest from your town. When uncovered, you will see that there are some elementals nearby who are guarding a Sacred Ground location. These guys will have to be killed soon or the trading post you build will get destroyed after a while. If your heroes are too weak to fight the elementals solo, wait until you form parties and then take them on.

Strengthening your Defenses

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Heroes screenshot

After your heroes have gained a couple levels, upgrade your castle to level 2. When completed, upgrade your blacksmith to the second level. Continue to defend the town with your heroes. Set attack flags to kill the werewolves that are coming from the north side of the map.

Now you need to build a dwarf guild. Once completed, you will need to place a dwarf tower on the east side of your castle. Place another one slightly north west of your castle. If you have built a trading post and have enough gold, start hiring a couple of dwarves for added muscle and upgrade their guild to level 2.

Soon after this your heroes now should be put into parties. Build a tavern and upgrade it to level 2. Research the party building option. When you can (in between attacks to the town), put together teams of heroes. Ideally, you want two parties with a warrior (or dwarf) as the leader. Include a ranger, cleric and rogue. These will be your main “attack flag” parties. You should also build a party with a ranger as the leader and include a cleric, rogue and warrior (or dwarf).

As gold allows, upgrade all your hero’s armor, weapons and skills to level 2. By this point in the Wrath of Krolm campaign mission, you will also want to upgrade your marketplace to level two and research the ring of protection. It is easiest to do these upgrades one at a time, since you will need the gold for attack flags, Sacred Heal spell, reviving dead heroes from the graveyard and using the Stone Incantation spell (which requires a level 2 dwarf guild to access) for keeping your defense structures intact. Once these items are upgraded to level two, you will need to build a wizard’s guild. Research the enchant weapon option then construct a Magic Bazaar. When you can spare the gold, start researching potions to help with melee, magic and ranged attacks.

Destroying the Baron’s Castle

The Baron’s castle is located in the far southwest corner of this Majesty 2 Kingmaker map. Before attacking it, your heroes should be at about level 15. You should have at 2 dwarf towers protecting your castle and have access to the Stone Incantation spell. Nearby the Baron’s castle is an undead graveyard. Start by setting an attack flag on it. Once your heroes have reached the graveyard, the rest of the Baron’s castle and guard towers should be revealed. Set an attack flag on the castle and the two guard towers with a generous gold bounty. This is a battle you will want to keep your eye on. The Baron’s guard towers emit powerful beams that can cause a lot of damage to your heroes. This is why it is important to have upgraded weapons, armor and potions. Use the Sacred Heal spell to help out your heroes during the battle. Once the castle is destroyed, you will gain a bunch of gold and will have completed this side quest.

Destroying the Goblin Village

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Goblin Town

Now that the Baron’s castle is eliminated, you need to get rid of all the Goblins. With the extra gold you earned from its destruction, research the remaining Magic Bazaar potions and 2nd level upgrades (if not already completed).

Set an attack flag to the visible Goblin structures with a generous gold bounty. If your heroes encounter other enemies along the way, eliminate the ones that attack and keep moving forward. Once the heroes reach the Goblin town, you will need to watch the battle closely. There are seven Goblin structures to eliminate. Set attack flags on all remaining buildings. Use the Sacred Heal spell when needed to help out your heroes. Once they have destroyed the Goblin town, you will have succeeded in the Wrath of Krolm campaign mission and completed this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walk through.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.
  • Strategy and tips based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.

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