Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Surviving the Price of Tranquility Campaign Mission - Setting up to Build Dwarf Towers, Hire Heroes, Spells andDefense Structures

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Surviving the Price of Tranquility Campaign Mission - Setting up to Build Dwarf Towers, Hire Heroes, Spells andDefense Structures
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The Price of Tranquility

In the Price of Tranquility mission, the city of Oakendor has been overrun by enemies and left with no defensive structures. Your main mission is to build 7 dwarf towers to protect the town. A secondary mission is to destroy the Goblin-Shaman portals that spawn Ogres.

Starting the Mission

This Majesty 2 Kingmaker mission is not easy. Not only do you need to build the seven dwarf towers, you need to worry about the town since it is constantly attacked by Flying Snakes, Goblins and Dragons. Also, constructing the dwarf towers becomes progressively expensive after each one is built. The first two towers will cost 1,000 and 1,500 gold respectively. Not only that, you will need to upgrade your castle and blacksmith to level two before you can build any of these towers.

When you start, immediately upgrade your castle to level two. Build a Marketplace (preferably next to the trading post) as well as a Cleric and Warrior guild on the south side of your castle. Look around your town and see if there is a trading post location. Note: If you play this mission with the non-randomized map, there is one south of your castle. If one is not visible, it makes reaching your goal a bit tougher and you will need to explore the map a little. Although you start off with 7,000 gold it will dwindle quickly unless you build up your kingdoms finances.

When your Marketplace has been completed (assuming a non-randomized map), build the Trading Post on its spot nearby. Hire a couple of warriors and clerics. Research the Sacred Heal spell, healing and mana potions.

Place two defense towers on the east side of your castle. Flying snakes make constant attacks from this area. Eventually, dragons will also appear from this side to attack your town. When you have enough gold, build a Blacksmith and research level one armor for the warrior and cleric.

Handling Enemies

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - The Price of Tranquility

In the non-randomized map, enemies will mostly appear from the east and north side of town. At first, a small number of heroes and basic defense towers can handle the attacks. However as time goes on, the attacks get more frequent, vicious and will have larger numbers. This is why it is important to get the dwarf towers as soon as possible.

Another crucial thing to remember in this mission is you need to keep your heroes near the town. Sending them off to destroy enemy dens that are not close by will leave the town undefended. During the earlier stages of this mission, only set attack flags on the dragons who will try to destroy your buildings.

Hiring More Heroes and Strengthening Defenses

By this point in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, your castle should be upgraded to level 2. If you have the trading post and Marketplace, your gold will start to accumulate a bit by now. Hire the remaining Warrior and Clerics from their guilds. Place a defense tower near the Marketplace for added protection against the demon attacks that will trickle in once in a while from the west. As soon as you can, upgrade the blacksmith to level two and build a Wizard’s guild.

With the Wizard’s guild in place, research the “enchant weapon” option. Build a wizard’s defense tower on the east side of your castle near the other two defense towers. Once built, it will cost 200 gold to activate. This is a bit expensive, but it is effective against the Flying Snakes and Dragons. Whatever you do, don’t hire the wizards. It is risky since they are expensive and will die quickly if they are not with a party of heroes. Instead, as soon as you are able, build a rogues guild (preferably on the west side). Rogues are cheap to hire and they have a poison weapon option, which is very helpful. Upgrade your hero’s weapons (sword and staff) to level one.

Building the Dwarf Towers

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Dwarf Towers

With the blacksmith and castle at level two, you are ready to build a dwarf guild. This will cost 2,000 gold. Once built, the dwarves will provide you with a few thousand gold to help you out. Use it to start building the dwarf towers. If you have enough gold, hire a dwarf or two.

By this point in the game, you will need to worry about attacks coming from the north as well as the east. The Goblin-Shaman will also spawn a portal or two that will produce Ogres. Place one on the east side for added protection against the dragons and flying snakes. Another one should be placed near the marketplace/trading post area.

Next, you should build a tavern. Upgrade it to level 2 and research the forming “party” option. In between surviving an attack, build a team of heroes with a warrior as the leader. Add a cleric, rogue and dwarf (if available). If you do not have a dwarf yet, add another rogue to complete the party.

The amount of gold you have is a continuous concern. Fortunately, the dwarves will help you out with some extra gold if you research the Stone Incantation spell. To do this, the dwarf guild will need to be upgraded to level two (which will cost 1,000 gold). As soon as you are able, upgrade their guild and research the Stone Incantation spell. Not only will you get extra gold to help you out, this spell is very important to the survival of this mission.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

When playing the Price of Tranquility mission, keep these Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough tips in mind:

  • Don’t upgrade any hero’s guilds. Gold is precious and you will need it for the towers.
  • Only research level 1 armor and weapons from the Blacksmith.
  • Only set attack flags on enemies attacking the town and the Goblin-Shaman portals. Don’t waste your time with explore flags or destroying dens that are at a short distance from the town.
  • Build at least one party of heroes. Ideally, this should be a party with a warrior as the leader.
  • Research the enchant weapons from the Wizard’s guild and the Poison Weapon option from the Rogue’s guild.

Winning the Price of Tranquility Mission

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - The Price of Tranquility map

When you reach this stage of the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, gold becomes very precious. You will need to add one dwarf tower at a time. Most dwarf towers should be placed on the east/southeast side of your castle. After each one is added, focus on defending the town and keeping the existing dwarf towers from being destroyed. In the big attacks from the north, set a defense flag on the dwarf towers they are attacking so your heroes will help protect them. When the Goblin-Shaman portals appear in town, set attack flags to destroy them or they will constantly spawn Ogres. Use the Stone Incantation spell sparingly (costs 750 gold every time) on dwarf towers that are in critical danger of being destroyed. You can also use the Stone Incantation spell to speed up the building process of the dwarf towers (if you can spare the gold). Also revive your warrior, cleric and rogue heroes if they die. Dwarves are a bit expensive to revive, so keep an eye on them and use the Sacred Heal spell if you see them in critical danger.

Keep building the towers slowly, since you will need to accumulate a lot of gold. Your last dwarf tower will cost over 10,000 gold so you will need to be strategic when you build them. Once you complete the last tower, you win this mission and have completed this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough.


  • Strategy information based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.
  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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