Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Strategy and Defense Tactics for the Parental Care Advanced Campaign Mission- Defending the Castle & How to Dedicate a Cleric to Krypta

Majesty 2 Kingmaker  - Strategy and Defense Tactics for the Parental Care Advanced Campaign Mission- Defending the Castle &  How to Dedicate a Cleric to Krypta
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The Parental Care Mission

In this Majesty 2 Kingmaker advanced campaign mission, a young elemental was accidentally killed by your heroes. The Goblins set this up to rile the Elementals against you. Your main quest is to seal the portal of the Elementals before you are overrun by them. Secondary missions include dedicating a cleric to the services of Krypta and to kill the Goblin-Shaman who is the source of all this trouble.

Setting up your Kingdom’s Defenses

You will need to set up defenses immediately. Enemies will attack fairly quickly. Build a couple of defense towers to protect the north and east sides of your castle.

A ranger guild is already built for you. Build a warrior and cleric guild along with a marketplace. Hire some heroes and research the healing and mana potions. Assuming you are playing with a non-randomized map, a trading post spot is located southwest of your castle. Another one is slightly north east of your town. As these are constructed, be sure to upgrade them to level 2 and place a defense tower next to them for added defense.

To build experience and relieve the pressure of enemy attacks, set attack flags to target the nearby demon enemy dens to the west, south and east of your castle. When you start building up some gold, build a blacksmith. Soon you will need to upgrade the castle to level 2. You will need it for two reasons: Dwarf Towers for defense and to build parties of heroes through a tavern.

Defending the Castle

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Parental Care Map

Once the immediate enemies have been cleared, you will need to worry about elementals, serpents, goblins and dragon attacks. These fire and lightning elementals will come from the north, and will continuously attack until their portal and dens are destroyed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do eliminate their dens right away. At this time in the Parental Care mission, you will need to spend a lot of time just protecting the town until your heroes have gained a few levels and your defense structures are in place.

Once you have a level 2 castle, upgrade your blacksmith to level 2. Then build a dwarf guild.

Dragons and Flying serpents will attack from the east side. Their dens will not be visible early in the game so you will have to deal with their attacks for now. Set attack flags on the dragon and elementals who try to target your town’s structures. When you can start building dwarf towers on the north and northeast side of your castle, since most of the attacks will be coming from these directions. You will also need to upgrade the dwarf guilds to get access to the Stone Incantation spell. This is vital for the survival of your dwarf towers and other important structures.

Goblins reside in the far northeast corner of the map. They will attack periodically in small groups of fighters and magic users. The dwarf towers are excellent to help defend against them. In between large enemy attacks, start to upgrade your heroes guilds (one at a time) and research armor and weapons through the blacksmith. Start hiring dwarves when you have enough gold.

Dedicating a Cleric to Krypta

Once a cleric has reached level 10 in the Parental Care mission, she will travel to the temple of Krypta in the far southeast corner of your Majesty 2 Kingmaker map. She will then become a Krypta priestess who can conjure the undead to assist her when attacking enemies. When you have access to the Krypta temple, research the Plague and Ravage Majesty spell. This will temporarily reduce the attack ability of an enemy target (for 500 gold). You can also upgrade another cleric to become a priestess if you have enough gold. The higher level your cleric hero is, the more expensive it becomes.

The Parental Care Mission - Building Hero Parties

You will need hero parties before you go after the Goblin Shaman or the Portal of the Elementals. By this time in this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, you should have built a tavern. You will need to upgrade it to level two in order to research the “party” creation option. When you do so, start setting up a couple of groups of parties. Two of them should have a warrior as the leader with a cleric, ranger and dwarf. This will be an attack/defense flag group. Set up another group with a ranger as the leader, and the Krypta priestess, ranger and dwarf to go along with it. This will be your exploration party.

Slowing Down the Elemental Attacks

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Portal of the Elementals

When you have parties of heroes, at this point it is time to target some enemy dens that are further away. The closest are a couple of the elemental dens. These are located towards the north. Set an explore flag to uncover the area a bit. You will see that there are several elementals clustered behind a stone barrier area with some of their dens and the Portal of the Elementals. On the outskirts of this area, there are a couple more elemental dens that are easier targets. Set attack flags (one at a time) to destroy these elemental dens. Be careful not to set attack flags on the cluster section just yet. When these dens are eliminated, the attacks on your town will be lessened a bit.

Eliminating the Dragon and Flying Serpent Threat

Once the persistent elemental attacks have decreased, it is time to target the dragons and flying serpents. Set an explore flag to the east side of this Majesty 2 Kingmaker map. As your heroes uncover the dens, set attack flags to eliminate them. There is only one Dragon den and a handful of flying serpent dens. After this threat is eliminated, the pressure to the attacks on your town will be significantly lessened.

Strategy for Killing the Goblin Shaman

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Heroesjpg

The Goblin-Shaman has 6,000 hit points, has strong magic attacks and can regenerate himself. It will not be enough to only have upgraded armor and weapons for your heroes. You will need to build a wizard’s guild, so you will have access to enchanting weapons and build the Magic Bazaar. The Magic Bazaar has many useful potions to help your heroes with magic, ranged and melee attacks. You will also have access to the Goblin antidote for their strong poison. You will need these to give you the extra edge against the Goblin-Shaman.

The Goblin-Shaman and his town are located in the far northeast corner of this Majesty 2 Kingmaker map. You may be able to see one of their guilds. Don’t be fooled, there are several to destroy in this area. At this point set an explore flag nearby the visible goblin guild to uncover the other structures. Once there, the goblins will attack. Set attack flags to all goblin guilds. The Goblin-Shaman will be among them. When you identify him, set an attack flag on him with a large bounty on his head. This battle you will want to watch closely, as you may need to heal certain heroes to keep them fighting. If you have the gold to spare, use the Plague and Ravage Majesty spell to help weaken the Shaman temporarily. At the same time, you will need to keep an eye on your own town and set other attack flags on raiding elementals and any other enemies to keep your own structures intact.

Once you kill the Goblin-Shaman, your task is still incomplete. You will need to seal the Portal of the Elementals. Take a breath and get ready for the final battle.

The Portal of the Elementals

Destroying the Portal of the Elementals will not be easy. The structure is surrounded by a large group of elemental enemies. At this point in this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough**,** it is assumed that you have all of your heroes in parties, all Magic Bazaar potions, the Plague and Ravage Majesty Spell, Sacred Heal Majesty Spell, level 2 armor and weapons as well as the 2nd level marketplace ring item.

The Portal of the Elementals is identified by a large orange crystal structure. The surrounding elementals block it from view due to clustering. Set an attack flag for the Portal of Elementals with a very generous gold bounty. Once your heroes arrive, you will need to keep a close eye on this battle. Be prepared to use the Sacred Heal and Plague and Ravage Majesty spells to assist your heroes. Once your heroes have lessened the number of elementals surrounding the Portal, they will be able to destroy it easily. After the Portal has been eliminated, you have successfully completed the Parental Care campaign mission.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.
  • Strategy and tips based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.

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