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Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough - Campaign Missions (Part 1)

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom is new expansion to the popular game series. The crown of Ardania has been stolen by your allies. You must regain the throne by gaining the favor of the monsters to build your army. This article is a walkthrough for the first campaign mission - New Subjects of the King.

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    Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom – New Subjects of the King

    Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom boxshot In this first campaign mission, your main task is to gain the favor of the goblins. To do so, you will need to force cooperation with the merchants who have taken control of all trading posts. A secondary task is to secure control over the goblin archer guilds that are located in the north and south regions of the map.

    Begin by building a Bazaar, Goblin Spearman and Ratman guild. Hire heroes as soon as guilds are constructed. Research the Healing Potion and Ring of Regeneration at the Bazaar.

    Next, you will need to upgrade the skills of your heroes. Click on each guild and research their available abilities. Build a blacksmith shop and research armor and weapons.

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    Gaining Experience

    Your heroes will need experience to handle the tasks ahead. Set attack flags with a small bounty on nearby bear dens that are located close by on the Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom map. Set an explore flag towards the east side of the map. Keep setting attack flags on bear dens. At some point you will uncover the Merchant’s town. Don’t attack it yet. You want your heroes to at least get up to level 6.

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    The Bearman’s Den

    While your heroes explore the map they will uncover the Bearman’s den in the southeast. The Bearman is a tough enemy. Once you feel your heroes have enough experience, target the Bearman’s den with an attack flag. When destroyed, you will gain the favor of the rangers (completing the secondary mission) and gain access to the Goblin archer dens located in the north and south regions of the map.

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    Attacking the Merchant Town

    Now that you have Goblin Archer guilds, start hiring them and purchase their abilities. Make sure you have researched the armor and bow weapon at your local blacksmith.

    Prepare for battle. If you haven’t already done so, research the Troll Regeneration Majesty spell from the Goblin Spearman’s guild. This will help you heal injured heroes during combat situations.

    To get to the Merchant’s Town, you will need to remove the guard towers that block your path. Set attack flags on each tower (one at a time) with a decent bounty. Once these towers are removed, move in for the kill. Set attack flags (one at a time) on the Warrior’s guild and Marketplace Bazaar. Note: The Merchants seem to be able to restore their buildings quickly, which is why it is crucial to set your targets individually.

    Watch your heroes closely and use the Troll Regeneration spell when needed. If any of them die, revive them through the graveyard portal in your town.

    Once you have eliminated the Warriors guilds and Marketplace, target the castle. Shortly after your heroes start attacking the castle, the Merchants will give up and will cooperate with you. Success! You have completed your first Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom campaign mission.

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom is an expansion to the popular Majesty game. This time, monsters become your allies. The series will contain details and strategy information for the campaign missions.
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