Majesty 2 Walkthrough Guide - Strategy for Defeating the Ogre in the The Big Trouble and Completing The Baron's Bill Campaign Mission

Majesty 2 Walkthrough Guide - Strategy for  Defeating the Ogre in the The Big Trouble and Completing The Baron's Bill Campaign Mission
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The Big Trouble

In Big Trouble, the main goal is to stop the giant Ogre from terrorizing and destroying towns and villages. There are a couple of secondary missions. One is to find and visit the Blademaster, who will train one of your warriors with an additional skill to help you. The other is to get an alliance with the Elves.

Preparing to Kill the Ogre

At the beginning of the game, the Ogre does not cause you any trouble. He decides to take a nap in the forest. Take this opportunity to start building up your heroes. You start off with 5,000 gold. On the south side of your castle, build a marketplace as well as a Cleric, Warrior and Ranger guild. Add a defense tower for extra protection.

Warriors play a key part in this Majesty 2 mission. One of your goals is to have one of your warriors achieve level 10. Give them the experience they need by setting up attack flags on nearby enemy dens. Once a warrior reaches level ten he will teach the others the “Whirlwind” ability.

As you build up your gold, upgrade your hero’s guilds and research new weapons and armor. Strengthen your defenses by adding a couple more guard towers. You will also want to build an inn so you can build teams of heroes (the inn will need to be at level 2 in order to research the “Parties” skill).

Trading Post and Enemy Den Locations

Here are some helpful locations to assist you with this Majesty 2 walkthrough:

  • Find two trading post locations in the North side of the Majesty 2 map. Another is southeast of your town
  • Bear dens - The bear dens seem to be the most plentiful in this mission. Locate them in the west, north, and southwest of your town. Find another one in the southeast corner of map.
  • Skeleton Graveyards – Find a couple in the southeast and northwest. Another can be found on the northern side of town next to trading post location.

Secondary Mission – Getting the Elves Alliance

Majesty 2 map - The Big Trouble

To get the alliance with the Elves, you will need to upgrade your castle and marketplace to level 2. Once completed, you will have access to an Elf guild and two wizard defense towers. Upgrade the Elf skills. Be sure you use these defense towers since the location of the Elf guild is north of your town. Otherwise you will have to rebuild the Elf guild.

Building Teams of Heroes

Before you attack the Ogre, you need teams of heroes. You should start building them once you have the alliance with the elves. Ideally, you should have a team with a warrior as the leader, a cleric, elf and ranger.

Secondary Mission – Visit the Blademaster

Once you have teams of heroes, you should go visit the Blademaster. He is located in the far northwest corner of the Majesty 2 map. You will need to set an explore flag for heroes to find him. Finding the Blademaster earlier in the game is pointless, since you will need a level 3 castle to build the temple of Krolm (where you can hire or upgrade warriors to Blademasters). Be aware, heroes who travel up to the Blademaster will encounter Vampires, bears and skeletons along the way.

Attacking the Ogre

After you have access to the temple of Krolm, promote a couple of your warriors to Blademaster status. Now you are ready to attack the Ogre. As soon as you spot him, set an attack flag with a large bounty so all teams will go for him. The Ogre has 35,000 hit points and is at level 30, so be prepared. Watch the battle closely and use the Cleric heal spell when needed to help your heroes. Once you defeat him, this Majesty 2 walkthrough is complete and you have succeeded in this mission.

The Baron’s Bill

Majesty 2 walkthrough - The Barons Castle

The Baron is a deadbeat. He has not paid what is owed to you and refuses to pay up. Your goal in the Baron’s Bill is to destroy his castle and defense towers. A secondary quest is to destroy the Portals of Hell located on this Majesty 2 map.

In this mission, you are limited to a level 1 castle, Marketplace, Blacksmith and Rogue guild. The Warrior and Cleric guilds can only be upgraded to level 2. Also, you have no access to a Wizard’s guild. This will make your task a little more challenging.

Setting Up for the Attack

First build the Warrior, Cleric, Ranger and Marketplace. Place them on the south side of your castle. Start hiring heroes and research items in the Marketplace. Build a defense tower next to your guilds.

Start building your heroes experience by setting attack flags on enemy dens nearby. Don’t set any explore flags yet. Heroes will uncover small areas by simply walking around. At this time it will also be good to build your blacksmith, Ranger and Rogue guild.

You will need to build a trading post to earn more gold (see locations below). Each location has enemy dens near them. Eliminate these nearby threats before building the trading post. For added safety, place a defend flag on it so your heroes will protect it while being built. You may also want to upgrade them and place a defense tower nearby for additional protection.

Trading Posts and Enemy Den Locations

Here are some helpful locations to assist you with this Majesty 2 walkthrough:

  • Trading Post Locations – Find two of them slightly northeast and northwest of town. Another can be found in the far southeast corner of the Majesty 2 map.
  • Wolves Dens – North, Northwest and East of town. Another can be found in the far southeast corner of the Majesty 2 map.
  • Portals of Hell – Most of them are located on the east side of the map. A couple can be found on the northern side.

Finding and Destroying the Baron’s Castle and Towers

Majesty 2 map - The Barons Bill

Before you seek out the baron, make sure your heroes are ready. They should be at about level 10 or above. The Warrior and Cleric guilds should both be at level 2.

The Baron’s castle is in the northeast corner of the map. If you have not uncovered it yet, set an explore flag for your Rangers. If there are enemy dens between your town and the Baron’s castle, destroy those first to make it easier for your final attack.

The Baron’s castle has four guard towers surrounding it. Set an attack flag to eliminate the towers one at a time. You will also encounter some demons there. Once the guard towers are destroyed set an attack flag for the Baron’s castle. Set a very large bounty so all of your heroes will go for it. After you eliminate the castle, you have finished this Majesty 2 walkthrough and completed the mission.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.
  • Strategy information based on gameplay by Sheila Robinson.

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