Majesty 2 Walkthrough- Strategy for Surviving the Bloody Offenses Campaign Mission

Majesty 2 Walkthrough-  Strategy for Surviving the  Bloody Offenses Campaign Mission
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About the Bloody Offenses Mission

In Bloody Offenses, your main task in this part of the Majesty 2 walkthrough is to destroy the 3 vampire castles in the region. Vampires are tough and you need to be prepared. Start off by building a solid defense and hiring heroes. Don’t worry about exploring too much of the region too quickly or you will be overwhelmed with enemies (so don’t hire rangers or rogues in the beginning of the game).

Setting up for the Attack

Begin with a Warrior and Cleric guild. Hire a couple of them and then build a marketplace. Some random undead creatures and rats will attack periodically. When you accumulate a bit more money, place a guard tower to the right and left of your castle for added protection.

Nearby are some undead crypts, plague stricken graveyards and sacred ground areas (guarded by elementals). Since you don’t have rangers or rogues, these locations will be uncovered slowly, giving you time to give your heroes some experience to gain a few levels. Be aware that if you destroy any undead or graveyard areas, a vampire will emerge. They are at level 20, so they will not be easy to kill in the beginning of the game.

Strengthen your forces further by building a blacksmith, another Warriors guild and upgrading the other existing guilds and towers. For more gold, there are trading post locations. They are located in the following places: due west of the castle, southeast next to the road (with a crypt nearby), northeast near the road, and the southeast corner of the map.

Fending off Enemies

Northeast of your castle are a couple of dens of small flying dragons. They will continuously attack your town until their dens are destroyed. Before you start exploring this area, upgrade your castle and blacksmith to level two so you can build a dwarf settlement and dwarf catapult tower. Hire some dwarves and build a catapult north of your existing tower on the east side of your castle (this will be on the road). If you have enough gold, add a second dwarf catapult north of your castle. Now, upgrade your castle to level 3 and build an inn. Once the inn is built, upgrade it until you can build parties.

You will need rangers or rogues to go after exploration flags. Since your other heroes have gained many levels, a good option would be to build a Hall of Lords and hire them directly from there (this is assuming you have added a couple ranger/rogue heroes to it throughout your campaign). If not, build a Ranger’s guild. Then immediately build a team to go with him. Make the Ranger the leader, and add a Cleric, Dwarf and Warrior. Build a couple more teams with the Warrior as the leader. When you can, build a Temple of Agrela and a Temple of Dauros. Once built, promote a couple of your existing clerics and warriors.

Finding and Attacking the Vampire Castles

The vampire castles can be located in the following locations:

  • Directly north of your castle
  • Directly east of your castle
  • South east of your castle towards the bottom of the map

If you have followed this Majesty 2 walkthrough, you will now be ready to take on the vampires. All vampire castles are surrounded by a couple crypts. The castle itself is also guarded by several vampires. Set up explore flags in one direction at a time. When a vampire castle is located, set up attack flags on the crypts. Then once your heroes have destroyed them, set an attack flag on the castle (with a large bounty so all teams will go after it). Once all three of the vampire castles are destroyed, you will need to kill the vampire leader. He should be easy to kill at this point. Once done, this campaign mission is complete.

Tough Campaign Missions – Pretenders to the Throne

Pretenders to the Throne screenshot

In Pretenders to the Throne, you need to eliminate two rivals who seek to take control of the kingdom of Ardania. This is an expert level campaign mission that requires a bit of strategic planning.

In the north resides a kingdom of elves and rogues called the “Guild of the White Orchid”. To the south, is a kingdom called the “Order of the Blazing Star” filled with paladins and clerics.

Preparing for the Attack

First, you will need to build up your forces and defense structures. Start off by building warriors, clerics and ranger guilds. Then start generating money for your kingdom by adding a marketplace. Place them south of your castle close to the river.

Once you start hiring heroes, build a couple guard towers north of your castle (and upgrade them when you can). The elves and rogues will constantly attack so you will need this defense. Resist the temptation to set any explore flags at this time. Your heroes will still be able to gain experience from defending the town. Small areas around your castle will be uncovered simply by heroes walking around. Set attack flags on creature dens that are uncovered (one at a time). To the south of the town is a trading post location that is nearby a wolves den. Eliminate the den and build your trading post.

As you money starts to build, start upgrading your guilds and build a blacksmith. The guard towers you have will not be enough to defend your kingdom effectively. You will need to upgrade your castle to level 2 and upgrade your blacksmith to get dwarves and their stone catapults defenses.

Once you can build stone catapults, place three of them north of your castle. Place each one close in proximity to each other. When you can, place another one near your guilds for added protection.

Building Hero Parties

In order to attack the rival castles you will need to build parties of heroes. Since you will need a level 3 castle to do this, continue upgrading your guilds and researching items through your blacksmith until you have enough gold . If you haven’t done so, also hire dwarves. They are excellent at destroying buildings and are pretty tough heroes. Build a wizard’s guild so you can build a magic bazaar and wizard towers.

Note: Optionally, for added strength, you can build a temple of Agrela (or Dauros) on the sacred ground located southwest of your town. Once built you could promote a couple of your heroes.

When you have a level 3 castle build a tavern and upgrade it until you can hire parties. Build 3 parties with the following heroes: A warrior for the leader with a dwarf, ranger and cleric. These will be your “attack” parties. Build an “exploration” party by placing a Ranger as the leader and one of each of the other types of heroes.

Attacking the Order of the Blazing Star

The first castle you should attack is the Order of the Blazing Star. The defense you built north of your castle to take care of any attackers coming down from that area.

The Order of the Blazing Star is southwest of your castle. If you don’t see it yet, set an explore flag towards this area. Once located, set an attack flag on the enemy guild. When your heroes arrive, they will attack the enemies nearby and towers surrounding the guild. When they have destroyed it, set attack flags (one at a time) in the following order: the clerics guild, the Temple of Dauros then the enemy castle.

Once you destroyed the enemy castle, your royal adviser will let you know that you have succeeded but now you have to worry about enemy demon imps. Don’t worry about this. Let your heroes go back to your town.

Attacking the Guild of the White Orchid

Now that you have destroyed the Order of the Blazing Star, focus your attention on The Guild of the White Orchid. It may not be visible on your map yet. Set an explore flag northeast of your castle towards the top of the map. Once you Royal advisor let you know you’ve uncovered it, you can remove the explore flag if your heroes have not reached it.

Before you attack the Guild of the White Orchid reinforce your town defense . If you built temple of Agrela (or any other temple) place a dwarf catapult next to it for added protection.

Set attack flags (one at a time) to destroy the Guild of the White Orchid town and castle. You may want to target the elf and their magic towers first. Once you have destroyed their castle, you have successfully defeated your rivals and completed this section of the Majesty 2 strategy guide. Congratulations!!

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