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Majesty 2 Strategies for Tough Standalone Missions

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this part of the Majesty 2 walkthrough, two tough standalone missions are discussed. Strategy tips are given for Dangerous Valleys and Battle for Survival on the Plains.

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    Dangerous Valleys - Mission Strategy

    Dangerous Valleys map In this standalone mission, your main goal is to destroy the Ogre, Vampire and Dragon lairs. Your secondary goal is to destroy all Wolf dens, Skeleton graveyards and Minotaur pyramids.

    Enemies attack right away so you will need to be prepared. You will need a lot of heroes and a strong defense to survive their attacks. Just follow these tips to have a better chance of survival.

    1. Build up your forces quickly with Warrior, Cleric, Ranger and Rogue guilds. Build up defenses around your guilds by placing guard towers.
    2. Build up some income with a marketplace and when you have enough gold, a blacksmith. For additional gold, build trading posts on the three available locations (see Market Trading Post locations below).
    3. Set explore flags one at a time to uncover den locations. As they come into view, set attack flags to destroy them. Save your game after each den is eliminated. Try to eliminate the Vampire and Dragon lairs as soon as possible since their attacks can cause a lot of damage.
    4. When you can, upgrade your guard towers, guilds and research their abilities.
    5. For better defense you will need the Dwarven catapult towers. Place them around your guilds and castle. Your castle and blacksmith will need to be at level two in order for you to have access to it. Attacks will get more intense as you go along. Be careful, since hoards of skeletons and rats can be overwhelming if you're not prepared. Dragons will also periodically attack until you destroy their dens.
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    Wolves/Skeletons, Market Trading Posts and Sacred Ground Locations

    These are some of locations to help you succeed with this Majesty 2 walkthrough for Dangerous Valleys.

    Creature Dens:

    • Wolves: There are 8 dens total. They are all over the map. One southwest of the castle, the others are in southeast and northeast
    • Skeleton Graveyards: Total of 8 dens spread throughout the map. The dens can be located east, directly south and southwest of the castle, and northwest and northeast on the map.

    Market Trading Post Locations

    • One is in the southwest, on the north side of the road. Another one is in the north, just east of the road.
    • In the far northwest of the map on the south side of the road you will find a third market trading post location.

    Sacred Ground Locations

    • All sacred ground locations are guarded by an elemental. A couple are located east and southeast of the town. The third one is north of the town and west of the road.
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    Completing the Dangerous Valleys Mission

    Completing this Majesty 2 mission requires strategic, fast and aggressive action. By eliminating the creature dens that are close to the town, you will get a little time to breathe. Once you successfully destroy the Ogre, Vampire and Minotaur lairs you will be finished with this mission.

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    Battle for Survival on the Plains - Mission Strategy

    Battle For Survival on the Plains In this standalone mission, you have 75 days to successfully defend your castle and town. It seems simple enough, but enemy attacks become more aggressive and damaging as the days go by.

    Survival in this mission depends on how fast you can keep up with the attacks and eliminate enemy dens. It also helps to save your game a lot.

    Your town is surrounded by two Snakes Nests (north/northwest), two Ancient graveyards (north and east), a Vampire Crypt (south) and ab Ogre den (southwest). First concentrate on building your guilds, blacksmith and marketplace. Include a warrior, cleric, rogue and ranger guild. Place a couple of guard towers west of your castle. As you hire heroes, don’t set explore or attack flags yet. There will be some creatures for them to attack nearby for experience. Upgrade your towers when you can.

    You will need a lot of gold in this game. Build a trading post on the spot that is just south of your town. There is also one north of the town. Place a guard tower next to each one.

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    Eliminating the Ogre Threat

    Once your heroes have gained a couple of levels, focus your attention on the southwest side of your town. The Ogres will become a big threat if not taken out right away. Set an attack flag on the Ogre den. Once destroyed, save your game. Set an explore flag west and southwest of you. There are three other Ogre dens west/southwest of the den you just destroyed. As they are uncovered, eliminate them. This will give you a bit of a breather before the next big attack. If a few Ogres manage to get to your town, place attack flags on them right away.

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    Upgrading Guilds and Reinforcing Defenses

    By this point in the Majesty 2 walkthrough, you should have eliminated all the Ogre dens. You will need to upgrade your castle and guilds. A stronger defense will also be needed. Build a wizards guild so you have access to the wizard’s tower. Once your castle is at level 2, upgrade your blacksmith so you can build the dwarf catapult towers and research the Stone Incantation Spell (which can restore damaged buildings). Place your defense structures strategically around the west, north and east side of your town to protect the castle and other buildings. Hire the dwarves and research their damaging skills.

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    Surviving Until the 75th Day

    At this point of this Majesty 2 walkthrough, you have to worry about additional attacks from Bearmen and Vampires. If not uncovered them on your map yet, place an explore flag east of your town. There is a Bearmen den in that area. The Bearmen have a lot of hit points, so if they start attacking your town, immediately set attack flags on them. Continue to upgrade your existing hero guilds, marketplace and blacksmith.

    It is not necessary to have your heroes attack enemy dens that are in the far corners of the map. Focus their attention on the random attacks to the town. You will survive this Battle for Survival mission to the end if you simply set attack flags on every Bearman and Vampire that attack the town.

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