Part 5 of the Majesty 2 Strategy Guide and Walkthrough - Defeating the Mind Games Mission - Stop your Heroes from becoming Zombies!

Part 5  of the Majesty 2 Strategy Guide and Walkthrough - Defeating the Mind Games Mission - Stop your Heroes from becoming Zombies!
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Mind Games

In this stand alone mission, you must defeat a powerful wizard who has the ability to turn your heroes into zombies!!! This wizard has a castle that is defended by powerful magic towers. Your main goal is to destroy the wizard’s tower. A secondary goal is to destroy the mage statues that are guarding the dark castle.

Beginning the Mission

First, build your hero guilds. Start with warriors, clerics and rangers. Build a marketplace and blacksmith. As you accumulate some gold, hire your heroes and research marketplace and blacksmith items.

Set attack flags on enemy dens that are close to your town and castle. Build a couple of defense structures to protect your guilds and shops. When the enemy dens close to town are eliminated, set explore flags to uncover additional creature threats, market trading post locations and the dark wizard tower. Set the flags one at a time. As dens are uncovered, set attack flags and destroy.

Building up your Gold

To win the Mind Games mission you will need a lot of gold. There are three trading post locations on the map. Using your town as a starting point, you can find them in the following areas: southwest, southeast corner of the map, and northwest. As the locations are uncovered, destroy any dens nearby them. Build the trading post then a defense structure next to it for protection.

Upgrading your Heroes and Defense

If you have followed this Majesty 2 strategy guide up to this point, you may only have basic tower defense structures. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to protect your town as time goes on. You will need the dwarf catapult and mage towers. When you have enough gold, build a wizard guild, and then upgrade your castle. To get the dwarves you will also need to upgrade your blacksmith. When this is done, build a dwarf guild, then the catapult towers. You may also want to hire the dwarves and research their Stone Incantation spell that can build or restore part of a building.

You will also need to upgrade your heroes and weapons. If you have clerics, be sure to research the Sacred Heal spell.

Enemy Den Locations

Throughout this Majesty 2 map are several enemy dens: Demons, Flying Snakes, Wolves and Werewolves. Here are some of their locations:

  • Portals to Hell (demons) - Southeast, northeast
  • Flying Snakes – Northeast, east and southeast in the far corner of the map
  • Wolves – Northwest and southwest of the town

Destroying the Dark Wizard’s Castle

The dark wizard’s castle is located in the top northeast of the map. Once it is uncovered, keep your heroes away from it to prevent them from becoming zombies.

The safest way to destroy the dark castle is with a majesty combat spell. Build a wizard’s guild so you can research the lightning combat spell. With it, you can damage and destroy the dark castle. However, using the lightning spell (or any other combat spell) costs a lot of gold. If you have followed this Majesty 2 strategy guide, you should have all three trading posts and plenty of gold. It will take time to destroy the castle. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Shoot the lightning spell at the dark castle a couple of times.
  2. Continue upgrading guilds/shops, defending and killing off other enemy threats that are attacking your town.
  3. Accumulate more gold. Repeat step 1.

Optional: Destroying the Dark Mage Towers

If you want to complete the secondary mission of destroying the mage towers, you will need only ranged weapon heroes. Any melee heroes that attack the towers will have a strong chance of being converted to zombies. This is difficult, since you need the melee heroes for all other creature attacks in this mission. The ranged weapon heroes (ranger, cleric and wizard) should have upgraded weapons and armor. You may also want to build the wizard’s Magic Bazaar for helpful potions.

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