Killzone 2 Walkthrough - Salamun District Campaign Mission

Killzone 2 Walkthrough - Salamun District  Campaign Mission
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Salamun District

In the Salamun District of Killzone 2 for PS3, make sure to blast the box above the electric currents and then travel through the sewer pipe. Check on the on the wall across from you as you exit the sewer pipe and there will be a Helghan symbol on the wall for you to blast. Care and stealth must be used to best effect when infiltrating the enemy base. Keep your focus on the task and weight under its center when you’re in the rafters because falling would be embarrassing and final. In addition, when making your way at ground level keep your eyes out for traps set using red lasers (which you need infrared to see).

Keep your eyes peeled for the VC1 Flamethrower hanging on the gun rack as you ascend the stairs, a fun, useful, engaging, and highly satisfying experience for the senses. When using this flamethrower the flame has enough weight that it will shoot out in an arc. For distant objects, make your horizontal angle greater.

Use tactics and strategy to ambush the enemy and eliminate the Helghan located by the artillery pieces when you’re in the Dushan Loading Bay. Once you have done this you will set the D-charge as before (by aligning the red lights). You will need to destroy both artillery units before the convoy can proceed.

You will encounter a drop ship occupied by higher quality troops that will infiltrate the Shanties that you need to deal with. The second wave includes two enemies with rocket launchers that need to be eliminated before they cause you problems. Eliminate all the enemy soldiers in this area and then Garza will help you make it up to the ledge.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of those nasty traps set with red lasers as you make your way through the sewer, they can really shorten your day. The best way to deal with these traps isn’t to shoot them. Instead throw a grenade and then you can move back and stay out of the lasts way. If you like the flamethrowers then keep on the look out for another one just before you move through the next set of traps and into the battlefield. Take the machine gun in your hands when you make it here and take out the enemy on the other side the barbed wire to give the convoy a helping explosion. You will then be asked by Garza to set a D-charge to open the door.

Once you guys have made it into the substation, Garza will need you to set 4 D-charges to take out the main pillars on the second floor. Expect Helghan resistance to be fierce as your trying to accomplish this, but Garza should be able to hold them off. Just don’t set the explosives off until you exit the building. Continue with this Killzone walkthrough on the next page.


Playstation 3 sewer pipes look the same as Xbox 360 pipes

The ambush in the Dushan Loading Bay rocks!

Playstation 3 video game heaven

Salamun Bridge

Killzone 2 screenshot

Be careful as you cross the bridge. The nasty Higs will attempt to bring the bridge up and throw up road blocks on the other side of the structure. Eliminate all the enemy soldiers and blast the machine gun nests to the next world. At this point the mission requires you to partner up with a small unit to reconnoitre the area. There is an opportunity to try a nice weapon here. Look in the gun rack as you come near the enemy AA Gun unit and there should be an M327 Grenade Launcher waiting to provide a little fun. Note: The Zoom button in Killzone 2 can be used while using the AA Gun to allow you to see approaching enemy ahead.

Once you get the bridge lowered, Garza will show up and you’ll be a team again. Take your men to attack the second part of the bridge. However, keep an eye out for the RPG units in the towers and take them out first. There will be a short cut scene, after which you will be standing at the entrance to the Academy. Notice the Helghan symbol located high above the main entrance. Helghan soldiers will attempt to ambush you and your squad by launching rockets as you enter the next room (there will be another Helghan symbol above the locked door). Pull back out the door and ascend the available stairs to the second floor, you will have the opportunity to surprise the enemy on the second floor with their pants down (the doors will unlock as the ambush begins.

Before you see the ATAC cut scene head to Radec’s office and look on his desk for an intel folder or you’ll never see it again.


After the ATAC cut scene the battle begins, immediately go for the Missile Launcher and then head down to the lower level of the platform. Use in the bunker tunnel underneath to keep you safe from the ATAC, but keep your eyes on the ATAC and the blue coils located on either side of the building. The ATAC will fly over the blue coils at several points. Shoot the blue coils as it flies over them to stun it for a few moments and then fire off a few rockets without it escaping the effects. You’re going to run out of rockets at some points and are going to need to high tail it to the roof to get more. Stay inside the tunnel whenever possible and trail the ATAC toward the blue coils. You’ll need to hit the ATAC Boss with about six rockets to defeat it, so keep at it since it is not always easy to get it to sit still. Once you have defeated this boss, the Salamun Bridge section and this part of the Killzone 2 walkthrough is completed. Be sure to check out the final section in this series for help on the Cruiser, Maelstra Barrens, and Visari Palace.


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