Killzone 3 Walkthrough - The Reckoning

Killzone 3 Walkthrough - The Reckoning
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Your Toughest Opponent Yet

You’re pretty close to finishing Killzone 3 and at this point in the game you’re beginning the second to the last chapter. It’s only going to get bigger and tougher from here. In this chapter called The Reckoning, you’ll face the MAWLR, which is a giant mobile metal beast loaded with guns and missiles so powerful that you’ll have to battle it twice. Learn more about this short but tough level and how to best get through it in this Killzone 3 walkthrough.


This map starts off kind of weird in that you, a foot soldier, must clear the way for a bunch of tanks. Thankfully, there are plenty of things for you to hide behind, so take a good sniper spot and pick off every Helghast you see. Watch out for some hiding behind boxes and in bunkers here, and shoot them before they jump out and gun you down. Take your time with this one, because you have to restart from the beginning if you get shot and nobody revives you in time.

In the next section, you’ll be faced with a lot of long distance shots and plenty more Helghast soldiers hiding behind obstacles. It’s here that you’ll find the long rang accuracy of your machine gun to be lacking, so you may have to move in for a closer shot on some of them. Be especially careful of the enemy soldiers carrying flame throwers here, and wait to take them out before moving on or you’ll be toast. It’s best to stand your ground for a moment at each turn to see if any enemies poke their head out.



On the left side of this map you’ll see a couple of bunkers and you need to get under them ASAP. Inside you’ll find the WASP rocket launcher weapon and you’ll need it to take down the MAWLR. You’ll have to attack and defend a lot in this level, and what makes it tough is that the guns won’t appear on the MAWLR until he is ready to shoot, but you can’t hit the guns until they appear.

The best strategy is to step out in the open for a moment and then concentrate on each enemy weapon using the WASP. You’ll have to reload a lot, but be careful not to fire it while still inside the bunker or it may detonate on the ceiling and kill you. When the MAWLR returns fire, I found it best to stand in the doorway on the side of the bunker and wait for it’s barrage to end before you fire back. It takes a few minutes to get through all this. When one bunker takes too much damage to offer protection, move on to the next one. Eventually, the MAWLR will go down and a bunch of Helghast will show up, so pound them with the WASP.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy you can earn called Completest that requires you to destroy everything on the MAWLR. The first half is earned here so make sure you hit every gun and missile launcher that pops out of this metal beast.

Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

You’ll spend the first several minutes of this level sniping troops from afar, but you’ll notice they just keep coming back. After you have cleared the way a little, move ahead. When you get out into the open space, turn right and jump over the railing past the ammo crate. There is a pillar of sorts there and it makes a good hiding spot because you can see the troops above and below the opposite railing. Take your time to shoot them and utilize any nearby exploding barrels. Grenades can be helpful as well, but watch out for those mounted miniguns. As soon as you see a Helghast troop going for one, shoot him down. Take your time here because it took me several tries to get past all the enemy soldiers in this area. After you have cleared the platforms, grab the minigun and go upstairs to take out the rest of the Helghast.

Ashen Skies

Ashen Skies

In the last level of this chapter, you take to the skies atop the Intruder troop transport. You’ll be manning the mounted guns while your pilot circles the MAWLR, and your job is to shoot everything the enemy throws at you. All your men will be under a constant barrage of enemy fire and you must take out the guns and other armaments on the MAWLR in order to keep the protected and ultimately bring it down.

What you need to focus on here are all the gun turrets that appear in groups of three from behind panels along the ship’s exterior. If you aim at the first one and then sweep the gun along, you should be able to take out all three guns in one long stream of bullets. If you watch closely, you can see where they will emerge and it doesn’t hurt to already be firing on that spot when the panels open. The idea is to blow up the guns before they can do you any damage. Just keep an eye out for anything red that lights up your crosshairs and never give the enemy a break.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy you can earn here called Completist, and it requires that you destroy everything on the enemy ship. The first half you can complete in the MAWLR level, and the rest is done here. It’s pretty easy to earn so long as you fire on everything that makes your crosshairs red.


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