Killzone 3 Weapons - ISA Weapons Guide - The Most Powerful Guns in Killzone 3

Killzone 3 Weapons - ISA Weapons Guide - The Most Powerful Guns in Killzone 3
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Prepare for Battle

There are quite a few different weapons available in Killzone 3, and choosing the right one for certain situations can mean life or death. During the single player campaign, some confrontations were built around using specific weapons. In this Killzone 3 weapon guide, we’ll go over all the different guns and other devices you can use in the game, plus discuss their special abilities and any noticeable strengths or weaknesses. Much in the same way a golfer must choose the correct club for whatever situation they are in, this guide should help you get through the game more easily.

ISA Weapons


M32 Combat Knife - This is your basic melee attack knife that you use by pressing L1 when close enough. It’s kind of lame in the single player campaign, but you can slice and dice in multiplayer.

M194 Fragmentation Grenade - This is the only grenade you get in the game and it does well so long as you can corner an enemy when you use it, otherwise they’ll just run for cover.

M4 Revolver - This is the basic sidearm of the game and the only time you’ll ever use it is if you run out of ammo.

M66 Machine Pistol - This small gun is not very accurate unless at close range, but it shoots very fast and is good for close quarters.

M82 Assault Rifle - You will use this rifle more than any other weapon in the game because it’s the most common one you’ll find. It offers decent range and damage, though you’ll find long range shots to be difficult unless you kneel.

LS57 Submachine Gun

M82SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed) - This is a modified version of the M82 that fires three-round bursts and has a suppressor to make you undetectable to the enemy.

LS13 Shotgun - This is intended only for close quarters combat, but it can take out most enemies with one carefully placed shot.

LS57 Sub-machine Gun - Although not as accurate as the M82, this gun does a bit more damage and has a better range.

M224-1A Light Machine Gun - The main benefit of this gun is the large ammo capacity and decent range, but the iron sights make it somewhat less accurate.

ISA Heavy Weapons


LS209 Exoskeleton - During the single player campaign, you’ll get a few opportunities to use this robotic accessory and it’s always fun. It has thrusters in the feet to let you jump and hover for short periods of time, plus it has an awesome machine gun that can throw out lots of lead at once. It also has a rocket launcher which is great against turrets and vehicles. The downside to using the exoskeleton is that it’s cumbersome and doesn’t control as well as you’d like in tight places.

LS116 Sentry Turret - You’ll find some of these mounted throughout the single player campaign and they are especially useful against vehicles or large numbers of Helghast soldiers. Ammo depletes very quickly, so carefully aim before you pull the trigger unless you have an ammo crate nearby.

PXM199 Proximity Mine - This nasty little mine is available to both sides and it goes off as soon as anyone is unlucky enough to get near it.

Helghast Weapons

STa2 Battle Pistol

Here are all the Killzone 3 Helghast weapons found in the game:

STA-18 Pistol - This handgun is weak, but it shoots fast. You’ll hardly ever see a Helghast draw it out.

VC8 Shotgun Pistol - It deals out a ton of damage at close range, but is basically useless at long range.

STA-2 Battle Pistol - This is slightly more powerful than the shotgun pistol, but still limited to close quarters combat.

STA-52 Assault Rifle - I actually prefer this rifle to the ISA M82 because it has a larger ammo capacity and shoots faster. It’s not quite as accurate at long range, though.

STA-52SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed) - Just like the suppressed M82, this fires in bursts and keeps you from being easily detected.

STA-14 Rifle - This is a great long range rifle for when you don’t need to snipe the enemy, but need improved accuracy to pick someone off from afar.

STA14 Rifle

VC32 Sniper Rifle - The ‘one shot kill’ rifle of the game. It can be devastating to the enemy, but is slow to reload and can cause you to draw enemy fire once you start shooting it.

STA-11 Sub-machine Gun - This small machine gun is equivalent to the ISA M66 and best suited for close quarter combat because it shoots fast, but isn’t very accurate.

STA-11SE Sub-machine Gun (Suppressed) - You’ll need this when sneaking around behind their backs, but you need to be fairly close to make the kill.

STA-3 Light Machine Gun - This is better than the ISA light machine gun because it fires so much more quickly and is great for crowd control.

Helghast Heavy Weapons


STA-62 Minigun - You’ll find this gun mounted on a turret or swivel base during the game, but you can take it off and carry it. This thing fires ammo at an extremely high rate and will cut down anything that gets in front of it, but at the same time you can move very fast with it and enemies will focus their fire on your so long as you are shooting it.

VC9 Rocket Launcher - If any enemy tank is nearby, grab one of these and blow it to smithereens. It’s great for knocking out barriers that enemy soldiers hide behind, too.

STA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher - This thing shoots out several smaller rockers which twist through the air and then attack by shooting up then straight down. It’s perfect for taken out groups of enemies crouched behind a barrier, plus it’ll lay most any vehicle or turret to waste in one shot.

STA-X6 Jet Pack - This jet pack puts the ISA Exoskeleton to shame. It’s much faster and comes with a machine gun that is great for striking at long distances, but it doesn’t have a rocket launcher. These can be a real pain to shoot down.

VC116 Sentry Turret - This turret isn’t as bad as it seems, mainly because the accuracy is not great unless the enemy is up close. You still don’t want to get out in front of it without some cover, though.


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