Killzone 3 Walkthrough - Interception - How to Destroy Stahl's Cruiser

Killzone 3 Walkthrough - Interception - How to Destroy Stahl's Cruiser
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Fight to the Finish

Congratulations on reaching the final chapter of Killzone 3. You’re now in the last leg of the battle against the Helghast, and you’re on board the enemy ship. The toughest enemies will make a final stand as you blast through their base, and this Killzone 3 walkthrough will show you the best way to get through this last level to defeat the final boss and ultimately finish the game.

Outer Tunnels

This first section takes place inside a long narrow passageway and you have to shoot your way through it. At the start, a bunch of the spider bombs will come out and you need to take care to shoot them at a distance, otherwise the explosive damage will get you. The rest of the level is mainly just a bunch of shooting, and you’ll have several different guns available to see what works best.

Personally, I like to throw out as much lead as possible and toss grenades whenever I have a clear shot. Also use the blue explosive particles to your advantage by shooting them when Helghast are nearby. The main tactic you need to use here is take your time and use cover wisely. If you try to charge up the tunnel too quickly, you’ll never make it.

Power Vacuum

Power Vacuum

This level is unique in that the gravity inside the ship gets messed up for a while. When you shoot enemy soldiers, their bodies and guns will float through the air. If you jump, you’ll fly way up and make yourself an easy target, so don’t jump around here. The main goal here is to shoot your way up to the control panel where you can restore the gravity.

After gravity is restored, the passageway turns left and here you get into a tough firefight. Grab the rocket launcher near the entrance to the passage and focus on taking out the two soldiers on the back upper rail who also have rocket launchers. Be sure to lob lots of grenades at the other soldiers on the ground, and then watch out for the heavy that shows up toward the end. Luckily, an ammo crate is right next to the entrance and you can keep reloading as much as necessary.

Inner Sanctum

Arc Cannon

The Inner Sanctum is the second to the last level of the entire game, and it’s the last one where you’ll be on foot. Right after it starts, grab the nearby Arc Cannon and get ready for a very tough fight. All the toughest opponents you’ve encountered throughout the game are going to come at you. Take your time moving through this level and walk carefully from one point to the other. The Helghast will hide and wait for you so don’t get surprised.

When you get up toward the end for the last standoff, look for three crates piled up on the left of the passage. You have a small opening in between them and it makes a great place to hide and shoot as they walk by. You can pick off a bunch of them before they realize you are there, and it’s much easier than taking them head on. If any of them catch you in the middle of a reload or you run out of ammo, don’t forget to press L1 to perform a melee kill.

Fleet Battle

Fleet Battle

You’re in the home stretch when you enter the Fleet Battle. Finish this final battle and you’ll get to the Killzone 3 ending and see what may be in store for the next game.

The first part of this fight is not too bad. You mainly have to deal with a bunch of enemy ships, but they go down pretty quickly as long as you keep pumping them full of bullets while launching your homing missiles. I found it best to target those closest to your ship and rely more on missiles than guns since they do more damage. After take down a dozen or so enemy fighters, you’ll get to take on Stahl’s Cruiser, which is the end boss of the game.

Destroying Stahl’s Cruiser mainly just requires that you never stop shooting. Your ship will circle the cruiser a couple of times and you’ll have plenty of targets to shoot at. Just watch for your crosshairs to turn red. You’ll be pounding the hull of Stahl’s ship and taking out any armaments along the way. It’s actually not that difficult so long as you keep firing on everything in front of you.

Once you’ve done enough damage to the cruiser to knock it out of orbit, he’ll start firing tons of missiles at you. As you go into a dive after him, keep an eye out for missiles that swing out wide. You can only take a few hits before being shot down, so there’s not much room for error here, but your own missiles are great for stopping them. After a few rounds, you’ll get close enough to press the red circle on the controller and nuke Stahl into oblivion.

Congratulations! You just finished Killzone 3.


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