Killzone 3 Walkthrough - Scrapyard Shortcut Guide

Killzone 3 Walkthrough - Scrapyard Shortcut Guide
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The Helghast Junkyard

After escparing the Stahl Arms facilities in the last chapter, you then find yourself on the outskirts of the Helghast stronghold and must fight your way through mountains of twisted metal and debris. In this Killzone 3 walkthrough, learn how to get through the hardest parts of the Scrapyard Shorcut chapter, including the large crane that must be defended, and how to fight through the mobile factory without getting killed. Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of great weapons to use along the way.

Scrapyard Perimeter

This level is pretty straightforward in that you take part in some trench warfare to blast your way to a gate that needs to be blown up with explosives. You’ll pick up the boltgun here, which is a very cool Killzone 3 weapon and you’ll use it throughout this chapter. Most of what this first level does is familiarize you with the boltgun and how it works so that you can be more effective against the tougher opponents you’ll encounter.

Fenced In

Watch out for snipers hiding on the tower as you enter this area. You’ll need to pick them off, then watch out for replacements that climb up to the same positions. For added fun, shoot the enemy Helghast while they are climbing the ladders and watch them fall down. Take your time to kill all the Helghast here before moving forward.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy called Power Spike that is most easily attained in the first battle in this section. To get the trophy, you need to pin an enemy against an exploding object with the bolt gun. The easiest way to do this is get the mounted gunner located near the bottom of the crane. He has a red explosive barrel behind him.

Now that you’ve cleared the way, climb up in the tower and prepare to defend it. When the enemy dropships arrive with reinforcements, try to pick them off as they are sliding down the ropes. Don’t even bother trying to blow up the dropship. It’s best to use the boltgun or sniper rifle here since you’ll be pulling off so many long range shots, and don’t forget to watch for Helghast troops who climb the ladder up to the tower with you.

Blind Yards

Killzone 3 Heavy

This section is short because there is a boss fight at the end, but it’s not too bad. You’ll be faced with a Heavy, which is basically a giant Helghast carrying a minigun. He can take a lot of damage before going down, so you have to use a ‘shoot and duck’ strategy of shooting at him and then getting under cover while he shoots back.

To take down the Heavy, you can use grenades to stun him, or just shoot him enough that he doubles over for a few seconds. Headshots are key here. When he’s stunned, you’ll see some gas tanks on his back and you need to keep hitting them until they explode. It usually takes stunning him three or four times before he finally succumbs, so take your time.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy called Pinpoint that you can earn if you blow up the tanks using the STA-14 rifle instead of your boltgun.

Mobile Factory

Killzone 3 Jetpack

Once inside the mobile factory, you’ll find aerial opponents galore. You will see sentry bots floating around and at this point you’ll already know that the boltgun is best for taking them down. Watch out for the windows where you see them on the other side, because you can easily shoot them through the glass without them being able to hurt you too much.

You will eventually reach an open area where long range shots are key. A bunch of Helghast will be waiting for you, so find some cover and systematically take them out with the boltgun. There is one guy with a rocket launcher, so try to put him down first and it’ll be much easier to take get the rest. From there on out, you’ll encounter several jetpack troops and it’s best to seek cover while they fly overhead. When they come down to take a shot at you, shoot them while they are hovering still. The key to getting past them is not to step out in the open, and this level provides plenty of covered places to hide.

Belly of the Beast

Mounted Guns

I had a lot of trouble getting past this last level of the Scrapyard Shortcut chapter and had to reload from many different checkpoints until I figured out the best practice, so be prepared for a tough fight here. You’ll have to deal with more jetpack units when this level starts, but luckily there is an option for you to unmount a nearby minigun and blast them. It’ll make the whole level much easier. Take your time going through this one, as you’ll notice more Helghast reinforcements appear than per usual. You may think you’ve cleared one area, then backup will arrive. Watch out especially for enemy troops manning the gun turrets.

The hard part of this level is when you have to take out the two large mounted guns down the end of a long walkway. If you get in the open while they are firing, then you’re good as dead. The key here is find one of several rocket launchers placed around the top of the path, and use them to blow up the guns one at a time. Wait for them to stop firing then you will have just enough time to get off one rocket before they start shooting again. Your second rocket should blow them up.

This level ends with you blowing the doors open to the control room with explosives. About a half dozen Helghast will be waiting inside the room, so toss a grenade in there with them and you’ll have a much easier time clearing the rest of the room. Now you’re ready to enter the last stages of the game and the rest of this Killzone 3 walkthrough will tell you how to do it.


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