Killzone 3 PS3 Game Guide - Stahl Arms Infiltration Walkthrough

Killzone 3 PS3 Game Guide - Stahl Arms Infiltration Walkthrough
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Behind Enemy Lines

You’ll be hit with a case of deja vu at the start of this chapter because it goes back to the beginning of the game, but then plays on past the point where the flashback sequence kicked in. This level is one of those most difficult in the game because you’ll be inside the Helghast compound and will be grossly outnumbered in every combat situation. In this Killzone 3 walkthrough, learn how to best get past the toughest parts of the Stahl Arms Infiltration chapter.

Stahl Arms East Block

All you do in this first section is walk around, and it takes several minutes to get through everything. You’ll replay part of the opening of the game, then go much further into the compound. The idea here is to further the story and show you one of the weapons you’ll get to use in the next section. Beyond that, there are no secrets or trophies available, so pay attention to the waypoints and get through this as quickly as possible so you can jump back into the action.

Ward 5

You begin this level with what is probably the best of all the Killzone 3 weapons, and that’s the Arc Cannon. It shoots green lightning type ammo that can make enemy soldiers explode. The downside to all the power it offers is that the ammunition depletes very quickly. Luckily, there are ammo crates all over the place, so you need to keep reloading and you can blast your way through.

Right after you get the Arc Cannon, a bunch of Helghast will rush into the room with you. They all come through a single door, so the best thing to do here is stand directly across from the door and hit them with the cannon as they come in. If you time it right, don’t miss, and reload when necessary, you can wipe out every unit that comes through the door before they get a chance to hurt anyone.

The next room is more difficult because there are barriers everywhere for the Helghast to hide behind, so you’ll have to aim for headshots. Luckily, you can take out two at once with the Arc Cannon so use cover and wait for the right time to shoot. You’ll have to run back into the room where you started in order to reload your ammo, plus keep an eye on your cohorts in case anybody goes down in the fight.

Killzone 3

The next area is the most difficult because you’ll be stuck in the middle of the room with enemy troops everywhere. Just look for the small section with an ammo crate leaned against it, and use that area for cover while you take out the Helghast. They will come from the front and sides, and you’ll find grenades can be helpful here. Also watch out for troops on the platforms above you because they can be completely hidden when behind cover.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy specific to this area called Shattered, and it requires you to break all the glass in the lab. In order to accomplish this, you’ll have to go over every inch of the rooms and look for the green colored glass panes to shoot. This is not a trophy that you’ll earn by accident.

Assembly Line #17

This level begins with some ground troops that can be quickly dispatched, but it gets interesting when a bunch of jetpack troops appear. Stay behind cover and focus on knocking them out one at a time until they are all dead. Just take your time and don’t step out into the open for very long. After that, you end up in a shootout with a bunch of soldiers hiding behind blockades, but luckily you’ll get to an ammo crate and can use your Arc Cannon to take them down. Be sure to find some cover before you start shooting or they’ll focus their fire on you. Watch out for the guy with the rocket launcher before you head toward the elevator.

After you take the elevator down to the ground floor, you will find the escaped prisoners and a bunch more enemy soldiers. This fight is pretty easy and it goes faster if you shoot those glowing blue canisters that explode with electricity. Watch out for a couple of enemies hiding on the platform above the door where you need to exit, and don’t forget to restock from the ammo crates.

KZ3 Bunker

The last part of this level can be tough. You start out at the top of a ramp and must blast your way down it while tons of Helghast soldiers fire on you. I found it best to stick to the right wall and use crates for cover while I lobbed grenades toward the groups of soldiers. Once the main ramp is clear, go back up to the top and get one of the jetpacks to jump down and take out the rest. Be careful for the guy with the rocket launcher who is hiding on the opposite end of the map.

After the soldiers are down, a Helghast ATAC flying attack unit will show up. This is sort of like a boss battle for this game, but it’s not too hard. Just go down to the small bunker on the left of the map and hide inside while the ATAC circles around overhead. When you have a clear shot, unload on it with the machine guns from your jet pack. It’ll take several passes to blow him up, but you’ll be safe under the bunker.

SHARP Pursuit

Killzone 3 Pursuit

The last part of the Stahl Arms Infiltration level is one of the driving sections of the game where you must man the guns and pilot a vehicle through the snowy mountain side while various Helghast units try to blow you up. It can be difficult to see where you are going at times and you’ll probably have to restart after a couple of checkpoints.

The key to getting past this part is to use your rockets because the enemy flying ships will be just out of the range of your machine guns. Keep firing rockets as soon as they reload and you can take down most vehicles after a few good hits. When you get to the open area at the end, stick to the pathway on the right and you’ll jump over a ledge to lead to the end of the level.

Note: There is a PS3 trophy you can earn in this area called Iced, and you can earn it by destroying all the Helghast vehicles that appear. This includes four Ice-Saws and six Dropships. It’s not too hard to get, so long as you keep firing missiles at them.


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