Killzone 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks - How to Get More Kills in the Online Warzone

Killzone 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks - How to Get More Kills in the Online Warzone
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Killzone 2 for PS3

Killzone 2 is a pretty decent first person shooter for the Sony PlayStation 3. Personally, I found the gameplay a little too simple for my tastes, but there are still some strategies you can employ that will help you earn more kill points. By doing so, you will gain ranks more quickly and eventually unlock better weapons and other options in the game. Once you have all the good stuff available, the game can be a lot more fun, but getting there will take some time. These basic tips and tricks for the Killzone 2 multiplayer modes will help lessen that time.

Take Aim

This one might be obvious, but another great way to score a bunch of kills in Killzone 2 multiplayer mode is simply to take the time to aim your weapon, because most people don’t. By design, this game encourages ‘run and gun’ type gameplay where everyone is constantly moving and shooting at anything that moves. I’ve found that near most spawn areas there will be some boxes or some structure you can hide behind and be able to see a good distance to the other side of the map. Be sure and kneel down to give the enemy a smaller target, and then start gunning them down as they come out. Just don’t stay in one spot for too long or somebody will figure out your location and come at you from another direction. Sometimes it helps to back up into the corner of a room and let your over-eager teammates be cannon fodder while you pick off the enemy. This is one of the main tricks that many Killzone 2 players don’t use to their advantage.

Grenade Bank Shots

One of my biggest complaints about Killzone 2 multiplayer modes is how the action tends to bottleneck in a few key places on many of the maps. In several maps, there are rooms and hallways where both sides tend to meet, and these make great places to rack up your grenade kills. The only problem is that when you have a steady flow of enemy soldiers coming out of a passageway, you often won’t have time to throw a grenade directly at them without getting gunned down first. What you need to do is approach the door from an angle where nobody can see you coming, and then toss the grenade against the wall inside the room. It should bounce off the wall at a 90 degree angle, which will then put it closer to the enemies inside. I’ve had really good luck doing this, and it’s a great way to quickly clear the room so you and your buddies can rush inside - i.e. super great Killzone 2 multiplayer trick that you need to employ to your advantage.

Learn the Maps in Killzone 2’s Multiplayer Modes

When you find that the action has bottlenecked in an area, you may often be able to find a way to work around that area and hit the enemy from the side or behind. Take the time to explore the maps and find alternate routes in Killzone 2, as there are often pathways over and around in places where people don’t often go because the action has centered someplace else. You’d be surprised how easy it is to slip around and nail a bunch of enemy soldiers before they realize where you are. This is a great opportunity to get some grenade kills when you drop it in behind them. I don’t know if it’s lazy gamers or inexperience or both, but it seems like hardly anybody bothers to take ‘the long way’ around when it comes to getting the jump on the enemy. But if you learn, and use, this tactic in Killzone 2, you will easily see the great advantages that you can find.

Use Your Pistol

There’s nothing more life-threatening than running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight. If you wait there for the precious couple of seconds it takes to reload your weapon, the enemy could very well gun you down. If you are in a gun battle in Killzone 2 multiplayer mode, and run out of ammo before your opponent goes down, press the triangle button to quickly draw out your pistol and finish them off. The gun is drawn almost instantly and packs quite a punch at close range. On top of that, there are some in-game achievements based around pistol kills, so it’s worth using. After you have finished off the enemy soldier, back up a bit and find a safe place to reload your main weapon before charging back into the fray.

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