Guide to Completing the Suljeva Village & Tharsis Refinery in Killzone 2

Guide to Completing the Suljeva Village & Tharsis Refinery in Killzone 2
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Suljeva Village

Killzone 2 gets real intense as you make your way through Suljeva Village and Tharsis Refinery. Keep your weapon loaded and senses tuned as you begin. Look under the bridge as you begin this part and you’ll find a Helghan symbol. Get on the elevator with Rico and descend to the ground floor. Take a look around once you reach the ground floor and look for a locked door. Stay with Rico as you go through the village and enter an abandoned building. Check out the gun rack by the dead scout team for a VC21 Boltgun. This weapon rocks the damage charts and the enemy as one of the baddest fire arms in Killzone 2, give it a try. Check around on the floor and you’ll find an Intel file. Throw the switch on the wall, but be prepared and ready to fight for your life against the enemy outside. You’ll be up against some carrying Boltguns, so take them out first, when the situation arises.

Make sure you use the left ramp descending down into the maintenance facility and your reward will be a Helghan symbol above as you enter. Keep your distance from the Petrusite containers since they are extremely volatile and can cause a health problem. Battling the giant black spiders is fun, but keep your distance from them.They are filled with Petrusite and will explode upon leaving this world.

You’ll be dealing with nasty snipers as you go outside in the next section, so keep your head down and look for the red of their laser sights and then use the Boltgun to send them to another world. After clearing this area of Helghan scum, enter the building and look for the Helghan symbol over your head. The control booth will be inoperative, so turning on the antenna will have to be done hands on. Head over to the antenna. There is an ATAC as you approach the wheel (which can be avoided if you like).

Heading back to meet Alpha squad the enemy will try to stop you. Deal with them harshly. As you’re about to make it to Alpha squad they will be captured. Upon reaching the train platforms, you’ll encounter enemy soldiers using RPGs. Clear out the station as this section comes to a bloody ending.


Suljeva Village is a Playstation 3 Game Console arena

Alpha squad’s members are a lot tougher than Xbox 360 women

ArcTrooper Boss is a tough fight

Tharsis Refinery

Killzone 2 screenshot

You’re going to start the next part of Killzone 2 with a pistol, so if I was you, I’d start looking for something with a little more bang for your buck. You’re in luck at this point because the developers have had pity on you and have put a Boltgun in a rack to the left of the resting tank. Once back on the outside area of the train, mount the gun turret of the stationary tank and send the incoming enemy to their makers. Always make sure to use the easily recognizable and handy explosive barrels and Petrusite containers to best effect.

You’ll be up against a Helghan tank in the next area of Killzone 2, so put your grenades away. The wind in this part can actually blow them back at you. Instead, grab the Missile Launcher in the rack and scrap the armored caddy. Once you and Rico reach the fence, you have to give Rico a hand over and then you’ll be by yourself. Grab the Helghan symbol stuck to the side of the train as you’re exiting the platform area. After reaching the Lower Refinery Complex, use the waypoint marker to find the fuse box and then blast it to disable the electric currents. Now, clear the area of the enemy. Use the lift to descend.

ArcTrooper Boss will challenge you by himself, so you’ll need to use the elements in the environment to help take him out. Notice the handy moving transport containers moving across the ceiling. Lure ArcTrooper Boss close to one of them and then shoot it down. ArcTrooper Boss will be stunned for a few moments by the Petrusite discharge, revealing the three red tanks on his back. Target the tanks before he can get himself back together. Defeating ArcTrooper Boss will mean you can pick up the VCS Electricity Gun. This weapon reloads by harnessing the natural electricity in the environment, so it’s a nice weapon to try out for awhile.

Expect to be the target for a few Helghan as you ride the bucket on the conveyor belt. Once again, always make use of the explosive containers to eliminate targets (when available). Rico will notice the electricity field ahead. You have to use the waymarker to quickly find the fuse box and blast it before you become fried bacon.

You’ll find Sentry Bots will be deployed when you reach the bridge. While challenging, they are not as deadly as the ATAC. They do tend to attack in greater numbers, which is a pleasure and a pain. Take your time moving through this area at a steady but not hurried pace and they should attack in numbers of two and thus be easier to eliminate. Note: If you don’t believe me, try running through as fast as you can, but be prepared to be overwhelmed. Once you make it to the other side, ride the lift.

Another set of Sentry Bots will show up once you reunite with your squad. Move to the higher areas so you can eliminate the enemies above while mowing down the bots. Once you reach the top, press the button in the control booth to send the lift down for Evelyn and Garza. Suppress the enemy at the Landing Zone until Evelyn and Garza show up. Enter the Comms tower with Evelyn and make sure to pick up the sniper rifle at the top. Protect yourself and Evelyn from the enemy below as Evelyn uses the radio. After the LZ is cleared, just meet up with your squad. At this point, you have completed the Tharsis Refinery section. Continue with part 5 of this for the final sections of the game.


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