Guide to the Corinth River Campaign Mission in Killzone 2

Guide to the Corinth River Campaign Mission in Killzone 2
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Killzone 2 is a very challenging FPS (third-person shooter) PS3 game. Join-up and get in line, Sergeant First Class Sevchenko and his band of battle-hardened warriors are storming the enemy home-world of Helghan in a desperate mission to capture Emperor Visari and hopefully slow down or bring to a halt the Helghan war machine.

Game Tips

Killzone 2 will challenge your ability to execute even on Recruit setting, so battle-veterans may want to start on the normal Trooper setting to provide themselves with the challenge and fun they’re looking for. Whatever the difficulty setting you choose, keep the following points in the front of your mind as you play.

  • The Halo style control set-up is going to be used by many games, but instead use the Alternate 2 button mapping in the Controls option.
  • Should you find that you’re disoriented for a second and need to find where you are, press Up on the D-pad and an Objective Marker will appear to help you determine location. This waypoint marker won’t be accessible if you’re in the heat of an intense battle, so eliminate the area of the enemy first.
  • Your teammates need more training, and will only be marginally effective in combat, so you need to help them out and pick up the slack. Watch your own back. They will have enough to do just taking care of themselves and will be challenged constantly.
  • Cook your grenades before you give them away. To do this you hold down the Grenade button just a second longer before you release it. Be careful though, if you hold the button too long, it will blow your hand off. Cooking a grenade reduces the time until your grenade explodes and gives the receiver of your gift less time to unwrap it.
  • You can actually shoot missiles out of the air after they leave the missiile launcher because your so well trained. Practice and timing will allow you to cause missiles to explore in midair and take out surrounding enemy, and take out incoming enemy missiles.
  • Finding and locating the Helghan symbols is a lot easier once you have completed the game once.


Taek the base out and the first mission is over

Make sure you grab the Helghan symbols

Use grenades and shoot the explosives barrels during the fight in the warehouse

Rendezvous with Echo squad

Corinth River

Killzone 2 screenshot

You should rendezvous with echo squad and together eliminate the enemy gunners on the bridge. Click the R3 button to enable the gunsight of your weapon and target the explosive barrels the enemy soldiers are standing next to take them out easily and quickly.

In the next area you will be pinned down by the enemy. Head to the right side when this happens by the dead soldier and you will find a useful and about to be handy grenade launcher. Use the launcher to eliminate the enemy soldiers that come from the APCs and then move to the right. Once you reach the area below the lift Garza can boost you up so you can reach the lift.

You will get involved in a full fire fight in the warehouse that will last for a while. To shorten the battle use grenades and the carefully placed explosive barrels (red objects) to help you eliminate the area of the enemy. Take care you don’t stand by any of these unexploded barrels yourself. Garza needs to hack the control box, so you need to keep the attention of any Helghast that show up to stop you. You will need to eliminate all the enemy soldiers in this part before he will be finished.

Continuing on, you need to eliminate the enemy soldiers in the other tower across the way. Open the floodgate by turning the wheel counter clockwise. Watch your back as you leave. More enemy soldiers will be appearing to try to stop you.

In the next area the convoy below gets ambushed while you are taking care of any soldiers on the high ground. Eliminate the Hig manning the machine gun, and then load and lock the weapon and turn it on the enemy below to help your men. Follow Garza down the stairs and the first Helghan symbol will appear on the wall as you are going down. Take aim on the symbol and blow it away for your bonus. There’s also another Helghan symbol to be found once you have eliminated all enemy soldiers in Storm Drain 11-34C. Look in one of the hallways behind a fence.

When your hovercraft forces are taken out of the action, move over and take command of the machine gun. Eliminate all enemy soldiers in the building. Once the area of the hovercraft crash is clear of Helghan soldiers, reach down and grab the rocket launcher. Aim it at the cracked door and let rip on the cracked door. Once you receive the important call from Sarge, Garza will move up the stairway. Look under the stairs and you’ll find an Intel Document.

In the next area a convoy tank will be attacked after it stalls and you’ll need to get into motion. First remove the RPG soldiers and machine guns deployed in the towers as fast as you can or you’ll find yourself in a very hairy situation. The machine gun can be used to take out the problem tank below. Once in the second tower, Garza will show you a second ladder that you need to use to descend into the next area. Take the VC9 Missile Launcher and use it to eliminate the second Helghan armored unit. You’ll get a chance to drive a tank later when you are ordered to do so (after the driver for the tank gets called away). When this happens target tank rockets on the third tank and eliminate the RPG soldiers in the towers. After you have taken out all the enemy occupying the base and flattened it, the first mission comes to an end.

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