Killzone 2 Field Manual - Weapon Selection, Zoom, Grenades and Melee Combat

Killzone 2 Field Manual - Weapon Selection, Zoom, Grenades and Melee Combat
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Game Play Basics

Killzone 2 is an experience that no manual can prepare you to meet, but there are essential basic-concepts and information that if you implement can ultimately mean the difference between survival and death. Use the information in this guide to help you meet the enemy on their own ground and survive to fight another day.

Weapon Selection

In this mission you can carry two weapons in your personal arsenal at all times, just tap the triangle button on the controller to switch back and forth between your first and secondary weapons. If you happen to find a weapon when playing that you want to swap for one of your present weapons, just hold the square button (when prompted) over the weapon you want to use. Your primary weapon will be a heavy weapon, while the secondary weapon is usually your pistol. Always ensure that your primary weapon is the best selection for the battle you’re about to take part in. Use the best tool for the job and keep a weapons range, recoil, reload time and firepower in mind when selecting a weapon for a situation.

Weapon Zoom

A large percentage of the weapons available to you in Killzone 2 have a zoom ability that allows you to look through the weapons sights for better accuracy. To implement the zoom feature, tap R3. To leave zoom, tap R3 again and the game will take you back to the normal view. Use the zoom for head shots and long distance accuracy, but make sure you have solid cover and distance between you and your enemy when using the zoom feature. Note: The zoom feature is a mode that slows your movement rate down, so you can be vulnerable using this feature.


Grenades can be a touchy weapon to use because if you don’t cook a grenade the enemy will usually spot your grenade and have time to move away. Use grenades for crowd control by throwing them towards groups of Helghast soldiers and then shoot them while they head for cover.

You have two types of grenades available for you during game play in Killzone 2, each with its own particular kind of death and destruction. Tap the circle button to throw a grenade or hold the circle button to cook a grenade and then release the circle button to throw it when you think you have cooked the grenade long enough. Pay attention to each type of grenade if you’re cooking a grenade. Each grenade type has its own way of letting you know its about to explode, so try to recognize their characteristic actions to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Melee Combat

Melee combat is something you want to stay away from if possible, but it will be necessary at certain points during your battle on Helghast. Press L1 to execute a melee attack that will knock your opponent back and temporarily incapacitates them. Attack them twice to eliminate them.

Advanced Combat Strategies

There are a few advanced strategies and tactics that will help you take the battle to the enemy and maybe become the hero you have always pictured yourself to be. To become a true warrior you need to develop patience, foresight, and to trust that your fellow soldiers will do their job.

Use Cover

Invading Helghast leaves us at a disadvantage tactically in a harsh, alien environment where the enemy is completely at ease. At times you’ll be flanked, ambushed and generally underpowered as compared to the enemy. You will need to find away to survive. The constant offensive pressure exerted by the Helghast defenses means you need to stay under cover whenever possible. Keep an eye out anything you can use as cover as you make your way across this alien landscape, even when the enemy isn’t visible. An attack can happen at anytime and you need to always assess your environment for defensive positions. You can use cover to pop-up and surprise the enemy and you can use cover to help steady your fire.

Look for the Red in Their Eyes

Keep an eye out for glowing red eyes glaring through the darkness as you make your way through this alien landscape. You can easily target an enemies head using the red glow of their eyes and determine their location.

Use Patience in the Field

You need to always be aware that you’re operating in an alien environment and that entering battle without considering all possible outcomes will often lead to failure in battle. Sit back and relax as you head into battle. Let the enemy come to you and make the mistakes, while you sit back and take advantage of their impulses.

Pick Your Targets Carefully

In many situations in Killzone 2 PS3 you’ll have to deal with a number of different threats, so it is necessary for you to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each type of Helghast you’ll encounter. The Helghast Heavy Weapons Troopers and the Sniper are the toughest to deal with and you need to use tactics to defeat them. Sprint to avoid snipers and get behind cover. Then take out the snipers. Once the snipers are gone, you can take your time and eliminate the Heavy Weapons Troopers.


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