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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough (Part 7)

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this seventh part of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, get details and spoilers on the Dark Lord of the Lycans and Mountain Fortress section of the game.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – The Dark Lord of the Lycans

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow boxshot By this time in the game, you should have opened up the Fairy door. If not, review part 6 of this Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough.

    Beyond the fairy door, you will find a health and neutral magic font. Use if needed. Jump across to a large circular platform. A brief animation begins. Cornell, the Lord of the Lycans has a brief conversation with Gabriel and then a boss fight begins!

    This is a three part battle that requires a different strategy in each phase. In the first phase, Cornell is in a human/Lycan form. Direct attacks are effective. Dodge to avoid his slicing and rushing attacks.

    Once Cornell has taken enough damage, he will turn into a werewolf. This is the second phase of the battle. Use the synchronized block move to stun, damage and accumulate neutral magic from him. Activate the light magic and use direct attacks and synchronized block, while accumulating life. Once werewolf Cornell is low on life, an animation sequence begins.

    In the third phase of the battle, Gabriel will need to destroy the stone blocks that surround the battle area in order to kill Cornell. At this point, direct attacks won’t work. Once all of the stones are destroyed, go up to Cornell and press the square button to activate an animated sequence of attacks. Press the appropriate button when the white circle icon appears bold. At the end of the battle, you will obtain the Cyclone boots, which will allow Gabriel to charge down enemies at greater speed. End of game level.

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    Chapter IV – Mountain Fortress

    As this part in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough begins, you will notice a rocky pathway that leads past a couple of waterfalls. Walk around this area until you find the neutral magic font. Just beyond this you can pick up a scroll from a corpse on the side of the road.

    Keep moving forward to a large building. You will need to use Shadow magic to get in. Press the R2 button and then hold the L2 button to break through the stone door. Once inside, walk around the corridor to pick up a life game. From here, walk around to the left to reach an area where you see a pile of stones. You will need to climb across the wall to get to another area.

    At this point you will have an encounter with some small goblins. Wipe them out. Beyond them is a gap you will need to cross. Double tap with the left control stick to sprint and jump (X) across the gap. More enemies! Deal with them and then move forward to the left pathway.

    Jump and sprint across gap to reach a couple of gripping points (R2) to reach a ledge with a light gem and dark crystal shard. Climb back down the way you came and continue down the path to the left. (Note: If you walk back towards the right there is an area with a wall you will need to break through at some point. Deal with this later.) You will reach a ruined building. Pick up the scroll from the corpse. To the left side of this area, climb up the wall. Fight a bunch of goblins. A giant ogre is behind the wall!

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide - The Ogre

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Battle ahead! As the stone walkway breaks up from crumbling apart, move quickly towards the right pathway. Use the gripping points (R2) to get to another area. At this point the ogre will try to attack you with his hand. Use direct attacks on his hand, while carefully avoiding the ogre’s attempts to crush you. Once you have done enough damage, his hand will pull away and you can continue down the pathway. Watch out as he tries to grab you. Get past this area to begin the boss battle.

    In this fight, the Cyclone boots will come in handy. Use their sprint ability to avoid the ogre’s slamming attacks. When the ogre’s hand gets stuck in the ground, press R2 to pull the ogre’s hand and do damage and stun him. You will need to stun the ogre a couple of times in order to do enough damage to defeat him. When you see the ogre’s head glowing, press the R2 button and then the square button when the white circle icon turns bold. This will cause the ogre’s head to be pulled and then slammed to the ground. Every time you damage the ogre, it becomes more difficult for him to see and his attack accuracy lessens. When you successfully defeat him, pick up the neutral magic from the font nearby on the left side. Go to the right side of the path to get inside the building. Pick up the scroll from a corpse that is located in a small pit.

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    The Chupacabra

    Down the pathway on the left is a dark crystal shard. You will then encounter a gate that will require an upgrade to your cross. Since you can’t go through this now, walk around and climb up the wall nearby. Goblins and more goblins! You will need to stun and take control of the large goblin in order to break through a gate that is located in this area. Once you do this and get past the gate, an animation sequence begins. After this, start heading for some stairs. You will then have an encounter with the Chupacabra. He will take your stuff away from you.

    At this point you will need to play hide and seek with him. The Chupacabra will let you know if you are “hot” or “cold.” Once you find him, grab the Chupacabra and he will give you back your stuff.

    Head back to the entrance where you were going to walk up the stairs. Go up the stairs to reach a large menacing building. Use the shoulder charge with your Shadow magic to get past the door (L2 + the left control stick). End of level.

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    *Screenshot images for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.