Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough: Besieged Village

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough: Besieged Village
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As the game begins, dialog and text begins with Patrick Stewart narrating. It describes lone warrior named Gabriel who is on a journey. The year is 1047. A question is asked – is he the one? We don’t know too much about this hero yet until the story unfolds.

Besieged Village

Game play begins in a small town. It is rainy and dark. The townspeople appear frightened as they hear a disturbance at the town’s gate. The noise is coming from werewolf like creatures that begin to climb over the gate into the town.

You now have control over Gabriel. He is equipped with a cross that has a chain attached and a secondary weapon of throwing daggers.

Here are Gabriel’s basic moves:

  • Direct Attacks – Square Button
  • Area Attacks – Triangle Button
  • Jump – X button
  • Block- L2 Button
  • Dodge - L2 + Left control stick
  • Interact with item/creature – R2

More advanced combo attacks become available as the game moves on. Attack the werewolf enemies using direct attacks. Nearby is a “health font” that can be used to replenish the hero’s life bar. Health fonts are identified by a glowing green icon. Pressing R2 activates the health font.

As enemies are defeated they will drop items. They will need to be picked up right away or they will disappear. At this point in the game, they are daggers. The daggers can be used as a secondary weapon. Throw daggers by pressing the circle button. Keep in mind that these are limited to the number you have in your inventory.

Killing enemies also gives your hero experience points. When you have accumulated enough points, you can purchase new skills and abilities through your Travel Book. This book provides a lot of information about your current quest as well as details on skills and abilities. All skills and abilities that you currently possess are marked with a green checkmark. Anything you have not purchased will show a point value. Purchase an item by simply selecting it and pressing the X button. At this point in the game the Guillotine combo attack (X then Square button) will be the only skill you can purchase. Other skills are unlocked after this one is purchased.

Werewolf Boss Attack

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

At this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough after the smaller werewolf minions are defeated, a large boss werewolf appears. He attacks with a slashing attack that can be blocked and a rushing attack that is un-blockable. Avoid his rushing attack by dodging out of the way. Carefully time your attacks to avoid taking damage. When the werewolf is low in life, a short animation will appear and he will climb up to a top of a rock which will regenerate about half of his health bar. When you can move your character again, quickly grab the large stick on the ground (R2). The werewolf will jump and impale himself on this stick.

The townspeople are happy that you have protected them from this menace and wonder who you are. Gabriel tells them he is on the search for the Guardian of the Lake. The people don’t have much information to give so Gabriel leaves the town. At this point, you have completed this chapter in the game and will see a summary screen that displays the number of enemies defeated, along with anything you have collected. You will now have access to a world map in your Travel Book. From here you can go back to any location you have visited before by clicking on the blue icon displayed on the map.

Hunting Path

The section of the game begins after you listen to a brief dialog and animation about details on Gabriel’s story. Suddenly, a magic horse appears and tells Gabriel he can take him closer to the Guardian of the lake. Gabriel jumps on and you gain control of the game again. As you are riding the horse, Lycanthrope riders and Wargs chase after you as you speed away. Attack the Wargs with the square button. For Lycanthrope riders use the triangle button. After you kill a couple of them, you will get knocked off your horse and will need to fight Lycanthrope riders and Wargs directly. In the left side of this area you will also find a life gem that is located on a corpse Once you have killed some more of them the magic horse will appear and pick you up again. Continue riding and attacking the enemies until you get knocked off again. Defend yourself against the beasts again until the horse appears. At this point in Castlevania Lords of Shadow the horse will jump across a large ravine and then disappears which completes the Hunting Path section of the game.

The Dead Bog

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Gabriel continues his journey to find the Guardian of the Lake. As you explore the area, you will find a couple of fallen soldiers. Collect the life gem and scroll from their bodies. The life gem will be placed into your life gem medallion which will increase your life bar once all gems are located. Access the content of the scroll by pressing the select button.

Jump and cross a ledge to your left and then jump down to reach another area. Shortly after this you are attacked by goblins that throw grenades. Pick up and throw a grenade by pressing R2. Fight and defeat the remaining goblins. As one goblin falls into the bog, notice how a Naiad creature reaches out and drags him to the depths below. The Dead Bog is dangerous. You will need to cross it to get through this area.

To cross bog areas, you will need to watch out for bubbles and ripples in the water. Bubbles generate poisonous gas while the ripples indicate that the Naiad is near. Unfortunately, these things never completely go away. You will need to carefully time and navigate your way through without taking too much damage.

The first bog area has a small ledge in the middle where you can catch your breath for a moment. To the left is a health font. On your right is a set of stairs. Carefully navigate your way through the bog to reach the stairs. Walk up the stairs and go around a small pathway until you reach another bog area.

In this one you can jump to avoid walking through some of the muddy bog. Quickly get across and keep moving forward. After crossing another small bog area you will encounter some goblins. Grab them with R2 so you can cause them to drop their grenade While holding the R2 button, press the circle button with your controller. Pick up the grenade (R2) to cause Gabriel to throw it at a large tree. Repeat this process until you have knocked the tree over.

Cross over the fallen tree to reach a large bog area. This one is a bit trickier than the previous areas. Bubbles and ripples constantly appear with little break in between. Time your way across carefully, moving across and trying not to take too much damage from poison. Climb up the small ledge towards the back of the bog.

More Goblins

Castlevania lords of shadow

At this point in Castlevania Lords of Shadow you will need to climb up some more stairs. You will encounter some more goblins. Deal with them and continue moving forward until you reach a large building. Unfortunately, you cannot go through the door. Move around the left side of the building until you see an area where you can climb up. Gabriel automatically goes inside.

See the large tombstone. Gabriel places his cross on the tombstone and retrieves the “hook tip” that can be used to grip objects and enemies from a distance. Use it to get through a small window nearby (R2 and then the square button). Beyond this window is a large beast…To be continued….

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