The Enchanted Forest - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough - Spoilers and Details

The Enchanted Forest - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough - Spoilers and Details
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Castlevania – Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – Enchanted Forest

After the defeat of the Ice Titan in the Lake of Oblivion, Gabriel can move on to the Enchanted Forest. Upon arriving in this area, climb down a small cliff that is located nearby. You will see two grappling hook points (they will flash as white icons). Use these points by pressing R2 and swing down and across to a bottom ledge. Examine the corpse to obtain a scroll.

Now that you have the amulet which can absorb spiritual energy, you can use it during combat situations. After defeating an enemy, press the L3 button to absorb their “neutral energy.” Activate the light energy by pressing the L1 button. While active and you have stored energy, the light magic can heal Gabriel by increasing the amount of health in his life bar. However, note that “neutral energy” cannot be absorbed while using the light energy.

While exploring the area, you will run into some small werewolves. Wipe them out and walk around a waterfall area to reach a larger werewolf. Kill him off and move forward to encounter even more werewolves. Beyond this you will find a corpse that has a light magic gem (this is near a waterfall). Use the tree nearby to climb over a wall (R2) and then cross over a bridge to reach a building. Climb up with the grappling hook (R2) and break through a small circle area in the wall to get inside the building.

Once inside, examine a corpse nearby to pick up a focus scroll. More werewolves will attack. As you explore the area further you will encounter some goblins that are near a large door. You will need to grab a couple of goblins to shake off the grenade from them. Grab a goblin by pressing and holding the R2 button. When the white circle that appears is bold with a wide outline, press the square button once. Quickly pick up the grenade with R2 and Gabriel will throw it towards the door.

Once the path is clear, walk around and climb up a stone wall. You will encounter another grappling point. Swing past one section of rock wall to another to reach an area with small wooden structures. At this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, you will have completed this section of the game.

Underground Caves

The Underground Caves is the second chapter of the game. Walk around the cavernous pathway. Climb down and across to the left side of a cliff wall. From her climb up and jump across to a ledge. Note: Make sure you are as far to the edge of the ledge as you can get before jumping (X).

At this point you will encounter a spider. Avoid his poison and web attacks by constantly dodging and moving away from the spider. Attack and kill him with direct simple attacks or combos with the cross. Daggers do not appear to do too much damage. If you get poisoned, activate your light magic (L3) to heal yourself. This is assuming that you have energy stored. When you defeat the spider, go to the right and climb up a small rock. Climb down (R2) and move across to the right. Jump to a ledge and cross over a web bridge. From here you can pick up a scroll from a corpse.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

After crossing the first web bridge you encountered in the Underground caves, you will get to a crossroads where you will see two more web bridges. The one nearest to you will lead to a pillar that can only be destroyed with an upgraded cross. Since you don’t have this yet, cross the web bridge that is further away.

Here, you will encounter another spider. Defeat him and go down a pathway. Climb up a small ledge that you will need to move across by going left. Jump across to reach a ledge platform and swing across a gap to reach another area.

The Rune Key Door

Just ahead you will see a large door that can only be opened with two rune keys. The first rune key is located by a corpse you will see as you enter this area. Pick up the key and place it into one of the rune key slots.

After this, walk towards the left side and cross a couple of web bridges. Find another corpse to pick up a scroll. Moving forward you will encounter another web bridge that is near a health font. Use it if needed. Keep going around the pathway and you will reach an area where there is a large door that needs to be opened by using grenades. Goblins will appear. Grab a couple of them to shake off their grenades (R2 and then square button). Once the door has been blasted open, you will find the second rune key.

As you start heading back to the door that needs the rune key, you will encounter another spider. Defeat him and backtrack your way back to the rune key door. Use the health font again if needed. Activate the door with the second rune key. The door will open. Go inside.

An animation appears and Gabriel puts his cross onto a device. You will now have access to “speed chain”, that can be used to saw through obstacles. Note: If you remember, there was a pillar that you could not get past before because you lacked this upgrade. Once you complete this level, you can revisit it again and go back to where this pillar is located.

Keep moving through this tomb area and you can use the “speed chain” on an obstacle that is blocking your path. Press the R2 button and then the left control stick up and down (as instructed by the game). Once past this barrier you will end the section of the game and this part of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide.

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