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Castlevania - Lords of Shadow Walkthrough (Part 2)

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this part of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, find out details and spoilers to help you defeat the Swamp Troll in the Dead Bogs, solve the puzzle in Pan's Temple and kill the Ice Titan in Oblivion Lake.

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    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – The Swamp Troll

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow boxshot After Gabriel retrieves of the “hook tip” from the mortuary and escapes back into the Dead Bog he encounters a large Swamp Troll. This beast has slamming attacks and will try to hit you with large objects that he picks up from the cemetery ground. Defeat him by dodging his slam attacks and jumping up when his fists or a blunt object hits the ground. Since his attacks are quite damaging, it is good to only attack him a couple times and move out of the way to avoid getting hit. When the Swamp Troll is low in life he becomes stunned temporarily. Press the R2 button and wait until you see the white outline circle become bold in color. Then you will need to press the square button once. Repeat this process with the white circle and square button two more times (3 in total) to kill him off.

    Once you successfully defeat the Swamp Troll you can collect the Brotherhood upgrade from a glowing blue chest nearby. This upgrade will allow you to carry more daggers. After this look out for a large tree that is close by. Press R2 to grip and swing over the fence. Moving forward, go around the corner to find a health font – use it if needed. Go down the stairs to the right and jump down to the ledge in the center. From here you will need to climb down a wall on the right side.

    At this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, you will need to jump and climb with the grappling “hook tip” until you get to a ledge on the far right side. See a large building. Walk over to it and it will end the Dead Bog section of the game.

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    Pan’s Temple

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow After you pass the entrance to the large building you will see a glowing amulet carving. Interacting (R2) with the carving will cause a symbol to be placed in a small icon displayed on your screen. Move forward around the pathway until you find another carving. Interact with it (R2) and keep exploring until you find the 3rd carving. After you have done this keep moving forward until you reach a small pond. Examine a soldier’s corpse to get the scroll.

    From here move forward through a small tunnel to find the 4th amulet carving. Go up to Pan’s Amulet. You will see it next to a blocked tunnel pathway. Put the amulet carving symbols in the order displayed on your icon screen. Use the left stick to move and select an amulet symbol. Press the square button to cause the fairy to change the symbol displayed. Do this with each one of the amulet symbols. When done correctly, it will open up a passageway. Walk around the pathway until an animation begins. You will then encounter the Guardian of the Lake. You will find out some interesting information about Gabriel’s wife and the Brotherhood. After the dialog ends, you will be given a test. It is a puzzle where you will need to line up large stone circles that will create a pathway to Gabriel’s wife tomb.

    To solve the puzzle, you will need to move the three stone circles in one direction.


    1. Move the outer ring once clockwise. This will cause the pathway portion of the ring to be directly in front of you.
    2. Move the middle ring once clockwise. This results in the outer ring pathway to be pushed upwards while the other two rings will have their pathway portions pointing to the right.
    3. Move the outer ring once clockwise and then the center ring twice clockwise.

    Completing the puzzle will earn 200 experience points. The game also gives the option to skip the puzzle, but if you do it you will lose out on the experience points.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide - Oblivion Lake – The Ice Titan

    Castlevanial Lords of Shadow - Ice Titan Shortly after the puzzle, you will be walking in an icy area where you will encounter the Ice Titan in the Oblivion Lake. This guy is a bit tough. He has three main types of attacks. If you are at a distance, he will use either an icy trail attack that throws a line of ice towards you or an ice barrier attack where he tries to surround you with ice. Avoid attacks by dodging and moving closer to the Titan.

    When you are close and directly in front of him, he will try and slam his arm on the icy ground. In order to kill him, you will need to climb up his body and eliminate 4 weak points (runes) that are circular in shape. To get up there, you will need to cause the Titan to get his arm stuck into the ice temporarily. Do this by moving directly in front of him and dodging out of the way when his arm hits the ground. You will need to do this a couple of times to get it to work. Once his arm is stuck, walk over to it and look for a section on it that is glowing white. Press the R2 button to swing up onto his arm. Watch out for his other arm that may try and swipe at you. Climb up and around on the right side of his arm to reach the first weak point. Press the R2 button when the Titan starts to shake his body around. When you reach the rune weak point, attack a couple times with the square button and then grip back on to the Titan by pressing the R2 button. Repeat this a couple of times to completely destroy this circular weak point. Once this is eliminated you will need to continue climbing up the Titan to reach the other runes. The second rune is towards the top of the Titan’s chest. You will need to swing over to it by using the R2 button. Note: The section that you need to swing over to will glow white. Once you are across carefully attack the rune a couple of times and then grip on the Titan with R2 to avoid dropping off when he shakes around. He will also try to swipe at you with his arm, so dodge out of the way to prevent you from falling. Keep attacking the rune until it gets destroyed. Continue on page three of this Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide for details on how to eliminate the final two runes on the Ice Titan's body.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow - The 3rd and 4th Ice Titan Runes

    Ice Titan - Castlevania Lords of Shadow After the second rune is gone, you will need to move around to the back of the Titan. Swing across the Titan’s chin with R2. Note: If you have fallen, you will need to climb back up and swing across a couple of areas to get here again. Once you are across you will need to climb down a little bit and work your way to the right. The Titan will continuously shake his body so you will need to grip on with R2 when this happens. When you reach the circular rune, attack it three times with the square button and then grip on with R2. After the Titan stops shaking, attack a couple more times and then quickly move to the left or directly below the rune to avoid his arm swiping at you. Move back and repeat this action a couple more times until the rune has been destroyed.

    The last rune is a bit tricky. You will need to move up to the top of the Titan’s head. He will move a lot more frequently, so you will continuously need to press the R2 button. Climb up his neck to reach the Titan’s head. Press the R2 button to swing over to the top of his head when you see it glowing white. Carefully move a little bit to the right and then drop down to a small gripping point directly underneath where you are hanging on. From here you will need to move to the right side of his head where the last rune is located. When you can, attack a couple times with the square button. Grip on with R2. Attack again and then quickly dodge (press X and then the left stick) to the left to avoid his arm from swiping you. It may be easier to attack once and then dodge, since his swipes appear to be random at times. Once you have eliminated the rune, an animation sequence will occur. You will encounter Zobek, who is the warrior that has been speaking the dialog sequences up to this point. Gabriel sees his wife and speaks to her. Zobek talks to Gabriel and then gives him medallion that can capture spiritual energy. You find out that Gabriel and Zobek will need to work together to complete the quest. At this point in Castlevania Lords of Shadow the chapter ends.

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    *Screenshot images for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow article guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.