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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough (Part 9)

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this part of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, get spoilers and details on the Abbey Catacombs, Abbey Library and Abbey Tower sections of the game.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – Abbey Catacombs

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow boxshot At this point in the game, you should have completed the Wygol Village section. If not, review part 8 of this Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough.

    As the level begins Zobek and Gabriel encounter a group of vampires. In the center of the room is a turnstile that needs a lever. Once the vampires have been temporarily eliminated, pick up the lever towards the back of the room and place it on the turnstile. Turn the lever until the gate opens and Call Zobek (triangle button) to hold it so Gabriel can quickly go through.

    Once on the other side of the gate, activate the Shadow Magic and push a large pillar near the now closed gate so it will bust open. Go back to the other side where Zobek is and help him eliminate the rest of the vampires. Pull off the lever from the turnstile and walk back with Zobek to the other side of the now broken gate.

    In this area there are two turnstiles that require a lever as well as a door that needs two keys. The keys are located in the areas beyond each turnstile. Place the lever on the left turnstile. Open the gate with the turnstile. Inside this small area, you will need to cross a moving platform. Go back and pick up the lever and place it in the turnstile in this area. Turn the lever and have Zobek hold it while you cross the moving platform. Once on the other side walk around and pick up the key in the center of the room. Explore this room carefully to find the life gem off of a corpse nearby. Go back to Zobek and pick up the lever from the turnstile.

    Walk back to the room with the door that needs the two keys. This time place the lever on the right turnstile. Open the gate. As Gabriel and Zobek walk through this area, the ceiling will begin to fall. Quickly move Gabriel to the next support beam near Zobek. Continuously press the square button. When the triangle button icon appears, press it once and continue to press the square button. When Zobek tells Gabriel to grab the next beam, quickly move over and support it by pressing the square button. Once Zobek says he will not be able to hold the beam for too much longer, move Gabriel out of the beam area into another room. At this point Zobek will join Gabriel and the ceiling trap will recede. Pick up the second key and go back to the room with the locked door. Use the keys on each lock by pressing the R2 button.

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    The Magic Seal Puzzle

    At this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, you will walk into an area that has a strange magical portal in a side passageway. In the center of this area is another turnstile that needs a lever. You cannot activate this turnstile with the lever you have used before. It is hidden behind a wall that you will need to break through by using Shadow Magic in a passageway nearby. In the meantime, ghouls will attack Zobek and Gabriel in the center room. Use fairies as a distraction and Light Magic to cure you if you get poisoned.

    The wall you will need to break through will look like it has dust falling on it. Activate the Shadow Magic and do a “shoulder rush” move to break through the wall. Collect the lever and place it on the turnstile. This turnstile will open different areas when pointed in particular directions. Turn the wheel and have Zobek hold it. Quickly move Gabriel to the magic seal portal area and walk through. Depending on which direction the turnstile was facing when Zobek started holding it, you will access different areas. One area will give you access to a health font and another will have a light gem off of a corpse. Once you have pointed the turnstile towards the exit and walked through the portal, you have solved the puzzle and will reach the end of this level.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide - Abbey Library

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow As this level begins, Gabriel and Zobek will walk around a corridor. Pick up the light gem that is nearby. From here go back and head towards an open doorway. This is a large library. An animation sequence begins. Zobek gets trapped in a small room. Gabriel will need to fight off two large enemies that have strong armor and shields. Fight and dodge their attacks. When you have done enough damage, the enemy’s shield will glow white. Press the R2 button to pull off the shield. Once the shield is off, keep fighting and causing damage until stunned. Press R2 for the final kill.

    Once both enemies are dead, Zobek unlocks the door and Gabriel escapes to a puzzle room where beams of sunlight will need to be directed in order to unlock a door to escape. There are several mirror devices that can be moved to aim in different directions. A couple of them will need to be pushed by using Shadow Magic. Keep messing with these devices until the light points at the door located in the back of this area. End of level.

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    Abbey Tower

    At the beginning of this level, Gabriel is alone. As you move forward, enemies will be encountered. Wipe them out and walkthrough a passageway that has a bunch of crates. Pick up the scroll from the corpse in the courtyard. Jump across the gap that is nearby and pull down the drawbridge (R2). Go across the bridge and fight off some flying creatures. Open the gate with the circular shaped lever. Once you are on the other side, climb up and around the wall to reach another area. Nearby is a life gem you can pick up from a corpse. Keep climbing up these cliffs until you get to a window. Break through the window by pushing Gabriel away from the wall (square button). When you are inside the building, take the holy water flasks from the abbot. At this point there is a short dialog with a villager and Zobek. The village needs Gabriel’s help. At this point the level and this Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide are completed.

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    Screenshot images for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.