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Castlevania Lords of Shadow - The Castle Courtyard Walkthrough

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is part ten of the series where you'll complete the Castle Courtyard and get spoilers on the Maze Garden and Castle Hall sections of the game.

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    Castle Courtyard - The Beginning

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow At this point in the game, you should have completed the Abbey Tower section. If not, review part 9 of our series.

    To begin, walk down the pathway and climb down the small wall. Here you will encounter skeleton warriors. Killing them is a two step process. First attack them with Gabriel’s cross. When you have broken them up into a pile of bones, you will need to use a slamming attack to destroy their remains. If this is not done right away, the skeletons will regenerate. After this, open up the gate located towards the back of the room. Go through the gate and use the magic font to replenish your light and shadow magic. Climb up the spiral staircase to reach the end of the level.

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    Maze Garden

    The Maze Garden is a bit confusing. In this area you will first encounter the Mandragora. These creatures can drain your life force. Walk straight ahead towards the large gate. Then take the path to the right. Pull the statue you see to reveal a green gem.

    More Mandragoras will appear as you travel through the maze. Walk around and you will see a point that you will need to get across to reach to access a shadow gem. To get across, a spider is needed. Keep this in mind for later and backtrack towards the beginning of the maze. On the left lower side of this maze is a wall you can break through to access a blue life gem.

    Back towards the area with the small gap you will see a large pillar that has tracks in front of it. This can be pushed towards a wall of bushes. Push the pillar and climb over it to get to the other side of the wall.

    Continuing with this Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, explore this area and you will encounter a spider. This spider will be useful to help you get through a few areas on this side of the maze, as well as the small gap on the other side of the maze you encountered before. Fight the spider until stunned. Mount and ride him to reach a gate that leads back to the other side of the maze. Use the spider’s web ability (triangle + the square button) to bust open the gate. Ride the spider back to the gap on the other side of the maze. You cannot walk across the web bridge with the spider. Since you still need the spider, leave this area for now and go back to the other side of the maze.

    In this side of the maze is another gap area where you can use the spider to create a web bridge. You will not be able to cross with the spider. Note: If you kill him, don’t worry, you can fight another spider and use him for the other blocked gate. Across from here is a hint scroll you can get off of a corpse. This area is a puzzle that will need to be solved in order to access another area in this level. You will need to move three statues so they will face the center of the room. They can all be moved clockwise and counterclockwise. Completing the puzzle without using the hint to unlock the solution will give you 500 experience points. When this has been completed, walk back over the web bridge.

    You will need a spider to open another gate. Use the spider’s attack (triangle + X button) to open up a small gap in the gate. Strangle and dismount him and walk through the gate. Note: If you have not already done so, you can go back to the other side of the maze and pick up the shadow gem before reaching the end of this level. Press the R2 button on the relic located on the wall ahead. This will open up another gate. Walk through and pick up the holy water flasks. Jump over the gap. Use the health font. Climb up the brick wall and around until you can jump down to the other side of a wrought iron fence. Press the R2 button at the huge door.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide - Castle Hall

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow  Jump over the gap that is just beyond the huge door at the end of the Maze Garden level. Use the health font. Climb up the brick wall and around until you can jump down to the other side of a wrought iron fence. Press the R2 button at the huge door. End of Maze Garden level.

    At the beginning of the Castle Hall level, you will have an encounter with some Vampire warriors after a brief animation. You will need to open up the curtains located on the left side to keep them from re-spawning from a small hole in the ground. The holy flasks are effective, as well as using the fairies as a distraction. In this area is also a mirror that can be moved by being pushed along a small track.

    Once you have eliminated the vampires, move the mirror to the left. Then turn it to point its light beam towards the gate at the back of the room. Walk towards the back of the room and open the gate. There are more Vampire warriors to deal with, as well as an Animated Armor creature. Eliminate the Armor guy first. Dealing with him is a two step process. First you will need to remove his shield that protects him from taking too much damage. Then you can kill him off with any form of attack you choose.

    To clear this area, you will need to open up the curtains on the left side of the room. Deal with the Vampires as they appear until all of the curtains are opened. Once cleared, you can open up the gate located on the right side of the room.

    In this room, pick up the scroll off of the corpse. You will need to move the mirror located here to access another area. Push it all the way back down to the end of its tracks. If you have turned the other mirror, you will have a beam of light pointing past these tracks. Turn the second mirror to point the light beam towards the right (where the second mirror was originally located).

    Continuing with this Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide, go beyond this now opened doorway. Use the magic font, if needed. In this area there are five relics you will need to activate in order to open another pathway. The first two you see directly ahead will require shadow magic. The other three towards the back of the room are as follows: (left to right): light, light then shadow magic. Once you open this, backtrack towards the open passage to reach more Vampire warriors. Deal with them and continue until you reach a room where you will encounter Laura – a vampire that looks like a little girl.

    Laura claims she will show you the way to the Dark Lord only after you play a game. This is a “Vampire Wargame” that is a simple version of chess. The object is to eliminate all the opponent’s pieces. If possible, eliminate the magic user pieces first. It is not too difficult to win if you are careful. If you lose, you can always replay the game until you do win. Once you defeat her in the game, you can walk towards a passageway to end the level.

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    Screenshot images used for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.