Defeating the Crow Witch - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough

Defeating the Crow Witch - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – The Crow Witch

At this point in the game, you should have reached the end of the Mountain Fortress section of the game. If not, review part 7 of this Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough.

As the level begins, walk forward and pick up a scroll off of a corpse nearby. Go up the stairs on the right to pick up a light gem. Keep going and then climb up a stone wall on the right. There will be two gripping points you will need to cross in order to get to the top. Once there, break through the window located there by pushing Gabriel away from the wall (X).

Once you are inside, there will be an encounter with a couple of Swordmasters. Dodge quickly to avoid their slicing attacks. Attack them with your method of choice. When they are stunned, press the R2 button to finish them off. After this climb up stairs that are located on the right to reach a gripping point (R2). More Swordmasters! This fight is a bit tougher since the Swordmasters will try and gang up on you. You will also need to watch out for their electric attacks that are activated when their swords hit the water on the ground. Divide and conquer. Go to the bottom right side of the screen area behind a rock. This will help keep them from surrounding you. Take them out one at a time.

After this, look around the walls surrounding you for a gripping point. Climb up to a balcony area. Pick up the neutral magic and health font located there. To the left of the neutral magic font, climb up the wall to get to the top platform.

Boss Battle – Crow Witch

The Crow Witch is a giant bird that throws stone eggs at you. To top it off, he will also send smaller bird minions to attack you. When the Crow Witch throws an egg rock, catch it by pressing the R2 button and then use the left stick to swing it around and throw it back at him. When done correctly, this will cause damage to the Crow Witch. This action may be repeated more than once if the Crow throws multiple rock eggs.

In the other portion of the fight, the small birds (usually in threes) will try to gang up on you and cause damage. Use the fairies as a distraction and eliminate them one by one. Once the Crow Witch has taken enough damage, he will become stunned. At this point, go up to him and press the R2 button to climb on top of him. The Crow will then take off flying. Press the button that displays on screen to complete the actions and force him to crash to the ground. Gabriel will then slide off of the Crow to the ground. Now, go up to the Crow and start attacking him by hacking at his head. Once the Crow becomes stunned again, press the R2 button and the button the game will display on screen for the final kill. Pan, the flying horse will appear and carry Gabriel out of this area. End of level and this section of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide – Veros Woods

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

As Gabriel arrives in this area, you will notice that there is a lot of snow covering the ground. Visibility is a little difficult due to weather conditions. Walk forward and you will run into a couple of enemies on the pathway. Eliminate them. Keep going and you will then encounter a Chupacabra who will take your relics and stuff. Not again! Now you will have to find the Chupacabra to get your stuff back. Carefully explore the area, noting where the neutral magic font locations are at. Once you get close enough to the Chupacabra, it may not be obvious where he is, so release a fairy. The fairy will go towards the Chupacabra which will reveal his location. Walk over and climb up to the small cave area where he is located. Grab him (R2) and get your stuff back. Behind him is a neutral magic font and a scroll

Backtrack a bit to reach a pathway that has another neutral magic font and is blocked by a stone wall. Use shadow magic and the “shoulder charge” advanced move to crash through the wall (L2 then double tap the left stick). Walk down this path to reach the end of the level.

Wygol Village

To begin, notice the building on the right. Its door can only be opened by breaking through it. Use the shadow magic “shoulder charge” to crash through. Inside is another area that is blocked. You will need an upgrade to your cross in order to access it.

Back track out of this building and move down the pathway. Pick up a scroll from a corpse nearby. Shortly you will run into Zobek, who gives you information about a relic you will need to obtain from the abbot in this village.

Continuing with this Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide, a fight with some ghouls will begin. Zobek will fight alongside you. Watch out for the ghoul’s poison attack. If you are poisoned, you will need to activate your light magic to get rid of it. The ghouls will continue to attack until three holes in the ground have been covered by statues to block them.

For the first hole, stand Gabriel to the left of the statue. Press the R2 button to begin pulling it. Press the triangle button to call Zobek to push the statue from the other side. Release the R2 button and then press the button the game displays on screen. When this hole is covered, you will still need to deal with more ghouls. Fight of the next wave, and then go to the second hole. For this one, you will need to have Gabriel push the statue closer to the hole from the left side. Notice the track lines on the ground. Press the L2 button and hold the square button to charge up this move. Release the square button to cause Gabriel to punch the statue. Now, move Gabriel to the right side of the statue and press the R2 button to pull the statue. Call Zobek with the triangle button to help you push the statue from the other side.

After the second hole is covered, deal with more ghouls. The third statue will require you to bust through a wall towards the back of this area. Use the shadow magic “shoulder charge” to break the wall. Deal with any ghouls that may spawn in this area and then push the statue to the right using L2 and the square button. Then go to the right of the statue, press the R2 button and have Zobek push it from the left side.

Now you will need to bust through the iron gate. Use the “shoulder charge” to get through. On the other side of this gate, use the health font if needed and grab the scroll from the corpse. Walk inside the doorway to go up to the altar. Gabriel will then place his cross on the altar and receive the “stake.” Use the wheel on the left to open up the door. End of level.

*Screenshot images for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide were created by Sheila Robinson.

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