Part 4 of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough for PS3 - The Labyrinth Entrance and Waterfalls of Agharta

Part 4 of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough for PS3 - The Labyrinth Entrance and Waterfalls of Agharta
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough – Labyrinth Entrance

At this point in the game, you should have completed the Underground Caves section and retrieved the “speed chain” upgrade for Gabriel’s cross. As the level begins you will encounter a Warthog and some goblins. There is a large door that you will need to get past. To do so, you will need to stun and take control of the Warthog. Eliminate the goblins, while being careful to dodge the Warthog’s attacks. Next focus on the Warthog and damage him until he is stunned. Press and hold the R2 button. Wait until the white circle icon becomes bold and press the square button. Once you have control over him, kill of any additional goblins that appear and rush the door with the Warthog. Go past the now open pathway and dismount the Warthog by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.

Climb up the wood wall towards the back of this area and move towards the left. Press R2 to climb up a large section of wall. Go to the other side of the wall and slowly walk across some wooden planks. Press R2 if you begin to lose your balance. At the end of the planks, obtain the scroll from the corpse located there. To the left of this platform, jump to a large stone wall. Climb around the left side and go across some more wooden planks. Drop down to the platform at the end. Look to your right and press R2 to grab on to a grappling hook point. Swing across to the left by pressing the square button and then the X button to drop down to a platform below.

At this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow walkthrough, you should see a turnstile. You will need to turn it in order to open up a gate located behind you. Unfortunately, some werewolves do not want to make it easy. Eliminate the immediate threat and quickly open the gate. Move Gabriel through the opened gate area. You will see a large structure. Go inside and walk around the pathway area. Jump across a small gap to reach an encounter with some goblins and a large werewolf. These goblins have a piece of wood that attaches to another turnstile you need to activate. Watch out for the werewolf’s swiping and slamming attacks. Wipe out the threat and attack the goblin who tries to run away with the piece of wood. Once you have the turnstile piece, place it in the slot and turn it to open up the next gate. Oops!! Instead of opening up the gate, you drop down into some caves located underground. This ends the Labyrinth Entrance level.

Waterfalls of Agharta

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

As you enter this area you will notice a corpse. Pick up the scroll. A large spider will then appear. You will need to attack the spider enough to stun him. Watch out for the spider’s poison and web attacks. Dodge frequently with a few attacks in between. Keep doing this until the spider is stunned. Press R2 and then the square button when the white circle icon appears bold in color. Use the spider to pull the tree nearby by pressing the triangle button. Strangle and dismount the spider by pressing L2 and R2.

Press R2 again to climb across to the tree. Walk around the pathway and jump across the gap to reach a stone wall you can climb around on the left side. From her jump (X) across to reach the next ledge. Walk around until you can press R2 to cross over to another ledge. A werewolf appears. Kill him and climb up the wall to move towards the left side. You will then have another encounter with a werewolf. Eliminate him and pick up the scroll you see from a nearby corpse.

Walk around a small waterfall area and climb up a couple of ledges. Use R2 to cross over a large gap.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide - Waterfalls of Agharta - Troll Boss

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

After you get across the gap, there is an encounter with a large troll and a group of smaller trolls. The large troll has smashing attacks that can stun. He also has a tendency to try and crush you by grabbing you directly.

A simple way to get past this troll is to use the “synchronized block” ability in combination with direct attacks. This type of block can temporarily stun an enemy, allowing you to get in a few attacks before they can retaliate. Collect the neutral energy as it drops so it can be used to heal Gabriel.

Once you stun this troll, you will need to take control of him. Press and hold R2. When the white circle icon become bold, press the square button. Smash through the large rock barrier ahead by using the troll’s attacks. Strangle and dismount the troll by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.

Walk past the now opened pathway and look to the right for a tree to swing across. Press R2 and swing to the ledge past the tree. There is a health font located here – use it if needed.

Deeper into the Waterfalls of Agharta

If you have reached this point in the Castlevania Lords of Shadow strategy guide, you will see two cave entrances. Walk through the one on the left. Get past the barrier on the right by using the “speed chain” upgrade on Gabriel’s cross. Do this by pressing R2 and then move the left control stick up and down (as directed by the game). Moving forward to through and jump across to another ledge. From here you will encounter a large werewolf with a group of small werewolves. Kill them off and walk around the ledge to the left to see a stone wall you can climb.

Climb around and jump across where you see a waterfall (X). Continue climbing and then jump down to another ledge. Walk around to the left side to see a grappling point (R2). Climb up this wall to another area. Walk through the small tunnel.

Spider encounter! This is a large spider that you have seen earlier in the game. He has poison and web attacks. Defeat him by quickly dodging and attacking. Once he is stunned, take control of him and walk over to the ledge where you see a large gap. Press the triangle button to cause the spider to create a web bridge. Strangle and dismount the spider by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.

Cross the web bridge. Collect the neutral magic from the font nearby if needed. Go inside the building. Check out the barrier to the right. Use the “speed chain” to get past it. Beyond this is the Shadow Magic medallion. Note: Press R1 to activate or deactivate Shadow magic. Shadow magic can increase the amount of damage you do during attacks when activated. Go back to the neutral magic font and charge up the Shadow magic medallion by pressing the R3 button.

Walk back inside the building towards the back to reach a door that can only be activated with Shadow magic. Press the R1 button and open the door. Werewolves will immediately attack you. Kill them off and then climb up a wall towards the back of this room. Carefully maneuver your way up. You will need to get past two grappling points in order to reach a gripping point that is higher up. Move across the gripping point to climb up further. Press the R2 button again at another grappling point. Keep moving, jumping and swinging across until you reach the top. This completes the Waterfalls of Agharta level of the game.

*Screenshot images for this Castlevania Lords of Shadow Strategy Guide and walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

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