Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough for Nintendo DS

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Looking for a Castlevania Portrait of Ruin walkthrough? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we provide the basics of what you need to know to play this popular game.

Getting Started

At the beginning of the game, players are introduced to their two heroes, Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin. They meet with the priest, Vincent, in front of Dracula’s castle. After some dialog, Vincent tells the heroes that he will meet them further inside the castle, and you have your first opportunity to explore. First, obviously, take your time to learn the game’s controls, and remember to explore every little nook and cranny of this place. There are tons of different items, equipment and skills strewn about Dracula’s Castle, and some of them are hidden in secret areas which will require you to break pillars and floors or use different skills obtained during the course of the game. Definitely keep your eyes open as you move forward.

Eventually, you will meet a mysterious spirit named Wind and learn some valuable information about the task ahead. As it turns out, another vampire by the name of Brauner has taken over lordship of Dracula’s castle, and he and his daughters are trying to siphon the keep’s magical energy for their own designs. Good to know. In addition to being a good source for plot development, Wind will also give you different quests and tasks throughout the game, and successfully completing them will net you various rewards. The first quest he gives you is to purchase a map and a potion from Vincent, who is fortuitously located just one room to the right. Do so, and you’ll be rewarded with the ability to slide dash, which you’ll need to continue on.

City of Haze

Continuing with our Castlevania Portrait of Ruin walkthrough, you can continue exploring the castle using the slide dash, until you find the first of several portraits you’ll need to explore. Charlotte will launch into an overly complicated explanation as to why you just can’t trash the painting, and once that’s done with, you’ll enter the portrait and find yourself in the City of Haze level. This is a large area with many, many different places to explore and far too many items to find to list them all. Definitely be on the lookout for Holy Lightning Dual Crush attack as well as the Claymore weapon for Jonathan. Also, there is a hidden area in the second large room where, if you attack the floor near the background window, you’ll uncover a secret area where you can obtain the Cream Pie subweapon for Jonathan. To advance, you’ll need to use a mine cart with a drill on the front. Order one of your characters to stay in the cart and then switch to another. You’ll need to hit the switch and then very quickly switch over to the other. The timing on this can be tricky, so you may want to position one finger over both the Y and X buttons and hit them in rapid succession that way.

The boss fight in this level will be against Dullahan, a large warrior with a detached floating head. This is a challenging fight. You need to dodge his lance attacks and strike with your attack of choice when you find an opening. I used the Claymore and the Axe subweapon, but I understand the Shiruken subweapon works quite well here as well. When he grabs his head, get moving, because he’ll wind up shooting some red spirit-like things at you, and they can do some serious damage. Dullahan has 600 hit points. After the battle, a scene will play and you’ll be introduced to Loretta, one of Brauner’s two daughters, and you’ll learn that there are other paintings that are being used to sap power from the castle. Despite what Charlotte says, however, don’t leave here just yet. Continue on past the boss fight room and explore so more, and you’ll find the Acrobat Cube, the Pull Boost, the CON Boost, and the mace and longsword weapons for Jonathan. Once you’re ready, exit the City of Haze and return to Dracula’s Castle, where more challenges await you.

Behemoth and Keremit

After completing City of Haze, you’ll find that you will be able to explore a lot more of Dracula’s Castle than before. First, return to speak with Wind and Vincent. Wind has some quests for you which you may well want to undertake, and Vincent has several new items and weapons, as well as a new map, available for purchase. Once that’s done, you’re free to set out in search of the next portrait. Along the way, you will encounter a pair of boss monsters that you’ll need to dispose of. First is the Behemoth, a massive four-legged beast with 800 hit points. This one isn’t too hard. Just move in, attack, and try to get out of the way when he goes to charge. Not much in terms of strategy here, just brute force. The second is Keremit, a green slime like fiend that comes out of a giant cauldron. This is simple, really. All you need to do is push the cauldron all the way to the right of the screen, where you’ll find two ledges. Jump onto the bottom one and pound away with the mace, healing as needed. You shouldn’t have much trouble whittling away his 666 hit points.

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Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough - Continued

Sandy Grave

The next portrait you’ll come across in our Castlevania Portrait of Ruin walkthrough will lead you to the Sandy Grave level. This is obviously a bit tougher than City of Haze, so proceed with caution and make liberal use of the warp stones to heal and save whenever needed. As always, check around and pick up various treasures. There’s one in particular that you’ll want to acquire, the Stone of Flight. This gives you the ability to perform a double-jump and will definitely come in handy, but it won’t be easy to get. It’s on a pressure plate where, if you step on it, a statue will fire a beam down at you. You’ll want to jump, and on it and then quickly jump again. With luck, you’ll avoid damage. Eventually, you’ll reach a scene with Brauner and his daughters, and you’ll find out more about their true motives.

The boss fight here is against Astarte, and it can be really easy if you prepare properly. You see, she can charm Jonathan into attacking Charlotte, which is bad news. Some walkthrough writers suggest using Jonathan and quick hitting X to switch to Charlotte when you notice the attack triggering. I say forget that and just use Charlotte, solo, for the duration of the fight. Duck and attack, which will help you dodge her whirlwind attack, and when you see her fire off her green whip-like maneuver, retreat a few steps to avoid it. She has 1500 hit points, but really, this is not a difficult fight so long as you avoid her charm attack as Jonathan. Stock up on some healing potions just in case, though. Once again, don’t leave immediately. Exit from the opposite side of the boss fight door, and after not too long, you’ll come across the Strength Glove, which will increase your pushing power and allow you access to new areas back in Dracula’s Castle.

The Hunt for Dracula Continues

From here, things will get a little more intense as you build towards a showdown with the sisters, Stella and Loretta. The next portrait you will want to explore will be the Nation of Fools. The boss here, Legion, is weak to Holy attacks, so make sure you have completed Wind’s “Ghosts of the Desert” quest at Sandy Grave before challenging him. The Bible subweapon that comes as a reward from that mission will really come in handy. After that, return to the castle and proceed further. You need to move a green block near the Nation of Fools painting to access a new area where you will face Stella in combat. Dodge her attacks and use a whip or slashing-type weapon to whittle away at her 2500 hit points.

Return to Wind after beating Stella for some major plot revelations, then return to where you left off in your castle exploration and proceed. Eventually you will come across the fourth portrait, which will lead you to the Forest of Doom. Once again, you will have to square off against an area boss. This time, it’s an underwater battle against Dagon, who has just 1800 points and has easy to dodge attacks, and is weak to electricity and holy-based attacks. After beating him, continue on until you find the Toad Morph. Exit and return to Sandy Grave. Make your way to the room with the rolling boulder. Use Toad Morph to access a narrow passageway there, and pick up Charlotte’s Sanctuary spell, which will be very important in the near future. Make your way back to Dracula’s Castle and proceed. Yet another boss fight awaits you. Afterwards, return to Wind and Vincent. Wind will reveal more plot information, while you’ll learn than Vincent has been bitten by a vampire. Fortunately, you can use the Sanctuary spell to cure those in this condition. Remember that for later.

Return to where you were and continue on into the “Master’s Keep” section of the castle. Before two long, it will be time to square off against both sisters, and how you handle this fight will decide the course and the outcome of the game. If you battle and defeat them, the game will end. You will have successfully stopped Dracula’s resurrection, but Brauner still lives. However, you can also choose to try and cure Stella and Loretta of the vampirism by casting Sanctuary. Doing so will bring them back to their senses, and the game will continue on as you will need to complete several additional levels, fight many more bosses, help Jonathan master the power of the Vampire Killer whip, put an end to Brauner’s evil schemes and eventually square off with ol' Dracula himself. Which path should you travel? The choice is yours, dear gamer.

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