Caesar 3 City Building Strategies – Effects of Building a Plaza to Boost your City


Plazas are similar to statues and gardens, in the sense that they affect the area positively, but do not take up any more space other than the existing road-network which you’ve built. Plaza tiles are quite expensive to build but you should place at least one or two from the beginning of your city, even if you have tents or hovels there. Doing so will instantly make the area desirable and free up the need for what is really needed by the district to improve; this means that you’ve instantly solved the problem of desirability, at least to the extent where you will be able to develop your housing to basic levels, and can concentrate on the services which are really needed by the houses in order to further grow.

To build plazas you simply click on the existing road tile which you want to enhance. You will see a colourful mosaic-like tile replacing the dusty road, to make a statement about the value of the nearby property or district. In fact, you can only build plaza on an existing road, which differs from gardens or statues which do not need road-access. Building a plaza tile does not increase traffic in any way, it is simply a quick way to increase desirability or decrease any negative effects of noise or dirty structures nearby.

Like gardens, you can hold the mouse button and build a larger plaza area, looking more like a central square, which would generally be well-placed near your senate or patrician district. You can see the difference it makes in terms of visuals when you build a larger area of plaza, as the mosaic design also expands with it. You can build a central square area by placing road tiles in a 4×4 manner, which will initially look confusing and not particularly appealing; however, once you replace the road with the plaza tiles you will begin to see the central meeting place for your city, which will also ease traffic flow. In the latter case such large areas are good for busy points, for instance your trade-centre where there is constant activity.

Lastly, also similar to gardens and statues, paving a simple road with a plaza tile doesn’t need any maintenance, unlike a standard road section. This means that you do not need prefects or engineers to go past the plaza tile as it will never collapse or burn down. Its only purpose is to embellish the area and nothing else.

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