Roads & Intersections Strategies in Caesar 3 - The Importance of a Good Road Network in Caesar 3

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Roads & Intersections

In Caesar 3, you need to ensure that your town’s road system is efficient very early on in your city. Straight roads prove to be more effective in this, and lots of intersections generally create much confusion for people who are trying to get somewhere. At each intersection the person who is walking along it will have to make a choice in the game, be it turning one way or another. It is important, therefore, to understand how roads work in the game and you can do this better early on in your city, and in easier assignments where you have less people and not so much hustle-and-bustle.

In the game, as soon as you build a structure it generates a worker from it, as long as they are available and nearby; these workers will make one of two kinds of journeys depending on the structure which generated that worker.

The first type of journey involves patrolling an area, which is achieved by going along a road up to a certain point (generally 5 or 6 squares should suffice) then turning back to return to his post. This is the journey that prefects or engineers make for instance, and it is wise to build uncomplicated road-networks for these people to walk on; keep in mind that if the housing district where security-men patrol has a complicated road system more buildings will collapse and go up in flames, due to prefects or engineers not making that journey. This results in you having to build more security structures for no reason at all, simply because your road-network isn’t effective enough, so bear it in mind early on.

The second type of journey which people make is the journey from A to B in order to provide a service to a house or to store goods. This is the type of journey which cart-pushers make in order to store their goods in a granary, or people who need to provide raw materials to a workshop for instance. Straight roads here are even more essential in order to make sure that food gets stored in-time and these workers don’t have too far to walk; if your granary is some way from your farming district, for example, cart-pushers will most certainly complain about it.

Of course there will be a time where you need to place an intersection or a junction at a road, or you would not have a road-network at all; the point is to try and keep this to a minimum and only intersect where necessary, keeping your roads straight overall.

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